Any Druid or Night Elf Guilds

Hi i was wondering if there are any of these types of guilds looking for new members as i want to RP on Alliance as i have not done much Alliance RP.

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The Moonlight Embrace is a fantastic Night elf and worgen guild. But it consists of mostly night elves.

If you just want Druids, check out < Hand of Cenarius >, Mythundis has a lovely beard when its not matted with orc blood <3

< Nightblade Sentinels > are your go too for Sentinel RP, Nelf only, Fantastic bunch!

if your looking on the more Elune worship side, < Handmaidens of Elune > are here for ya! id say more but im totaly bias with how brilliant they are ^^

Like the Woofer above, < Moonlight Embrace > are a mixed bag of Night Elves and Woofers across all classes including Demon Hunters, bare in mind coz not all elves are cool with that ofcourse ;-p

For your Highborne Needs (even though ya a Druid) there is < The Last Court > who are a friendly bunch who arnt aloof IC atall because their highborne honest ;-p

These are just the guilds ive engaged with personaly, there are many out there but some are more quite than others ;-p


Hi Ruinthel, welcome to night elf rp!

There are a few options for you, depending on what sort of night elf you want to play:

  • The Nightblade Sentinels, a military themed sentinel guild ,largely based out of Feralas.

  • Moonlight Embrace, also a military themed guild, they largely operate out of Darkshore, they are worgen and night elves

  • The Hand of Cenaruius, a wandering night elf and worgen druidic guild, very pro Kalimdor and anti Horde hehe

  • My own guild, the Handmaidens of Elune, a guild guided by their loyalty to their Goddess and their people. We’re not military, we are about helping the night elves survive the hardships we are going through, keeping their culture of moon worship alive, and generally being a support system to our people. (I’m biased of course because it’s my guild but we’re nice hehe!). We’re also based out of Feralas.

Those of course are very very limited definitions, and not the only options . For a proper overview and understanding of the elvish community and guilds operating at the moment, I suggest reading the below thread, it will give you a much better insight and explanation of the guilds above:

And if you would like to come and RP just to have a peep and check things out, please feel free to poke me in game or come visit us, I promise none of us bite!


Hello, Ruinthel!

I see I’ve mostly already been beaten to it, but I missed some guilds that also take Night Elves/druids, so I figured I’d still post and compile a handy little list.

The Nightblade Sentinels

First off, there’s <The Nightblade Sentinels>:

The Nightblade Sentinels is a cadre of female only Sentinels that adhere to traditional kaldorei values and practices. They live to serve the Goddess and her people, primarily as protectors and as an instrument of vengeance against the foes of the Kaldorei.
Fprum link: ⸰☽ The Nightblade Sentinels ☾⸰ - Sentinels of the New Moon 🌙

Hand of Cenarius

Second, there’s <Hand of Cenarius>:

Set up shortly after the fall of the Burning Legion, the Hand of Cenarius is an aggressive order of extreme druids who would see nature’s balance protected from all threats at all costs. They go to great lengths to deter whatever defiler they come across, be they Horde, demon or undead.
Forum link: [A/N-RP] Hand of Cenarius

The Myrmidon

Third, there’s <The Myrmidon>, essentially Kaldorei/Worgen privateers:

The sea beckons to those with the heart to brave its many perils. The Myrmidon, a privateering vessel under the guise of a respectable Darnassian merchant trader, is one such ship to hear the call in the Goddess’ name.

Forum link: [N/A-RP] The Myrmidon - Elune's Privateers

Moonlight Embrace

Fourth, there’s <Moonlight Embrace>. They’re an umbrella guild that covers all of the aspects of Night Elf society and more. They’re very centered on vengeance.
Forum link: Moonlight Embrace [Night Elf+Worgen RP]

Court of Dawn

Fifth, there’s <Court of Dawn> - they seem to be more of a house focused Night Elf guild.

On a small island in the vast ocean of Kalimdor, the elven kindred are restoring buildings and homes, planting seeds and aiming to create a safe haven from the rest of the world.
In the estate of Zin’belore they gather, the refugees and elven kin who lost so much already.
Together with the Worgen who embrace the curse and use it to their advantage, a new culture is developing with the nobility and ways of old yet with knowledge of the past and sworn not to repeat history.

Forum link: ( Elven, Worgen RP) Court of Dawn

Handmaidens of Elune

Sixth (this list is becoming longer than I anticipated), there’s <Handmaidens of Elune>:

The Handmaidens of Elune are a circle of women devoted to their Goddess and to the preservation and perpetuation of her teachings. First formed to aid in the war against the Lich King, the order flourished as a group of healers and teachers, but also warriors, an arm for the Goddess to reach out across Azeroth and beyond. With the Burning of Teldrassil though, came tragedy, most of the order lost during their efforts to aid in the evacuations.

Forum link: [A-RP] The Handmaidens of Elune 🌙

The Last Court

Last but not least, we come to <The Last Court>, a guild seemingly focused on the more progressive stance of the current Highborne.

What started as a community meeting for Highborne roleplayers has naturally evolved into this guild: The Last Court. We’re Highborne lead and focused, but not exclusively so. We take onboard Kaldorei looking to learn the arcane arts, veterans of the Resistance, Rooksguard and Moonguard, those with ties to the nobility of the old empire and their sons and daughters.

Forum link: [A-RP] The Last Court - Highborne guild

As one last thing to notice, there’s also social events where you can check out current guilds - the current up-and-coming event is on Friday the 21st: Jurina’tore - The Great Hunt.

I hope you find something that caters to your taste!


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