Cannot transfer character after scourge invasion quest

Last night me and a friend did some of the scourge invasion quests and I received a quest item from a drop which started “Letter from the Front” it’s just a simple hand in to Keeper of the Rolls at Light’s Hope Chapel. After another couple of hours of lag we decided we could not face Gehennas anymore and were going to make the move to Mograine.

The system would not let me move my character due to having mail in my mailbox, but when I checked there is nothing in it. No mail from ignored characters nothing in COD etc. I did some research and it turns out the aforementioned quest has a follow up letter which comes in mail 7 days after turning in the “Letter from the Front” quest. Meaning I now cannot transfer from Gehennas until I receive this in what is now 6 days time.

I have raised a ticket as my friends have moved to Mograine and we now cannot play together and I’m worried the free migration closes and im stuck on Gehennas alone. Unfortunately this sense of worry is heightened by the 8 day 8 hour estimate for my ticket. Is there any way around this issue. It seems like any person in the game that does this quest will be unable to move for a week and I’m sure there is going to be a large amount of the player base doing it as its new content.



There’s no way around it but to keep your ticket open, don’t cancel and re-open it.

Keep your ticket clear and to the point, a GM will help you as soon as possible. The average displayed ticket is the longest in queue and yours may be helped sooner.

We’re going to take a look at this. In terms of functionality nothing is inherently wrong here (each system individually acts as intended), but it does create an obstacle that may need to be reviewed. Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

I agree, but I think when nothing is being said about the current state of EU servers and the only option if you want to play the game is move server - something that directly stops the ability to move server should be more hastily addressed aside from “We will take a look” “that may need to be reviewed”

I’ve waited for 11 days for something to happen in regards to fixing the server, any communication any fix but we have had complete radio silence. The fact that the response to a legit solution to the issue which is not working is “Maybe we will look into this and do something but just wait and see (sic)” is very disheartening.

I understand the team will be very busy just now but I would be very confident in saying I will just receive the in game mail before a GM responds to me. Which means I would have dealt with the 11 days of broken servers and 7 days of waiting to move server. 18 entire days where I should have been able to play the game but have been unable.


Im trying to get off Gehhennas for the obvious reasons. Ive tried to go to Mograine.

But keeps saying to clear my mail on character. But i have no mail! zero mail. ive tried reload ui / ive tried disabling addons / ive tried to un ignore anybody / ive tried eveything…

Maybe this? Cannot transfer character after scourge invasion quest

Can anybody please help ?? Im trying to get off Gehhennas for the obvious reasons. Ive tried to go to Mograine.

But keeps saying to clear my mail on character. But i have no mail! zero mail. ive tried reload ui / ive tried disabling addons / ive tried to un ignore anybody / ive tried eveything…

Has anybody had this ?? Im starting to think it will never work… Made a ticket and it say wait time 15 days… Please Blizzard i just want to leave the server so i can maybe play the game.

Maybe this is the problem? Cannot transfer character after scourge invasion quest

My character is now stuck on Gehhenas and all my friends are on mograine… Seriously this is not acceptable and should be made most important task to sort out. I dont want to wait 15 days before i can move over. I left my guild and arena teams and made preparation to xfer… now im in Limbo! Its already bad enough that we had to make the decision to leave the server because of the game being unplayable … Now i cant even do that.

The answer to both of the questions here is already addressed in my original post. I found the reason which means we are unable to transfer it relates to one of the scourge quests.

You will be able to transfer 7 days after handing in the quest I’m sure but that obviously doesn’t help any of us with issues right now.

Hopefully as more people comment on this post it gives them a push to sort something, although I do doubt that.

Why in the US a GM can sort this out straight away… But here we have to wait and suffer in silence?

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How are we coming along? Can you contact your american support team, they have found a fix for it, and are doing it as quick as 8 min.
Please help us out.


I am also having this issue on my character and I am struggling to find where I can submit a ticket to start the proccess.

It says the average wait time for ticket response is over 7 days anyway. Shorter than the time for the npc mail to arrive, so guess we are just left waiting.

Same here, me and friend of mine are stucked on old realm and two friends transfered no problem, now we are unable to play with each other.

Same here. For my friend it worked without any problems. For me it says An error was encountered. please try again later. It has been 2 days and nothing changed.

Now another restriction for server switch to Mograine is that I can’t do it from this faction? Blizz need to sort this out.

I have this same issue in Golemagg and now they made the transfer alliance only. My friends allready transfered.

An intentional restriction according the new update today:

I understand this from a server standpoint. But seems unfair for those of us who wanted to make the swap when it was available, and maybe have got friends/alts etc on a no longer available swap.