[A] Silvermoon - Looking for Socials / M+ / Raiders

We are the Boys from the Dwarf!

We serve the Alliance and we are on a holy quest to recruit the finest Hero’s in all of Azeroth! here at the Boys from the Dwarf we are always willing and able to assist you with your personal character development! whether it be killing that annoying Murlock who taunted you as you died… or taking the fight to the foes of The Shadowlands!!

We are a growing community of fun loving, Whitty guys and girls who’ll go the extra mile for one another! whilst having fun! (that’s why we are here right?) we have a laid back attitude and zero tolerance for drama… Hero’s don’t do Drama! we kill Drama!

We Need!!

  • Healers
  • DPS

Our Journeys Involve!

Two Weekly Raids!
Tuesdays and Saturdays 22:00-24:00
Current Raid Status 10/10 Normal 4/10 Heroic

Requirements for Raid:
Basic knowledge of tactics is a plus! but we can teach.
Item lvl 190 Min for Normal Raids
Item lvl 200 for Heroic Raids

Mythic Dungeons
To Slay those who think they escaped our grasp!


Discord Point of Contacts:

iLvl 197 Havoc DH here. been soloing it so far, but about time i found a guild to help push me further into the content and so i dont feel so lonely when i am online :slight_smile: I have not raided since BC (the first time around) so might be a bit rusty, but i am sure that it will come back over time.

I will try and send a message on Discord as well, but look TanDemon up online if you see me :slight_smile:

talk to you soon

Forgot to add my discord is Tanamdar#4426

Accepted your friend request, look forward to talking :slight_smile:

First of all, I love that guild name; please tell me it is indeed a Red Dwarf reference. If so, then enjoy being a member of the smart party!

Secondly, would you be willing to accept someone like me? I made a post in which I detailed what I was looking for.

Yeah it is Red Dwarf inspired lol i’ll add you on Battlenet :slight_smile:

4/10 hc now :relaxed:

You still interested? i’ll add my Battlenet if it helps: Benji#2495

Next raids on Saturday. Still looking for a healer and a few dps