I don't want horde premade BGs but

Since BG’s have been released, my friend and I have tried to enter the same AV every single day, and not once have we succeeded. (We even left queue a few times and tried again, and ended up just wasting 3 hours) Would it really be so gamebreaking to allow party’s (NOT RAID GROUPS) to queue up for AV?

Considering 90% of the BGs you enter are 30+ man Alliance premades, it’s not exactly giving us any competitive advantage, but I’d really like to play with my friends in a MMO.


Then play Alliance imo. This is the natural byproduct of too many of you playing Horde.


I only got lvl 60 about 5 weeks ago, I do not have the time to sit and grind another toon on another server.

That’s unfortunate. Please then play with the repercussions of the faction imbalance just as others have had to then.


I’d be curious to see if you had a genuine criticism with my suggestion rather than “suck to suck”

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My criticism is that like it or not, you are not allowed to group queue for AV. If you would like to circumnavigate this, feel free to reroll to the Alliance where instant queues make getting into the same game as your friends easier.

You’d even be helping your ex-Horde brethren by closing the gap in faction disparity, thus allowing them similar opportunities in the future.

Allowing people to queue as a group would only serve to make the already rampant premading easier to successfully organise.


They just need to remove alliance premades.(Remove number of BG)
People going “Just reroll alliance” isn’t going to fix this issue…
Considering it’s also screwing over non premade alliance AVs.

Defending premades in AV is hilarious, congrats you’re an organised raid group against a pug that can’t queue as premade.


You would insist upon a custom gameplay change to alleviate a “problem” that is entirely player manufactured?

There has to be some incentive for players to want to take action, otherwise every server is going to go the way of Flamelash.

I don’t necessarily agree that the premading right now is healthy either, but how is it any different to what goes on in the world on lopsided servers? Congrats, you’re the dominant faction on a server where you outnumber the opposition 3 to 1.

Whilst I agree it harms the experience of the pug Alliance player in AV, should they decide that they want to rank, they have the option of premading. Perhaps we should all reroll now, then we won’t have any AV at all.

The solution is blindingly simple, yet people would rather impose fabricated handicaps on others than take the obvious route to resolve the issue.


I’d just like to remind everyone that when world pvp was completely one sided and stupid, that blizzard did step in and released battlegrounds months in advance. Now AV is completely one sided and stupid and I would appreciate if we apply the same logic and fix it this time as well.

Calling fixing this “a fabricated handicap” is just silly.


No it’s not. They didn’t make Battlegrounds for the express purpose of fixing P2. They simply brought them forward. This would be a deliberate, precision change targeting one aspect of gameplay that simply never happened.

Not to mention, it’s not like it would even remedy the situation. It might make organising who got into which game a bit harder, but you’d still have Alliance queueing en-masse and generally landing in the same games as one another.

This is just another short-sighted, ill-thought out, and quite frankly spiteful suggestion.

Besides, bringing BGs forward didn’t “fix” anything. Server balances are still totally out of whack, all it did was reduce the mass outnumbering from everywhere in the world on some servers, rendering the game literally unplayable, to a few. Namely the Plaguelands, Gorge, Winterspring etc.


It would not be authentic and Classic is a recreation of the game how it was based on 1.12.1 with progressive content.

So what you really are asking, would this one change you ask for be game breaking? Probably not, but the problem is that everyone have atleast one different idea than you and suddenly a million small convenient changes have been added to Classic and that’s called retail.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add some small changes, but probably not worth it. Just keep in mind, the very first thing Activision Blizzard did to Vanilla was to implement sharding.

Basic notification. Let’s fight against the poorly scripted Warden.

I’d just like to point out that allowing players to queue for AV in groups WOULD in fact be gamebreaking, for it would allow the Alliance premading community to mass-queue in groups of 5 rather than individually, thus further increasing the odds of landing in the same games as one another.

A proposition in direct contrast with those rallying behind the removal of premading in AV.

I do want Horde premades. Hell yeah I want a fair and balanced engagement in PvP but how are 2 ppl going to pull this off.

Basic notification. Let’s fight against the under employed crew managing the Warden.

I’m an alliance player myself.
Why should I have to premade in a BG that you aren’t able to properly premade?(Queue as group?)
Because if I want to play as a solo, I’m joining AVs with players on 10-20… yeah, there’s no totally issue with premades… right?

What solution is exactly obvious?

  1. Letting the horde also queue as premade as well.
  2. Remove the ability to see the AV number.
  3. Penalty for leaving AV queue.

Horde queues will still be big, but it’s better than screwing over the PUG alliance BGs that have to begin with 10-15 people due to premades lmao.

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So you agree that they stepped in and fixed the one sided and gameplay ruining world pvp? That they didn’t “make battlegrounds for the express purpose of fixing P2” is not very relevant. They stepped in and made a change to their plans based on how reality played out.

Removing the battleground number will not fully resolve it indeed. There are plenty of other things they can do to resolve this though. I agree that it should be well though out, but it should happen. The current state of alterac valley is not how it ever was, and is itself a result of things that didn’t exist in (most of) vanilla.

The problem is not authentic. Classic can never feel authentic if you blindly stick to the technical parameters without evaluating the reality of the current situation. In this specific case, not seeing your queue number is a smaller deviation from vanilla than the current AV situation is.


LOL, that’s simply not true.

As you can tell, I too am an Alliance player.

Unlike you, I have made my peace with the concept that, due to the nature of Classic, I will have to premade if I wish to pursue ranks, just as I would have had to have done back in the day; albeit in a different BG.

The obvious solution is Horde rerolling.

Perhaps if you would like an experience unmolested by severe faction imbalance, you should queue up for Warsong Gulch. That or premade with the rest of the players pursuing ranks.

Do not mistake me as a “for the allance XDDDDDD” imbecile who seeks only to make other players, Alliance and Horde alike, miserable. I am simply informing you that half-baked, bandaid solutions are not the answer, and that to think otherwise is ignorant and short-sighted.


I think you misread what she meant. She meant battlegrounds aren’t a feature developed with the intent of fixing P2, but they were brought forward with that intent. I initially also misread it.

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See the above comment, Maunia hit the nail on the head. Unless you somehow think otherwise of course.