AV is broken, Horde wins 100% of all games

Tempting to quit this game. We cant seem to win any AV as alliance and there are no other bgs that give good honor.


It’s not broken, alliance is just really retarded, has always been in bg’s without premades.


Good bye then.

I don’t remember Alliance losing so many bgs and i am a classic player.

I think that the current Alliance has zero understanding on how to play this game without being on retail.


Remember a week ago when alliance was like “horde sucks and can’t win now when it’s even numbers, alliance superior PvP faction when it matters, horde tears are delicious”?

I remember.


Well everyone is smarter now and know which faction to roll if you want to play with comrades that have atleast half functioning brains.

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Keks were had after the allianze zurg got beaten down and ultimately destroyed

Nothing is broken, Alliance are just inept at PvP.

Ah, good times.
“Horde only think they’re good because they stay in groups! We’re way better!”
“Waaahh we can’t zerg AV anymore ;_; this isn’t right something must be broken!”


Alliance win sometime… 50% of their current wins is hard rush to Drek and kill him without capping any GY and Towers. Other 50% is when they stop playing as crowd and start play as team where they make different tasks.
Horde now start wins because they do 2 tasks at same time: defence and attack.

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Hard rush to drek is usually led by ‘premades’, otherwise it’s always a failure.

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Yeap. But I saw few times how they did it when they was all from different servers. They just rush to our base as one pride. I come to their base, started clearing AID flag guards and… result window with blue caption “Alliance win!”

Guys guys…
There are no premades in AV.

The man has spoken.


I know this troll/clueless person, he claims that hunters are fine and feign death should not drop combat instantly… even tho everyone has already offered proof otherwise. Best to ignore this scrublord.

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They could still organize pseudo premade via discord, since queue is instant, and still be different servers.


I am glad you now understand


You can only queue as an individual in AV

You have no control over which BG you are placed in

If players queuing at the same time hit the same BG they are in no way cheating or breaching the rules

It is simply the way Blizz are choosing to open and fill AV instances

That’s the long and short of it



You do understand that you are becoming the fool of the forums

You are taking an intractable stance against a system Blizzard force players to operate within - over which they have no control

Blizz could choose to open 40 AV instances at once tomorrow and add one player to each on turn from the queue

If they did so they would solve the complaints regarding guilds and friends hitting the same queue

But it is their choice to operate the queue as they do



The most ridiculous part of your arguments is that they’re all based on the premise that it’s intended usage by design, just because it’s possible.
That the arbitrary limitation to disable queuing as a group/raid is not intended by design to prevent queuing as a group/raid.
That it’s an intentional benefit to the smaller matchmaking pools (since it can’t be done in gigantic pools due to the amount of new BG instances per second which rapidly speeds up the random assortment of players, or in the case of Horde in the merged EU matchmaking pool where they do split them up if they queue at the same time as only a few people, although it would however increase the rate of success as a full 40-man timing the queue).

That the lack of punishing people for it should mean that it’s not something they recognize to be a violation of the rules even though it falls under the technical definition of game exploitation in their rules.
That they passively permit it when they haven’t even officially recognized it to be a thing in the first place.

That’s what you’re claiming with your arguments.

Nice one.

i said it many times and i wil say it again. When av started all top aliance players played bc they wanted exalted for items thats when horde had zero chance. after 1-2 days all these top players reached exalted and stoped playing. So now all noobs play and alts so horde now dominate simple


Again - anybody reading your posts who plays the game will form the same conclusion

You are a fool

Nobody queueing as an individual can control the BG they join

For sure - queuing at the same time currently makes it likely that will hit the same one - but that is intended by way of Blizzards chosen system

You have no argument




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