[HIATUS] Clan Stormheart - Kirthaven's Roost 🦅



Clan Stormheart, until most recent years led a largely secluded life within the remote coastal paths and jagged cliff-faces of Northeron’s oceanic borders. They’re a largely ritualistic and proud people, known for their outstanding courage in the face of great peril and their unbreakable loyalty towards their closest allies. The Stormhearts way of life was built upon both legendary tales and heroic trials, for it is ultimately in strength and courage, paired with a singular, selfless deed that cemented the foundations of this ever lasting family.

Bal’gahn the Wanderer, first of his name traversed the the outskirts of the Wildhammer settlements outside the comforts of Ironforge centuries past. Often visiting a large but poorer camp known as; Storm’s Heart. Named appropriately for its terribly cold temperatures, as well as always being the first to be caught out, exposed within the lasting snowstorms that are frequent to the region. But their plight wasn’t solely from the bitter cold, no - a great white bear soon took a liking to both the off-guard and sickly. Plaguing the barricades of this camp for many, many months. Insatiable in his longing appetite for the flesh of our kin.

The monster Garhl, as he would soon become known as.

They say Bal’gahn took this charge where many others had failed, having tracked the animal for days before finally confronting the monster atop a remote icy lake. It was said that he chose to wrestle it with only his hands, bloodied and swollen. The fighting was told to have lasted for a whole day, before Bal’gahn finally managed to pin the beast. Atop the now cracking, parting ice he had managed to subdue him. The cold thrashing waters now soaked the bloodied fur and skin of both combatants. It was then in that moment, that Bal’gahn finally bested Garhl, snapping his grizzled jaw with a sundering force, the feat alone sheer testament of his strength!

Of course, all great stories need some embellishment. But because of this one selfless act of heroism, he then went on to earn a name that would befall his sons and daughters forever more.

Adorning the snow-white pelt of the vanquished Garhl, he’d become forever known as:

Bal’gahn of Storm’s Heart


Clan Hierarchy


The leader of his family, the strong-willed overseer of his home. He has earned his seat at the high-table of his hearth and will defend his honour and pride should it be besmirched. His say is final and his judgement understood, ever watchful for heroic deeds and grand gestures of his own, a keen story-teller who will continue to pass down tales of the ages. A stoic defender to all that call themselves Stormheart.

Khal'rand (Council)

The Khal’rand usually comprises of the Thane’s most trusted. Tradition has sought this role to be filled by family, his eldest sons and daughters. But the Khal’rand changes with each passing Thane. It is within this circle of trust he shall pick a successor to the family. Those chosen would likely comprise of the strongest warriors and the most persuasive minds. The greatest hand-picked worthy enough to lead the clan should the need arise.

Thulman'dahl (Honoured)

Loyalty, Strength, Will, Knowledge and Courage. Upon completing the final trial and earning the last ‘Marking of Garhl’ you’ll take part in the ascension ceremony. Your name then revered amongst the family of Stormheart, you’ve overcome many obstacles, trials and tribulations to get to where you stand now. But should you wish to uphold the name Stormheart forever, you’ve more than earned the right to call yourself one. But we all have our own legacy to keep, it will be the story of how you sought glory amongst kin that will forevermore be a tale of the ages to come.


Trials of Garhl

Godkend'dahl (Courage)

Bal’gahn Stormheart, first Thane of our family. He who had slain the great white bear Garhl at the foothills of Ironforge centuries past. Courage, only truly comes when you’re afraid and through this final trial - you’ll search yourself, delving deep to find it; and confront it.

( Fifth Claw: https://imgur.com/54X9diF )

Guma'dahl (Knowledge)

Meira Stormheart, first to bind and transcribe for Bal’gahn, keeper of the first pages of the Ghal’bram. Her knowledge stretches countless passages and books left to find for those worthy. Understanding the ways of a Stormheart within her left legacy. To learn from their ancient laws and tradition.

( Fourth Claw: https://imgur.com/TybKEKr )

Kost'dahl (Will)

Karban Stormheart, creator and first wielder of the Stormheart’s mighty Stormhammer Mohr’Grum. A seasoned shaman who took great fondness in living as one with the wild, for this trial will see you traverse the mighty landscapes of Khaz Modan. To be one with the earth, water and sky. Finding the right mindset that all Wildhammer share.

