WoW Classic Version 1.13.7 PTR is Now Available

Regardless of regions selected ally outnumber horde.

You were the one that moved the goalpost in the first place bringing ranking up.

Anyway you clearly have nothing to say, you seem like an NPC yourself with your non arguments

No, the Horde outnumber the Alliance on PVP servers typically. That’s kind of the point. You complaining about a positive change for the Alliance when you’re literally ranking on a Horde dominated PVP server. It’s memeworthy.

Keep dancing around the point.

I did not. Calling it artificial lag is accurate. I never asked for it, and I certainly won’t be crying once it’s gone.

400ms batching was added, because purists wanted to feel like it was 2005 again, completely ignoring the fact that this isn’t 2005 anymore. It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist anymore. If they could get away with it, they would have asked for random disconnects to mimic 56kbps modems.

And in my opinion it’s just fine. If you’re worried seal twisting won’t be a thing anymore, well, it will, because Blizz adjusted seals on the PTR to retain the behaviour. But everything else can function perfectly fine without a layer of lag added to it. What’s not to love?

Why would you confuse skill with lag?


You are taking everything I say out of context and focusing on the wrong footnotes, like the purist thing, that came from you, not from me. I think some changes to keep up with modern times while still perserving the game is good.

You keep adding a narrative to your question “why would you confuse skill with lag?” Have I done this, nope I have not. You are so out to face an opponent in everything you write mate. Its not healthy for the conversation.

In WoW there are certain abilities and consumables that can be used to prevent effects, like priests in arena can break CC effects on them selves if they use this ability that causes damage to them selves (I dont remember the name of the ability) In order to do this it needs to be timed correctly and that increases the skill ceiling of playing a priest.

I break mage polymorph with demonic rune as the poly is just cast, that increases the skill ceiling.

A rogue gouges a mage blink as it happens, because the rogue predicted the behavior, that increases skill ceiling.

There are many examples why having a 10 ms window is too quick and it will decrease the skill ceiling of players. Now, is this a hill to die on, no far from it. If the 10 ms is implemented, then thats okay too.
yea okay dude 47-53 big deal.

your point is that a change which basically makes faction balance meaningless for pvpers (Crossrealm bgs, with xrealm then per server faction balance doesnt matter) is somehow memeworthy? do explain ur rationale

I’m done ranking, haven’t stepped into a bg since I finished, no enjoyment in the asocial xrealm bgs.

Dancing with you then I suppose, the intial thing you responded to was that I said blizzard does not care to compensate for faction imbalances.


Indeed it did. Don’t think we disagree here. Moving on.

You said lack of 400ms spell batching would lower the skill cap, so naturally I asked my question.

… all of which they can do without the added 400ms layer of lag. I used Shadow Word: Death myself to break Archimonde’s fear, and it worked perfectly fine, because privs didn’t even have spell batching.

If anything, dropping to 10ms increases the skill ceiling, because now the game is more responsive, and you’re way less likely to have both polymorphs go off by luck, even if the 2nd person started later.

If the mechanic that causes increased skill cap / ceiling in a niche environment (mostly one-on-one PvP) will cause massive problems and vastly worsened experience in other, much more popular areas of the game (levelling, farming, group PvE), then clearly it is not worth improving skill cap / ceiling in that way, wouldn’t you agree?

100% I agree with that, the 400 ms window is way too big and its not good for the game, but lowering it to 10 ms might be too much. If it is still possible to predict behavior and make counterplay as mentioned earlier, its all good.

Oh, it should be. Maybe not necessarily with blink, because it’s supposed to be instant, but other abilities, sure.

There was no need for both threads to turn into philosophical debates about skill cap etc.

The fact is that almost everyone is in agreement that the batch window was too high, even the most hardcore pvpers. When you are starting from a position of agreement it shouldn’t be that hard to find a solution.

Blizzard in their initial announcement clearly indicated that 10ms was an “initial” value, probably set that low to make it easier to find bugs.

Both sides in this argument have valid points, and so why can’t we try out a middle ground where batching is reduced to say 100-150ms? It will still make the game vastly more responsive but without decimating iconic aspects of the Vanilla/TBC PvP meta.

The alternative is that Blizzard does more work on individual spells to maintain some of these possibilites while keeping the retail like responsiveness, both options would please the reasonable majority of both camps I suspect.

What wouldn’t be acceptable is making this drastic change and only fixing one issue because a prominent streamer threw his toys out of the pram, while ignoring all other feedback

Because, as the case was with paladin seals on PTR, Blizz could change specific skills to preserve a certain behaviour (e.g. seal twisting), without making everything else lag. Why should buying stuff from a reagent vendor, or looting mobs, have a lag layer on top? It doesn’t make any sense.

It wasn’t even a game mechanic, it was simply a wonky solution for crappy connections. It isn’t needed anymore, because the underlying problem of crappy connections has been resolved in the last 16 years.

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Sad day indeed

thanks for the info

Ok, checked the PTR myself and I must say I am very content. Many of the things that relied on RNG of spellbatching (e.g. seal-twisting) are now very much skill-based. When you get the timing right, you get the result you want and expect. Wonderful, finally!

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when is it finally going live tho


Great! Looking forward to it.

Is this ever getting released?


Are Blizz aware of the Seal of Command bug that is produced due to the new rework of batching?

Basically you can proc two Seal of Command procs from one attack if you seal twist two different ranks.

Sorry if I spoil anything up. There is also a missing 0.5 sec window which is there to prevent this from happening due to 0.5 icd of SoC. Just wondering if I’ll get some fun or not.

Is this ever getting released? Heigan fix isnt gonna be super relevant in prepatch etc


Please release, and also make peema p6 servers batch free…I plan to stay forever p6 unless batching stays as is in classic era realms, in which case it’s an unsub for me…