[H] [Draenor] <Do Not Panic> 10/10Hc Recruiting for Heroic and Mythic Raiding

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read our post.
Do Not Panic is a focused raid guild who’s ambitions are to achieve Curve in every raid expansion and if we have the numbers a casual approach to Mythic raiding. We also plan regular M+ groups within the guild for all at a variety of levels. Our goals are to be achieved in a friendly but focused manner, with no room for toxicity.
Our raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday at 20.15 to 23.00 server time, with a heroic social/alt run on a Sunday at 19.00st to 22.00st, this raid is also open to members not wishing to Mythic content.
With the returning valor points system returning we will also be planning guild organised M+ runs at all levels, as well as Pvp for anyone interested.
What we expect from you

Attendance: being a two night raid guild we expect all raiders to maintain a high attendance rate - we obviously understand real life comes first but we do ask for a minimum of 80% if you wish to be part of the progress team

Dedication: Having the right positive mindset towards raiding and the team is essential. That includes preparation, staying positive and contributing with positive energy to the atmosphere.
Attitude: We expect all guild members to respect all others with in the guild, we will not tolerate toxic attitudes at all, we also expect members to be respectful of guild decisions 100% of the time, this includes: raid comp adjustments for progress, performance adjustments etc. Ability to follow the raid leaders, stay positive on wipe nights.

We are currently recruiting all roles for Heroic/ Mythic raiding, M+'s and socials

If you would like to be considered for our guild please contact us on the following


Dps a high priority now for our recruitment

High Priority for the following Dps
Unholy Dk
MM Hunter
Shadow Priest

Hey! I would be interesting in joining. Ive just returned to the game, so am a bit behind and and looking to raid again and i’ve always been very active in mythic + keys. I main a rogue, id be happy to contact you ingame or what ever is best.

Our first raid is upcoming this reset, still on the look out for skilled dps for both mythic progression and Hc social runs!

8 heroic kills on our first nights raiding, still looking for more people

Shadow Priest

9 Hc kills on our first week, still recruiting all classes and roles!

Currently actively recruiting:
Healer - Holy Pala/Disc preferred
Dps - All classes considered

Contact in game: barbaruss#2188 Discord: Paiñtraiñ#3217

sent a friend request on btag - hopefully speak soon

Still recruiting:
Holy Paladin
Hunter x 2
But all classes will be considered

Still looking for the final missing classes:
Holy Paladin
All other classes considered.

Recruiting still open for the following roles:
Tank: Non DH
Healer: Holy Pala or Disc Preist preferred, considering any other class
Dps: Hunters priority

Recruiting open for the following:
Ranged Dps, all classes considered

In need of Ranged dps and a warrior dps

Nearly ready to start Mythic content

Need more dps and a healer!

Mages, Locks, Boomies, Warrior and a healer needed

Still in need of:
1 Healer - Shaman preferred - other classes considered
Other dps classes also considered

where are all the recently buffed warriors, shammies and bm hunters!

Still looking for active non raid logging dps for both raids and keys