WoW! Blackwing Lair Cleared in 42 Minutes!

Blackwing Lair opened at 23:00 UTC today, and we had the pleasure of seeing guilds from all around the world charge into Nefarian’s domain and make quick work of the 8 bosses therein. Throughout the race, we captured the names of the players involved and the timestamps of boss kills from all realms in all regions.

Razorgore the Untamed
At only six (and seven) minutes past the hour, the first guilds to complete the Razorgore encounter were:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
CN United Huhuran China 23:06 UTC
Praxis Zandalar Tribe Europe 23:07 UTC
For teh Horde Heartstriker Europe 23:07 UTC

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
Basking in the glory of great power, the first three groups to end Vaelastrasz’s torment were:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
Praxis Zandalar Tribe Europe 23:08:54 UTC
Ashes of Time Earthshaker China 23:09:08 UTC
Shao Guang Ouro China 23:09:10 UTC

Broodlord Lashlayer

After a brief suppression, Broodlord Lashlayer went down first to:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
CN United Huhuran China 23:17:49 UTC
RISE Incendius North America 23:19:21 UTC
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:19:38 UTC

Firemaw’s Shadow Flame barely slowed down the same three leading guilds:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
CN United Huhuran China 23:22:15 UTC
RISE Incendius North America 23:24:24 UTC
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:24:36 UTC


At this point, another guild from Europe charged into contention, and Ebonroc was first downed by:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:31:52 UTC
Progress Firemaw Europe 23:32:12 UTC
CN United Huhuran China 23:32:15 UTC


The same three guilds in the same order ended Flamegor at 33 minutes past the hour:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:32:58 UTC
Progress Firemaw Europe 23:33:17 UTC
CN United Huhuran China 23:33:50 UTC


A dragon for all dragonflights, Chromaggus succumbed to:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:37:12 UTC
APES Gehennas Europe 23:37:12 UTC
Progress Firemaw Europe 23:37:22 UTC


With less than 43 minutes elapsed, the first three guilds in the world to complete Blackwing Lair in WoW Classic were:

Guild Realm Region Timestamp
Progress Firemaw Europe 23:42:21 UTC
Calamity Mograine Europe 23:42:21 UTC
APES Gehennas Europe 23:42:29 UTC

Congratulations to every guild that planned and executed this feat so well!


So what we’re saying is… Apes got rekt by Calamity dabs

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ehrm no? actually apes won the race haha, clips.twitch. tv/HelpfulAttractiveCoffeeCoolCat

Hey, I’m looking at an official blizzard post stating that Calamity and Progress beat Apes by 8 seconds :slight_smile:


Same time, by the second? That’s pretty insane, I’m no odds maker but that must have been close to improbable


big gratz to apes,even with 5min handicap you did it . that salt at the end tho,thats a bit dissapointing. still amazing job guys!

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Did it what? 3rd place?

when you start late,but finish same as the “winners” thats a win in my book.
great effort from all the guilds,big gratz to eveyone :slight_smile:

omg, apes couldn’t zone in through ubrs because you know … small indie company blizzard at work here. that delayed their whole run by 7mintes while actually almost becoming first nevertheless.
fastest run actually, check wlogs -> classic. warcraftlogs. com/


Classic sure is hard…they said.


Kaivax and blue post actually saves the day!

Well yeah, the way they came back from behind was certainly impressive

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Fastest run doesn’t mean first :slight_smile:
But not that it really matters, since they’ve been doing BWL for years on private servers lol.

Classic is hard btw.


But well done and good job to the guilds

Fastest run =/ world first

Though it’s sad that they were screwed over by a bug, but they weren’t the only ones. From what I heard, some guild named Grizzly got screwed over by a bug which caused Razorgore trash to respawn, or something like that.

Still harder than Retail, from a 15 years old game in a nerfed state with last patch xD.

Relax guys. 3 guilds killed the boss within 8 seconds of eachother. All of them were impressive.


This tbh.

Ah yes because Mythic Nzoth was downed in less than an hour after the raid opened.


Worth mentioning that nearly every mob in BWL is nerfed compared to what they were during initial progression of BWL upon initial release and we have access to much stronger items than they did at that time, we are basically AQ40 level geared.

Also, Kaivax - can you look at the Nef bug we and APES got that cost us 20 seconds on Nef landing?


Provide me 5 years of training in BFA like I did on Vanilla private server, and i can guarantee we will destroy each raids with a speedrun of 30mn.

Ragnaros died multiple month after release.

Same for Kael’Thas in TBC, had to be nerf 4 times before a guild managed to kill it.

In practice, most last boss of a raid (95%+) since MoP die in less than 1 week, so it’s easier than before.

Player skill evolved, boss mechanic are stuck to 2015.