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These guys are awesome. Have had so many fun times with them already!

We need at least 2 heals now. If you want to be in charge of healing, we’d appreciate it.

Update: We are now 2/10 hc :slight_smile:

We’ve now decided to move forward with a raid-plan that looks like this:
¤ Thursday 19:00st - Normal clear - going for max 4 hours and we expect to be done in 3. :slight_smile:
¤ Saturday 13:00st - Heroic progression

We’re close to having a full roster, but we could definitely use some more active healers (our current healers sadly don’t have time for much more than raiding due to real-life stuff) to help us push some high keys, and also one that could potentially be a healing “officer” , who’d be in charge of planning and calling for cooldowns for the healer team.

We’ve now got a stable roster, but could really do with an extra healer. A holydin would fit very well in the setup.

Also our progress is now 4/10 heroic

Opening recruitment for all Healers, Affliction Warlock, Balance Druid, Windwalker Monk, Warrior, and maybe a good Mage.

Also new progress is now 7/10 HC :slight_smile: