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And how would you know? You’re guessing and suggesting cause and correlation wherever it suits your narrative.

That’s just dumb.

I can imagine a million reasons why the subscriber numbers have dropped over the years. But which ones are true, and to what degree they are true, and how impactful they are, and so on, I’ve no idea about that. None of us have. We’re not business analysts, and it’s stupid to pretend we are. Have you done a market research on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment on the subject of WoW’s subscriber numbers? No, you haven’t. Are you working for McKinsey or a similar consultant company that would have done such things for Blizzard Entertainment so you know a bunch of insider information that informs your opinion on the forums? No.


So IF in the future when the success of the cash shop has lead them to add gear boxes, entire transmog sets or whatever to the store, are you guys still just gonna say “you can just ignore it no one is forcing you to buy it companies just need to make that money”.


not sure where this happened except this thread but yeah, getting used to hearing new stories about myself while being on forums :joy:

again, they do good things, ill praise them, they do disgusting things and I wont. its pretty simple.


people will see what they wanna see tho, not much I can do to change peoples opinions about me, and honestly not something Im bothered with either.

its more because, no matter what I will say, you’ll try to justify blizzards disgusting behavior. and in case you’ll agree it’s bad it will be another “oh hey blizzard made a bad decision but everyone makes bad decisions so its fine!!”.

but since i do have faith in all sorts of people changing, here we go, ill try to put it in a nice way

those “people who spend money on a cosmetic” are forced to pay real money, on top of real money, and on top of real money, in order to get a product.
while 100 others dont really have enough money to pay the money on top of money and on top of money.

Now firstly, before someone quotes word “forced”, yes, they are forced.
just because you’re making a choice doesnt mean you’re not forced to make a choice. can give examples for currious people if there’s any.

secondly, yes some people dont have a loooooot of money, hence they cant afford to buy things they want.
and to avoid confusion, no its not the same as “buying 2 snickers”
because those people, already pay money to buy the game, and then even more money to pay the game.
now if you dont see difference between those 2… nwm I said I’d be nice. but yeah, they’re 2 different things.

cba typing more. think point’s pretty clear.
but as i said - if you’re happy about being milked, be happy about it, just dont act suprised that other people dont enjoy being milked. and no “iT’z cApITaLiSm” isnt an excuse for a disgusting behavior. I mean maybe for you it is, but for me and many others, we have higher values in life than just making money. but again, everyone can do what floats their boats.

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How about we cross that bridge when we get to it? :thinking:

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Says the one that brought up business analysis in the first place. Also you don’t seem to understand my point. I never attempted to say why the subscribers dropped. I only wanted to say that it’s plain stupid to use the “it’s been there since 2009” as a defense for that system. It definitely didn’t cause all of the decline but I for one wanted to give wod a chance to see if people were right and I didn’t do it because of the shop.

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Um… No. Gear is quite the different thing from what they’re offering right now.


why? If we accept that everything is fine because companies are allowed to make money and maximize it however they want then we cant complain if they decide to do that.

no because according to peopel in this thread its fine blizzard just wants to maximize money gain.


its just capitalism, its all about the money son :wink: dont like it? dont play it.

wait who was the dev who said that again? I remember a massive failure following up the game he developed :joy:


If they simply presented a competition based on the game. I would say you’re right.

However, do you believe that the trash in BfA dungeons has nothing to do with making a more “e-sport-y” environment? If game content is being perverted to be used to build up “e-sport”, then this is a very negative and destructive influence.

As for “more resources”, ya gotta love the statement “A portion of the sale of these toys will contribute to the prize pools for both WoW esports programs.” Ri-ight. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Ignatious on this:

So ok, people will have different views on the timers and how much trash and so on, and that’s fine. I don’t have a dog in that fight. I do want the devs to keep their eye on what the average players who do that content want, though, and not have the e-sport types whispering in their ears.


yeah the companies using child workers and slave wages/work conditions arent scumbags they just want to maximize profit! If 8 year old kid didnt want to work in the Cobalt mine 16 hours a day he should have just not done it!


if 100% of those sales would go to e-sport sponsorship, I wouldnt mind.
but its another milking machine to thicken activisions pockets, disgusting.

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You can’t care what others think on the forums. Just be yourself and post what you think (within the rules).


Yeah also most games become boring real fast when everything is done in the name of making it a “better esports”

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From a quick glance, at least the crux in Jito’s argument isn’t “they’re business so gotta earn the moolah” so much as “when there are more predatory/egregious microtransactions such as server transfers, why is this the thing that you get so outraged over?”

Unless I misunderstood him.

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Prevention is better than a cure.

It is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened.

(Jito) #116

But why aren’t you all crying about that then? Hell, I’d even support such a QQ crusade.

I mean, the online store isn’t forcing any money out of my wallet unless I decide it so.

However, the monthly subscription and the box product price are forced. There’s no way around those costs. You have to fork money over for those (or gold).

If people want to throw a hissy-fit over the money grabbing and being milked, then direct the anger toward the costs that are actually forced and mandatory (and obscenely high as well)! Those costs are worth criticizing and complaining about.

You’re not being milked by the Online Store, because you can say no to that.

I still don’t get what your point was in regards to empathy or caring, but never mind. :upside_down_face:


i was outraged about it years ago when i was stuck on a dead realm and my only option was to pay stupid amounts to transfer isntead of blizzard just merging their damn servers.

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Thing is that it’s happened already, since… 2008-2009, whenever the sparklepony came to town.


by your own logic they are not forced, it just something extra and optional in life that you are paying for willingly.

(Jito) #120

They’re forced and mandatory hence so far as playing WoW goes. The Online Store is an extra, it assumes you already have WoW installed and have a running subscription. I doubt many people are buying mounts on the Online Store if they aren’t also playing WoW. :crazy_face: