The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Has Begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Has Begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic beta test has begun! Over the course of the test, we’ll be inviting opt-in beta testers, community veterans, press, fansites, and friends and family to check out the upcoming classic expansion and give us feedback.

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I was so hopeful because I kept having it pop up in my battle net app.
Biggest bait of my life. :frowning: Damn that specific bug.

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I wish the regular player luck in getting in the beta :slight_smile:
As we all know though, streamers will be priority for publicity :smiley:


So if the beta is happening now, when will Blood Elves and Draenai be added to Classic that’s supposed to give players a chance to get to 58+ before the expansion drops?

Is store mount in the beta also ?

wow, nice ! hope i can get the acces to it!

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Wish every1 luck in getting beta key.

Why call it a beta test when its only available to streamers and there is no actual beta testing?


Is there a streamer that doesn’t have beta?

Quoting from my own post in another thread:

Best thing to do apparently is to make a twitch channel like every other average joe and make subpar content for 5 viewers just to get a beta invite.


Now I wonder if I can buy a streamer boosting service from somewhere to catch up.

It is known that you want to advertise The Burning Crusade Classic by giving access to the beta to streamers creating content related to the game. This is not a beta for casual gamers. Everyone should know that since WoW Classic Beta.:slight_smile:

But anyway, we’re waiting for full release :slight_smile: Give release date please :slight_smile:

well this will be intreting …

Beta? lol
You mean streamer hype phase…

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It is not only available to streamers.
Yes, streamers with large audiences get special treatment, welcome to the real world.

Simple advertisement folks. Come on, quit lowering yourself to cry baby whiners, you understand life.

Will we even get an invite? any news on pre-patch? Why give all the good news to streamers and leave us regular joes in the dark as always.

Many of us have been waiting a long time for this as TBC/Wrath was WoW’s golden era and we never even played/liked classic. It’s harsh and de-meaning that only thing close to TBC content that we’ll be getting for months is watching half assed streamers power leveling and not even enjoying/playing the content.

Proper Gutted, going to keep checking but my hopes are not high.

Been waiting for this since Classic has dropped so I guess a few more months won’t hurt… Well not as much as the 1-58 level experience is going to be hurtm thanks to boosters and that fast food retail mentality we’ve all grown to love and hate.

Why didn’t Kargoz get a beta access but complete Activision shills with 1/10th of his follower/sub numbers did?

I understand your logic yet I don’t think advertising/pr is the only reason.

Streamers shouldn’t get special treatment, I’ve actually unfollowed and unsubbed all the WoW streamers on Twitch. This beta should have been fair and random for everyone who wanted to play it, but no, we get stuck with some weird twitch elitism from actilizard and going to be stuck on the back foot for at least 1.5months just waiting for the pre-patch, let alone actual the actual TBC release.

Wrong. The people who will be playing TBC are going to play regardless of streamers, the people watching them will be watching whatever they stream and will hardly even bother playing with the game, all this has done is left a sour taste in the mouth of people who WILL actually be playing the game.