The real reason AV is unbalanced

Is everybody forgetting that the current AV, is NOT the one from vanilla, not even the one right before TBC?

During TBC, and I believe even during Arena season 4 or 5 (?) the horde Spawn got moved from all the way in the back (like that of the alliance) to where it is now.

Before that, AV was simply dominated by Alliance.

The horde has a much shorter distance to cross than the Alliance does and gets to Belinda when the Alliance get’s there. If that’s not a clear advantage, then I don’t know the meaning of the word. They should meet in the middle and cross an equal distance.

In my opinion, that was, and is still, the reason of the horde dominance.


stop rly stop, you guys make yourself look like noobs… use brain, try diffrent tactic or just lose its simple, ask the veterans about AV. this map is ally favoured but if you still losing wtf horde can do !


Yeah I do agree with Rushest, not the insults but the general understanding that AV does favour alliance in terms of path to end boss, alliance end zone to take is swamped with high HP elites where as on horde you can completely ignore them all.

I think in all honesty that alliance just needs to improve their tactics, for the first 3/4 days alliance won every time in like 5-7 minutes but since then we’ve adapted to win, you must do the same and not complain on the forums to be honest.

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I’m not a big pvp player these days, and I agree that even back in the day, most BG’s we’re dominated by the horde. When I do AV, I see that a lot of Alliance players actually agree with you.

But I thought it was funny that nobody seems to mention the fact that this AV, has an improved Horde spawn that has absolutely nothing to do with Vanilla. :slight_smile:

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Did you even play the day AV was released in classic?
Both groups just rushed, alliance got to drek first every time.
Nobody cares if we get to balinda 2 seconds faster.
Stop making a fool out of yourself.


Another cry from Ally see ya in the middle on the AV gankfest :smiley:

Not a cry realy. I doesn’t realy affect me a lot. It’s a mere observation :slight_smile:


Thats the Alliance way. If they actual EVER had anyone defending the base or at least recalling they would Win. But ally players are like Rush fail ?? Lets go AFK :smiley:

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Your observation is wrong.
We saw in practise when both factions ignore everything and run straight for boss, alliance is first.

ZEED STOP… jesus Christ god forbid the alliance would actually do this we would lose every time! :slight_smile:

Giving out Tactics for free…


What pills do you take ? Can I have some as well ?


dont worry, even we tell them how to win and def, they still zerg rush to drek and fail :smiley:

Victory pills - the pug version.
Extra trippy when taken against an alliance premade.

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May cause hallucination that advise you on how to win AV

Ofc they would, because it would require reading. Too much effort for alliance, gotta go for the no-brain zerg rush.

It’s honestly just laughable.
Alliance dominated the first day, their tact got crushed and now they’re back on the forums with their phase 2 PTSD.
Nothing is their fault.
Blizzard fix this, fix that.
i’m holding down W but horde won the game REEEE

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He’s right though…
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Yep, the horde spawn point is from Patch 2.4.0 in TBC, Remember when blizzard said #nochanges?
Loads of other things that have been messed with too, honestly wtf is this abomination we’ve been playing?

“Are we the ones who are wrong?”
“No, it’s the game that’s wrong.”

“Look, I know you guys have been losing 90% of matches no matter what you try for over a week now, but the map is actually biased in your favor, just trust me, ok?”

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