( Third Claw: https://imgur.com/s8sdbeH )

Misfaran'dahl (Strength)

Olgan Stormheart, the strongest recorded of our family and grandfather to the present Thane Throrgar. The ‘breaker of mountains’ and the hauler of stone, a trial focussed on your body and mind. Strength comes from many places, find it and you’ll succeed. Or crumble under the weight of our forebear’s watchful gaze.

( Second Claw: https://imgur.com/0vzFyOS )

Skalf'dahl (Loyalty)

Throrgar Stormheart, the current Thane of Stormheart. To earn the first claw you’ll need to prove loyalty to him. Be this by a gift of wealth or blood. Your character will be judged accordingly to whatever they present. Alongside this gift you’ll take the oath of our family, adorning the sacred Khal’brass upon your most dominant arm.
Honour your Thane, honour yourself.

( First Claw: https://imgur.com/E95Bvlq )
( Khal’brass: https://imgur.com/vMASm8A )



Modoss (Marked)

You’ll be tattoo’d with the simple paw, acknowledged by Thane Stormheart as he’d believe you ready. Allowing you to begin the trials of the Ghal’bram.

( Paw of Garhl: https://imgur.com/pcJPzLO )

Mogo'dune (Unmarked)

You’ve found Clan Stormheart, now awaiting an open audience with the Thane and family, for it is he who will ultimately decide if you’re destined to join us, or to be turned away.


Events / Festivities

Re-igniting of the Stormhammers

Atop the highest pinnacle of Aerie Peak, Clan Stormheart continue tradition in re-igniting their ancestral weapons. This often occurs annually, or just before major conflict.

The Ascension Ceremony

When a Dwarf finishes their final trial, reaching Godkend’dahl - they will then await the prestigious and well revered ceremony of ascension. Bringing their name into the the very legacy of Stormheart. A night of stories, festivities and family.

Earning Thulman’dahl.

The Highland Games

Thane Throrgar Stormheart often hosts the Highland Games from the comfort and pristine beauty of our beloved Kirthaven. So be you Wildhammer, Bronzebeard, Dark Iron or Gnome! Be sure to keep an eye-out for this most excellent celebration of unity.

Thread: [Khaz Modan RP] The Highland Games - Spring 2021

Thundermar's Bare-Knuckle Brawl

Thane Throrgar Stormheart often hosts the Thundermar’s Bare-Knuckle Brawl from within the bowels of one of Thundermar’s finest breweries. So be you Wildhammer, Bronzebeard, Dark Iron or Gnome! Be sure to keep an eye-out for this most excellent celebration of strength and -drinking-!

Thread: [Khaz Modan RP] Thundermar's Bare-Knuckle Brawl



Clan Stormheart has been a unique Wildhammer presence on the Dwarf RP scene since February 2018. We’re not a military guild, striving to delve into the spiritual and cultural side of Wildhammer RP.

We accept:
Wildhammer (Preferred) and Bronzebeard origins.

We do not accept:
Dark Iron, IC Warlocks and IC DKs.

Note: Being primarily Wildhammers, we rely heavily on Gryphons within our daily RP. Level 30+ is our desired minimum (Purely for flying purposes).

We use a fully working and updated Discord Channel regarding further IC and OOC.

Artist Recognition: https://artistsnclients.com/slots/22270-digital-illustration#

Current IC Base: Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands

Leadership Contact:
Throrgàr - Discord: Wur890#7073 (GM)
Thunderlung - Discord: SCP#1689 (Officer)
Grongul - Discord: Stormfury#1027 (Officer)



Kirthaven, the jewelled heart of Wildhammer belief within the Twilight Highlands. Its everyday functioning and thriving happens under the watchful gaze of Thunderstrike Mountain. Unwavering through the years of warfare and strife, it has kept constant under the protection of its peoples renowned and ever-heroic resilience. Following that came the respite of peace and plenty. A time to mourn, but also a time to rebuild, hoping to once more solidify their place within Khaz Modan. Alongside strengthening their borders, they also placed extensive efforts into their greatest passion; breeding and nurturing the fierce, loyal Razorbeak. A beast that their kin has long held aloft with the highest grandeur, being a symbol of Wildhammer culture. They’re a crucial element to trade and aerial combat within the Alliance.

