WoW Classic Era Realm Connections Coming May 19

Don’t know much about p3 ranking since I finished ranking 1 week into p3

I do know that most gen 1 rankers on my server never account shared or used any drugs to stay awake though

I was only talking about the realms mentioned in this topic by Blizzard because I wasn’t sure of the exact number of current existing English realms. I should have clarified I wasn’t talking about total Classic realms because those that won’t be connected will remain and Blizzard didn’t include them it the OP list.

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@Jadzía: No worries, I just wanted to make sure some people do not draw wrong sort of conclusions, because I have seen some fairly odd deductions in other places. hugs

Where russian servers? We have 3/5 dead servers in region. People was quit game because did’t want play on server with low population without activity.

Good news to me, thanks a lot.

Please Blizzard !


Please connect PVE-Razorfen to Everlook and Lakeshire. Did you just forget about that one? English EU PVE-servers got connected and you just leave one of the German ones by itself? This soesn’t make any sense at all. And while you are at it, just throw RP-PVE-Celebras in there, too.

They were all junkies mate, junkie losers accont sharing and abusing the game, you’re likely one of them too you troll trash.

Just because someone can do something you can’t doesn’t mean they’re doing something against the rules

I got first hand experience playing with the junkies that ranked up, all on fentanyl and account sharing, absolute despicable people.

You already said you didn’t play P3 anyway so off you go clueless troll.

Because I ranked in gen 1, meaning phase 2, when it was most competitive.

No one I ranked with account shared, and I only know of one person who used any drugs. I don’t even drink coffee and I was fine.

No one cares no one is impressed.

Just letting you know that you’re wrong. It’s very possible to rank without having to break any rules, stop making excuses.

No one cares imAAGGIiieeeNE RAnnkeeeAANGG In P6 Hurrrr hurrrr!

No one cares that you ranked in P2

Please just merge them and have less servers I beg! Force a rename on everyone or something xoxo

So as I was saying before that idiot came in with his typical, un-original troll comment of “P6 RANKKAEEEERSS HURRR HURR HURR”

Kaivax! why are PVPers left in the dark in regards to Classic era?

Why have you not explained the effects connected realms have on PVP ranking/pvp pools?

Are there changes going to be made to accommodate this issue? At the moment there are not enough players to create a BR1/bracket 14 for the rank 14 space without pool boosting.

I don’t think this is an unreasonable question, despite what that IDIOT commented there are people in classic era still doing PVP, still ranking and completely unaware of what’s happening due to the poor community interaction between blue posts on these forums. I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere, because there simply is no answer, I guess I will just have to wait and see, or god forbid Blizzard community representatives actually do their job and communicate effectively with their community.

Please merge/connect all servers regardless of region and pvp or pve or rp into 1 pvp server. We have Chronoboon now so pvp is np for pve people.

We have Chronoboon now so pvp is np for pve people.

The most dumb thing I’ve read in a while. I would ask if you’re trolling or just dense, but then I remember I saw you advertising your GDKP runs not even an hour after Era servers opened, so I’m gonna go with the latter.

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