UPDATE: Retail queue exploit not addressed yet, to form premades in AV

Right, so assuming this is true then only the ones able to achieve those very small momentary matchmaking pools will be able to do AV premades from now on. Which means only Russian realms will be able to do it (their pool is small enough to do premades even when queuing for “First Available”).

It’s a step in the right direction though, that’s for sure. Hopefully they apply the change to EU as well, and don’t keep it only to NA.

I do find Blizzard’s attempts to fix it without directly admitting it’s happening to be kinda funny though, in a tragic way.

You may not think that thing about Russian realms to be a problem now, but it’ll gain momentum with time. Right now the best gear you can get isn’t that different from dungeon gear, but once t2, t2.5 and t3 is out then facing a full Russian premade with people decked out from top 'til toe with, let’s say, full t3 - then that’s going to be a problem. But it might be too late to get them to fix it by that point, the same way they ignored it for years in retail.

However this is hopefully only going to be a problem in AV, since thankfully we can do our own premades for WSG and AB and at that point the honor per hour shouldn’t matter as much to most people.
(The reason I say ‘hopefully’ is that I hope they won’t do something as foolish as limit the ability for everyone to queue as a full premade for WSG and AB like they did in retail, because all that’s fundamentally needed to perform that premade trickery is a small matchmaking pool.)

The image is from https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/ally-premade-av-workaround-found/430332/99

Perfect =)

Anyone can premade now (and they do), all you need is disc and 8 reliable men.

nice racism thread.

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Apparently there’s already another exploit up on a certain website which I won’t say because that’d just make Blizzard delete the post.
It’s an exploit that has been used for years in retail according to the poster on that website.

It’s related to the pause function of the queue, but I won’t say more than that. Just providing some substance for this claim is all, so please don’t delete it @Blizzard

I’ve already sent in the “guide” for it to hacks@blizzard.com so I hope they’ll show some proper action once and for all.

It’s disgusting the length some people will go through just to cheat though.

However I did find an interesting image, although it’s not exactly a “trusted source” but if it’s true it would be interesting what damage one could accomplish by recording the premades and sending to Blizzard at that email.

So to bypass the hotfix, which literally only allows up to 5 people to queue for an AV, counts as an exploit and they refer to their email for reporting such things. Which implies you CAN get banned for using the exploit.

I’m going to have some fun experimenting from now on if I see anyone doing this exploit which originated from retail.

The image is from https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/ally-premade-av-workaround-found/430332/99

Its gona be fun when hord get 4 - 1/2 que :slight_smile: You kind of F-ed yourself, the only Hord players thats gona pick up great gonor is WSG premades, if you areent in one of those you can kiss your Rank Goodbye…This is on you Alliance always comes up a new meta, We have 5 min ques :slight_smile:

any links to this “update” ?

The whole reason that we have 5 minute queues is due to cross realm merging together all realms.

So all the extra 10-20% of the horde players added onto each realm adds up.

Blizzard doesn’t allow explaining exploits in enough detail to replicate, nor do they allow linking to where you can learn for yourself how to perform an exploit. It leads to the post being deleted, and sometimes the thread being locked.

Whilst I’m not surprised that this has been addressed, I worry that this change is actually punishing the vast majority of players.

I’m not saying premades were a good thing, in fact for the average player they were a burden, but now AV will be a dead bg and any casual hordes wanting to farm rep will be stuck with ridiculously long queues.

Whilst I’m happy ranking premades will switch to WSG, as it means I get to play a lot of my favourite bg, I kind of worry this change is just going to lead to way more complaints.

Also I find it kind of sad that alliance are being punished for creating a community who were working together, isn’t the whole point of an MMO to play with others? It may have not been “intended” but blizzard didn’t have the foresight to nip this problem in the bud way earlier and allowed the problem to perpetuate to a point it became normality for an alliance player.

I’m interested to see how games will fare now. If its anything like pugging as an alliance has been since the number change fix, then the amount of alliance queueing is going to drop drastically. The only ones left will be people playing for rep.

Good thing I only have 5k rep to go (I’m lazy lol)

Well, assuming this exploit which works in retail too also works in classic (it should, the mechanisms for how it works is basically the same), then premading AV will still be possible.
It’s just that only those who looks up the specifics of it will know how, unless the word starts spreading.

This is truly an exploit of the system though. I’m pretty sure the majority of honest players would not use it as it’s a blatent manipulation of the system and annoying to do (from what I’ve read after googling it). At least that is my hope anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
We all know there will be a minority who will abuse this to continue to premade and it shouldn’t be allowed, its a pretty scummy way to do things.

The current (or well, just nerfed) av system was a “clever use of queue system”, which arguably the horde could have done too albeit with less successful results.

Like I said, my worry is this change is going to affect average players not in the loop in a negative way. The premade players and rankers will move onto WSG. The poor people playing for fun will suffer on both sides.

No, that was an exploit too and the horde couldn’t do it despite trying. Or rather, by trying, it would require so much to succeed (basically an overwhelming amount of people) that it would defeat the purpose of doing so. Because the goal of a premade (even one through an exploit) is to farm that honor per hour after all.

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It’s just non-profit organizations attempting to redefine social values by making racism into an umbrella term including xenophobia etc.
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However the literal meaning of racism hasn’t changed, nor are these organizations empowered to change the meaning of a word either. So no, discrimination and prejudice vs. a nationality (as long as it isn’t related to the physical appearance of the majority of said nation) doesn’t fall under the literal definition of racism.

But the poster you answered was just trying to troll, it’s irrelevant to the thread.


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I guess Alliance are going back to IronForge now lol.

Git gud and find a wsg premade.

Or reroll Horde.

Nah. Alliance will flock to AV once premades are history.

The meaning of words change all the time and is based on how many people use them.

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