Massive FPS Drops.. game's stuttering, nothing works

What the title says… Do something about it… im tired of literally alt f4 the game cause its unplayable for me… ive done everything, from reinstaling, to playing with no addons, to lowest graph settings, to what a guy suggested with shaders (that worked only to a minor point) , anything…
Can we get an official fix patch?
or atleast refund us our money cause i just wasted as it seems…
Wake up blizz… for ONCE.
My kindest regards… a fan and a supporter of your “game” with 18 years of service…


For me the stuttering is related to pop-ins and objects/players being loaded in. It’s been very radio silent and Df isn’t too far away…


What’s your specs?

Have you tried the suggestion here:

It worked for me, although a proper patch is required as it isnt perfect but at least playable.
I’m sure there are thousands of player experience this problem and no feedback from Bliz and they don’t seem to know about it.
That other post has almost 10k views which is as much as the sticky post on how to use the forum - so i suspect it is an issue effecting lots and lots of players.

Hope this helps you out as i know the exact frustration you are feeling!


Hey and yes ive tried that! Saddly it hasnt solved the problem for me, only a tiny bit got better frame wise… still unplayable.

I hope blizz does something about it cause df is really close…
Also ive noticed that the majority of people that have this problem use nvidia gpu’s.
One guy said that he noticed a bad driver release since he rolled back to a previous version and it worked like a charm… problem is we are facing 2 demons… both the blizz problem and probably he is right about the driver release too.

(Fun fact for anyone that has nvidia drivers, the 517 september release works better than the current one, test a rollback and see for yourself!)


try uninstalling nvidia experience i had a similar issue before and that fixed it for me

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Some people on the US forums have had success using the Nvidia 517.48 drivers.

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Turn off FSR and all AMD features. Worked for me.

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Just want to add to the above that this helped me by changing these options.

  1. Set Ambien Occlusion Type to ASSAO
  2. Set resample quality to either Bilinear or Bicubic

Seems Fidelity features cause to much stress on my PC.
Using i5 9700K /RTX2060S and was droping to 30fps in Oribos which is crazy bad , comparing to the 120 fps just before patchday …


This reduces stuttering a little, but it’s not back to the smoothness before prepatch hit.

have you monitored your ram consumption?
been very wierd expirience this pre patch with fps. broken at first, rather stable after some hot fixes and now again been activing wild after updates for me.
starts with 2.5gb and stadily goes up and up to 4.7gb+ while afk doing nothing for few hours in same zone without leaving it.

Not addon related.
maybe direct x 11 graphical issue or something.
Seems like it keeps game assets for every expansion you visited in ram during entire log in session. cant even turn that off. Crazy times.

bring back the days when wow used 700 mb ram to run well.

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All resources and temps are perfect, just like before prepatch.

Maybe i can try this, since now i got back to 517.43 version on the driver and helped a lil bit.

I’ve noticed that this helps a little too.

Funny, it is the opposite for me.
In Oribos it goes down from 130 to 115 with ASSAO enabled.
This is on a 2070S and 5800X3D.

This really didn’t do anything for me after some longer gameplay sessions. I’ll just stick to FidelityFX CACAO and FSR (I set my render scale to 99.9%, just for that extra sharp image).

After playing 24 hrs with the settings I previously reccomended - It seems the smoothness I initially observed was only temporray. It did improve it, but as it was mentioned - nothing compared to pre patch … Still looking for solutions.
This is eating me from the inside out of frustration…

Is the Ray Tracing turned on?

you are not alone:

h ttps://

guess only thing you can do is wait for a fix,IF they fix it.

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No, we use literally same settings as day before prepatch and the day after all of us here got bad performance.

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