Thank You For Your Reports

Maybe Blizzard just waiting till people will start to sue in court due to non-compliance with the agreement.


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So, my post was trolling. Hey Blizzard, your one obviously was not =D

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Empty words. Damage control.


People would be more happy with the bot situation if they saw something is being done about it. But evidence says otherwise.


We have to learn to live with bots, that’s how it is.

It’s not that Blizzard is unwilling to ban them because they pay subscription, because the bot owners will just make another one the very next minute. It’s just that profitable.
I also believe that Blizzard didn’t though they’ll have so many bots running around in classic. It takes a bit of manpower to deal with them. You won’t see that many bots on pservers because it’s not profitable there not because the admins are doing such an outstanding job.
Also it doesn’t help that now everyone who sees a players tables him from the start as a bot. I wonder how many reports Blizzard is receiving every minute.

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Since diremaul was released its the same warlock bots in there botting. day and night every day since. I always do my daily check to see if anything is done with reporting but na-da.

How many months ago was diremaul released? That’s how amazing the reporting system is working!

Same sh!t in Alterac Valley. So either bots are ruining your PvP experience or economy and the list goes on though I can’t keep track of the pvp bots but if its the same as the diremaul example then… well yeah. Amazing!

How can it be that there is still the same PvP botters running around freely. Having all BoE equipment, freely grinding out 700-1m honor. I doubt these are not going to get reports frequently because they are obvious (the gear and if its rogues they have the same jump pattern and rarely stealth on attack)

Same for Strat bots and and and…
Like come on do your job.

quick question; your team of agents hired to get rid of bots… do you even pay them a salary? because they’re not making a difference and they are extremely incompetent.

considering their sole job is to stop bots, they aren’t doing a very good job.
you could hire any pleb from these forums and give them the power to observe other players perspective, and they’d be able to catch like 50 bots an hour.

has your “team of agents” ever done a ‘who’ search on stratholme?
you see, the sketchy thing about bots farming stratholme is that you can’t actually right click their name and report them as they are inside an instance outside of anyone’s reach.

how do we know these are bots? because they will farm it all day every day, only briefly exiting the instance to reset and then go back in. its incredibly overt and obvious so if you actually have people ‘on the job’ to deal with it, they are doing exceptionally poorly.
in fact you can equate their effort to being nonexistent, and i wish i was kidding about that.


Will the rogue that been farming Golden pearls 24/7 for the past 6 months be banned soon then, I only reported him 100+ times so far. I even posted videos to the provided mail that was released months back with evidence of him running a script. You could attack a mob he was about to attack, if he got in combat but it wasn’t his tag. He just stands there until you kill the mob.

You talk as if you are doing something, but you have not even attempted to do anything yet. - Maybe next year.

lol this is a slap in the face for everybody that reported bots for the past 3 months without anything happening. nothing. is. happening.


Instead of fixing the bot issue with an anti-cheat system private servers have implemented which works, they decided to make it harder for everyone else. If anything this is smart for Blizzard as bots will just buy more accounts meaning more money for them. This doesn’t solve the core issue. You clearly don’t have integrity or care about the classic community as long as you get money.

Imagine farming Savage Gladiators Chain or Hand of Justice, you can’t reach the 30 instance lockout because you won’t be able to raid. Helping guildies do dungeons will be harder now. It’s just sad and disappointing from Blizzard.

wait hold on what? 30 instance lockout?!

EDIT: oh my freaking lord i just read the post. unbelievable.

I’ve seen and investigated the same roster of bots which are inside Stratholme farming in deep evenings till mornings almost at every server I guess it’s the same guy abusing servers, none of them are responding on my whispers so I will keep reporting them to let blizzard “investigate” that, the community just need to do something with bots because obviously and unfortunately blizzard does not, not enough reports I guess. Mostly in the evenings from ~11 p.m. some of them starting from Ironforge auction house and moving as bot towards FP-EPL-STRAT, priests are easy to be found when they log in, they have a perk that makes a noisy sound around.

My tactic:
Open “who” → Type - Stratholme → Categorize and filter by a guild → Click whisper to non-guild → Say hello or something → Report, by clicking right-click on its name, when it’s not responding on my messages.

With the current date and time when you see it, for example:

Suspect a bot farming Stratholme 11:30 pm 06/16/2020

Nonguild Druids, Priests, and Mages are 99% bots. Same at every Euro server.

I can’t attach the list because of the rules there are 5 druids 5 priests and 15 mages at 11:30 pm. Later at night, it was 50+ bots in Stratholme every server.

P.S. My opinion on this. Im paying for 4 subscribes for my whole family, why should I do your work, keep reporting, you are telling to your community. But it takes so much time. Blizzard, There are rules, I’m paying money you’re supposed to ensure compliance with the rules, not me. Bots will reduce your profit in the long term, more bots → less interest → fewer people playing → fewer bots → less income. I think you really should hire a team this will be cheaper than losing loyal customers in a long term. A lot of my childhood friends left wow when it was the first critical bots situation, long ago.

You have closed topic, 6,2k VIews in 18 hours is too huge for the forum? it shows how people concerned about bots. And you still do nothing. Keep closing topics about bots…


all servers are

blizz do not care about bots since they pay subscriptions etc
money + pad the engagement numbers and sub numbers

They’re on all servers, both factions. 3x Mage, 1 priest, 1 druid.
All unguilded.
Go to ANY server and ANY faction and /who Strath and you’ll see at least 2-3 groups active at all times.

yeah, i checked other servers 50+ bots in Strat farming tonight at every server : <

There is a guy on Judgement who has 15 bots (not even kidding about this number): he is herbing in Eastern Plagueland and has control of the enitre zone for 12-14h a day. He has been there for months. He uses many form of harrassments against who kills is bots: obscene language and various kind of threats included. If you put him on ignore, he starts threatening you with the other account.

He told me that even if they ban him soon, he will just roll other bots because the time between banwaves is way too long and he can easily take advantage during this time.

There are massive reports on him. I have reported the threaths to the police as well. I opened a ticket and received a “funny” automated response from Blizz GM. Seriously?

Blizzard does nothing to improve the situation and even if they decide to ban bots, it will be too late. You have to ban every 2-4 weeks maximum, not every 6-8 months.

I have the strong feeling you can do whatever you want in this game: cheating, threatening players etc. The punishment will come way too late (after 6-8 months) and will be mild (supension versus ban).

I do not reccomend this game to young kids or a fragile persons: all forms of harrasments aren’t punished consistently and you have to deal with it.


Does that work by reporting them when they dont whisper back?

When i did that i dont get the message “Thank you for your report” or what it says.

bots are not only killing the games economy but also taking away all the fun. blizzards greed for bot sub money will sadly destroy wow classic for us all… most of the people that stopped wow i know did cuz of the bot infestation. very sad indeed…


You are not getting the message because of some ui addons i guess. Had the same issue as well. In previous even was not possible to report at AV afkers because of UI hidden errors.