How's this server?

And people who quit roleplay and are socializing + raiding. It’s more than you think, but ok.

I won’t say that it never happens/doesn’t exist, but I’d say that it is entierly flat out false(not even subjective) to say that a majority of rpers have quit roleplay. That was my main issue with your first post. Rather than encourage roleplay and people participating in it, it felt more like an attempt to discourage with “lol no one even rps anymore” kind of attitude.

I also find it a little weird to categorise socialising as not a roleplay thing.

My statement was that the majority of players (in general) do not roleplay. I added the “anymore” to emphasize that some former RPers have quit, so I don’t have to mention it in a separate sentence :slight_smile:

Yeah and I disagree with that statement still as you claim, or atleast believe that a majority of roleplayers doesn’t rp anymore :slight_smile: My belief is that it is infact a minory of the roleplaying community which has quit roleplaying.

That’s true. The quitters are a minority, but AD is large enough that you see a lot of them in raiding guilds.
I think we agree with each other, but are misunderstanding each other.

Possibly! My general point is that roleplay is still very active and hasn’t decreased much if at all, but the amount of OOCers has increased, thus with people also doing content as well as roleplaying, it makes PvE/PvP seem alot bigger.

False, the only thing that has happened is rp has become a lot more insular over time and guilds tend to keep to themselves/go out in the world; this is due to many things but the proclivity for drama amongst the community OOC and certain bad actors spreading rumours have lead to a distaste in the minds of many for larger inclusive events.


Seems like it’s very slippery this time of the year, the silly people did it again!

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haha whoops! Must be the cold of the season rolling in and making their fingers shake in just the wrong direction xD

Keep in mind that we are all GAMERS coming together here so any decent guild works together and not against itself on a social level out of character and YES a lot of us role players also like to do mythic+ dungeons and arena, it’s good fun and rewards our characters with the gear needed to crush the Alliance / Horde :sunglasses:

You will definitely find people to role play and do content with, either in the same guild or through other community discords (like the big Argent Dawn Discord [!])

Personally, I am a big bad Horde main player and very rarely – almost never – play on Alliance but I can assure you that The Men of Good Faith are top class

And here are some Horde and Alliance guilds I REALLY love, I am part of their officer staff as well, it’s good fun check it out



RP used to be abundant at every hour, now it is only abundant between 20:00 and 23:00.

Age and drama are important factors here. If you have a job/family/are above 24, most likely you’re going to consider where your life is going if you keep playing any time of the day: you want to do something that matters and playing here 8 hours a day doesn’t really matter.
And then the next question: who you’re RPing with? The community is often so hostile or uncollaborative. It’s kinda nice to receive new people these days.

Speaking of activity, I personally believe RP is around inbetween 20.00 and 2.00.

I actually didn’t know about that. Sounds sad though… hope this gets better.

Doubt it. And even casual RP is becoming harder. People never seem to be truly inclined to RP with characters they don’t know. Due to the excessive amount of trolling and bullying people have gotten very careful with who they RP and associate with. Guilty by association is a thing after all.

The glory days of this server are long gone, and its very slowly on its way out. Doesn’t mean that there’s nothing happening or that there is no good RP to be found, but don’t expect the huge events of the past to take place anymore.


I mean that’s why I am on a RP break… because I can’t stand the constant discussions about how RP is supposed to be executed, who is right, who is wrong, who deserves what, who leads who and so on. And mind that’s in organized RP… in casual- or random roleplay there’s so much mistrust people stay in their safespaces.


Depends on where you rp, I have yet so find such issues.

…I do that, somewhat… But I guess some knows me from the forums, and thus don’t care that much. >_>

besides, I dont take it overly far.

You should feel bad!

Excuse you!

I’m a perfectly decent ice cream thrower!

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