A union has long held intact between the families of Aerie Peak and Highland. The likes of Clan Thundermar, Firebeard and Stormheart still hold true to High Thane Falstad’s wishes, to remain near Kirthaven. They’ve been tasked the last few years to restock the hatchery, to rebuild much of the old roost, and to divide the work load between Aerie’s and Kirthaven’s newly refurbished pens. Now that the war between the Alliance and Horde has ended - there is plenty time to once more ready and prepare for what may yet come. We shall source and supply, teach and train within the safety and confines of our beloved home.

Thane Grahda Stormheart was one of the first to offer himself and his family to undertake such a charge, since then his eldest son Throrgar has taken up the mantle after his fathers death. Combined, they’re equipped with centuries of experience and knowledge to pass onwards. Their gift with the magnificent Razorbeak is a sight to behold and their tutoring on control, maintenance and combat extensive. A thunderous call goes out to all whom pledge their loyalty to the Alliance: Kirthaven’s roost is open to you and yours, stocked with the finest gryphons anywhere within the Eastern Kingdoms.

Clan Wildhammer will continue to do their part.

For Khaz Modan!



The Idea

I’d like the opportunity to act upon an initiative that I believe hasn’t been overly explored within the Alliance of Argent Dawn as of yet, it’s both complimentary and ideal based around my current guild status and setting. To supply another ‘lively’ RP area to visit for singulars or guilds, pretty much any who’d benefit in the purchasing and/or training of gryphon. To invite you and yours along for anywhere between 1 - 3 days at a time, within Kirthaven to undergo in-depth one-to-one training and bonding between you and your new feathered friend. This’ll range from talks, demonstrations, preparations and flight within detailed proportion over the days spent with us. Or, you’re seeking out further help and/or advice from one of the many veteran Wildhammer on how to maintain, care and support your already loving companion.

We aim to provide a believable and pleasant environment to help thrive in rider and beast RP, to bring the personality out of your mount and secure a start to a story we hope you’ll long continue once you leave us. Another open door for more possibilities for the Alliance on Argent Dawn moving forwards.

Our Gryphon

They will be the very foundation to the RP we intend to deliver within Kirthaven, seeking to give everyone the most authentic rider and beast interaction possible. Utilising our diverse gryphon creation system, we’re able to formulate beasts with various personalities and temperaments, every new batch of rider will hopefully have a personalised experience with us. However, firstly we’d like to start off with partnering up our current gryphon, those who’ve remained within the family even though their last rider disbanded; by either death or abandonment. These gryphons are fully fleshed out members of Clan Stormheart and won’t be sold, but given to those deemed worthy enough to us, but most importantly to the gryphon itself.

Once we’ve finally gifted the last of our extended family to new and suitable riders, we’ll then proceed with restocking fresh beasts, this process is as much IC as the rest. Clan Stormheart will need to wrangle, break-in and move forward each singular gryphon to a platform where they are suitable enough for a potential rider. Insuring this experience is as authentic as possible, we’re likely to have intermissions between selling and supplying the gryphon we have by 1 to 2 weeks at a time. However, between this time we’re more than happy to host groupings of folk who’ve already settled on a companion, to offer advice or further training where needed – so that we’re constantly flexible to aiding where we can.


Noteable Instructers

Thane Throrgar Stormheart

The leader of his family and flock, the strong-willed overseer of his home. Having handled and raised a total of five Razorbeak spanning almost one and a half centuries of his lifetime, you’ll find no better instructor for both novice and experienced alike.


Thane Stormheart has weathered many skirmishes and fought in many battles across the borders between both Highland and Hinterland alike. He’ll be taking you in-depth on how to utilise both rider and beast in the midst of battle, covering as many bases as he can regarding weaponry and tactics.


Upon purchase of your newly gained gryphon, you’ll then be advised to speak with Thane Stormheart to have it suitably armoured if or when desired. Contacts within the forges of Thundermar and Aerie Peak have vast knowledge regarding the outfitting of our feathered friends.

Experienced Flying:

A class for those who’re already content in the saddle, managing a few flights with their companion beforehand. Thane Stormheart will go into more detail regarding long-haul journeys and suitable preparations during certain weather conditions.

Haelga Stormheart

Clan Stormheart’s Gryphon Master and mother to the current Thane. Renowned amongst her own to being a specialist with finding that special connection between both rider and beast. A grand asset to her people, now able to pass on all her wisdom to those seeking lasting companionship.


Undoubtedly the most crucial part to your time here in Kirthaven for all new riders, Haelga will undertake the task of matching you with one of our many Razorbeak. It’ll be a lengthy process to find the perfect partner, for very few gryphons are co-operative or trusting at first.

Novice Flying:

It is only fitting that after you’ve created the initial bond between your newly found companion that you’re taught the very fundamentals of how to saddle it up correctly. Haelga will take you slowly through the steps, aiding in solidifying the fresh connection between both rider and beast.

Galvrin Stormheart

Elder Shaman of the family, his vast experience and knowledge regarding the Razorbeak partners up well with his gentle and caring nature. His word is always heard, but more importantly understood.

General Maintenance:

Galvrin, like all Wildhammer takes great pride in the overall health and upkeep of the flock, it is with him you’ll learn how to keep your companion in top form. You’ll be shown how to check for ailments, understanding dietary needs and maintaining cleanliness above all.

Grongul Stormheart

A lad from the Hinterlands, through tragic circumstances finding himself at the hearth of Clan Stormheart - now adopted son of Grahda. He strives to impress, whilst still mastering his own saddle, he’s always seeking opportunity to pass on his newly found knowledge.

Altitude Adjustment:

The air is freeing, but also deadly; upon great heights you’ll find yourself lacking the ability to breathe comfortably let alone co-ordinate yourself. In this lesson, Grongul will offer you guidance and practical assessment in the safety of Kirthaven. If you’re not a Dwarf - not a Wildhammer - there’s no shame in defeat here; the gryphon riders undergo altitude training for many years.

Rhea, The Matriarch

Keeper of the Peace:
Rhea is the colossal matriarch and protector of Kirthaven’s flock. Little pardon is given for mistakes and any attempt of harm to those who Rhea takes within the flock will result in dire consequences.


Further Information


To fund the efforts within Kirthaven, Clan Stormheart will price a gryphon’s worth accordingly. To be negotiated after a first viewing, payment can be made in various forms.


Probably the most ideal form of payment, it’ll be greatly accepted into the coffers of both Kirthaven and Thundermar respectively.


A renowned material for the likes of Clan Stormheart, it’s used to craft the honourable ‘Khal’brass’ (Arm Ring). Physical proof of their loyalty to both Thane and family.


A favour to a Wildhammer is most likely the least to be chosen, for it’ll be down to Thane Stormheart to decide if it’d weigh out the offer of such a noble beast.

IC Restrictions

Clan Stormheart will retain the right to refuse anyone we feel isn’t fit or suitable for the riding or purchasing of one of our many gryphon. Perhaps because they require further time and training with their chosen beast.

A message however to Death Knights and Demon Hunters in particular, your presence is noted and whilst not overly accepted within Kirthaven, the purchasing of a gryphon will remain at the Thane’s discretion upon each individual arriving.

Contact us

For further information or wanting to get in touch for booking a slot for yourself or guild, please don’t hesitate to speak with us!

Throrgàr - Discord: Wur890#7073 (GM)
Thunderlung - Discord: SCP#1689 (Officer)
Grongul - Discord: Stormfury#1027 (Officer)



An incredible guild that I’ve had the pleasure of roleplaying with before, I can’t wait to see them back in action, feathered steed in tow. The Gryphon knight and the Stormheart’s shall ride besides one another once more!


Haha! Ain’t that the truth, lad! Come on by and join us anytime!


I have had the pleasure to RP with a lot of great guilds in my time playing this game but i can say with 100% surety that there is nothing like Role-playing with the Stormhearts. The fact that we are back with this fresh plan really gets my imagination going. NEVER WAIVER!


Stormheart is a great group of people that I’ve had plenty of encounters with throughout the past year or so. If you want some gryphon oriented RP, or any RP in general, I’d thoroughly recommend having a go at these madlads.


The Hammerguard are top lads, always welcome! Hope to see you up here again soon!


Just a retired orc sitting by his pig farm trading vegetables. Best of luck with your RP adventures old friend.



Good to see more RP in Twilight Highlands, especially in the spiritual heart of Wildhammer, Kirthaven.

Good luck Stormhearts. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the lovely comments, it’s great to be back!

And remember, if you or your guild feel they could utilise our gryphon trade / teachings - please feel free to contact me via here, discord or in-game!

Winds guide!



While Sainur himself wouldn’t be interested, I have another Dark Iron character ready. She is, thankfully, very different than Sainur and you may very well see her around in the future. :+1:

Grahda is also a top lad so I can very much recommend him and his merry band of s̶a̶v̶a̶g̶e̶s honorable sky-dwarves.


Wow. I am loving this concept. It sounds absolutely amazing and very inspiring. Now I wish I had a character in need of a gryphon… :heart_eyes:


I actually got a gryphon rider, and I’ll certainly come and check you out!


Please do! Just send me an OOC nudge before hand if you’d like to view our gryphons! We’re more than happy to accommodate not just guilds, but singulars!


I have a toon I’d like to visit with at some point. Granted, she’s closer to one of you than seeking a gryphon herself


Be it to view our gryphon or simply RP with our kin, all will be made to feel welcomed!


And if you don’t feel welcome after all that, we’ve ale to fix that!


Wild Gryphon Wrangling / 'Naming Day’

Clan Stormheart have been working tirelessly these past few days, preparing three magnificent gryphon for hopeful new riders. Sadly, these beasts had lost their previous riders to either neglect or death. But the work load doesn’t wait, continuing to build, but despite the growing number of fledgling within their nursery and roost. Thane Stormheart seeks to venture out with his kin, in to the very wilds across their borders, in search for the untamed, giant and fierce.

And so they’ve succeeded, for due-south across the muddied Verrall river. Having heard rumour of an outstanding, monstrous male Razorbeak circling the cliffs that bordered the coastline, searching of a mate.

A beast now come into its prime, Thane Stormheart averaged a vague guess on about fifteen years old.

And he was simply perfect.

After a long struggle, manoeuvring and attempting to dominate - implementing such tactics the likes of Tak Doyle would issue to his Roughnecks. It’s simple routine for our Wildhammer, they get the job done.

Now returned healthy, alert and reasonably unscathed to the roost of Kirthaven. Once he’s been treated, groomed and initially accepted under the current matriarch we’ll begin to the process of nurturing until fit for sale.

As with all our eggs and wild gryphon alike, Clan Stormheart host a small straw poll OOC in our discord for the name ideas. Once collected we then vote on which one we like the most! For our recent feathered brother, we came to a conclusion on the name:


A terribly tempered and eager spirit, not to mention his strength, this new gryphon will be a worthy ally to any who’d seek combat regularly. He isn’t fit nor suitable for domesticated life or travelling commerce/trade.

IC, this’ll then be turned into a small event where he’ll be presented to all Stormheart, given his valued name, then the whole roost will feast. Treated with a generous and bountiful supper, each beast matters to us.

If you know someone who might possibly suit the needs of Stormbreaker, please get in touch! We’re currently open, and as always please message me ahead of RP if seeking to view gryphon!


We had the fortunate timing of seeing these awesome dwarves, in their hub by pure luck!

I can say our group was very welcomed, and even chatted a bit. I believe even one of their own joined us in our hunt! Quite the nice people, despite some culture differences IC.

I can only hope they continue to evolve, and may we share more stories together.

Have an elven forum bump!


Going to be talking ti these lads for some gryphons ourselves. Great concept! Never enough dwarfs around.

Not interacted much yet sadly, except for one that nearly brought a cave down upon me, WEIRD and Wayward Flock. Very fun


Haha! Whatcha’ saying lad?! Swear 'et be GOLDY-GLANCE! Get yerself up ta Kirthaven!

Had the privilege of RP’n with a couple of yours, alongside WEIRD and Wayward Flock just the other night! Showed them a handful of Wildhammer festivities! Was a great night, hope to see you soon!