[Night Elf RP] Sentinel September - Ashenvale

Hello everyone!

The Nightblades will be stationed in Ashenvale/Astranaar throughout September and we will be hosting a bunch of events that will be open to everyone to attend. The idea we have is to offer casual to semi-casual events of varying nature, all open to the general Kaldorei community, in order to hopefully bring the community in Kalimdor a little closer together again. Events will be open without signup, but might in some instances be limited in size, depending on the scale of DMing required. Ceremonies and similar are always open to the masses, however!

The general plan is as follows:

Tuesdays: Religious or community focused types of events; a ceremony, a pilgrimage, an open forum, storytelling or similar.
Thursdays: Sentinel and mixed combat training. The more the merrier, and an excellent opportunity to spar your friends or have your character train on something they don’t do as often.
Saturdays: One-shot events, DMed. These will have limited spots depending on the DM for the night, so first come, first serve. We hope to bring brief, yet interesting stories for the community to partake in.

The schedule above is the primary plan, and might be up for change or deeper specification closer to the actual event. The best way to find out what is on the schedule is to show up, ask in character, and in general hang out with whoever might be there. The events will start at 20:00 server time, unless stated otherwise, and will begin in Astranaar. As with so many other things, the best way to find the details is through IC interaction, so do not hesitate to come by and talk to us!

Naturally, we welcome other parallel initiatives, events and general socialisation in tandem. It is our hope that this will be fun and engaging for everyone and we hope to see some of you there!


Glaivewings will endeavour to visit at least some of these events before our September collaboration campaign kicks off. A well thought initiative.


That’s great! Looking forward to seeing you guys there! :slight_smile:

starts dusting off his Night Elves

I can’t guarentee it, with my busy real life schedule, but I will try to join you a few times!


I will surely try to attend, looking forward to! :slight_smile:


So much of this throws me right back, I will definitely visit a number of the events!


That’s awesome, guys! The more, the merrier!

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This sounds lovely!

There’s a guaranteed chance I’ll come about and see through the events.

Kalimdor RP deserves to be revived.


September draws ever closer and with that, a full month of mixed casual and light eventing is at hand! Events are being planned left right and centre, and we hope to see both old and new friends in Astranaar.

Having received a few questions, we thought that some details might be worth reiterating before the start of the month:

  • The more casual events such as ceremonies and similar will be open to all who wish to come along. Events with a bit more DMing might be a bit more limited in the amount of players we take along, simply for logistic and practical reasons, and in that case, on a first come - first serve basis. There is no need to be concerned about roll systems or similar - if there is one, it will be explained before the start of the event.

  • There is no need to worry about signups in advance here in the thread - simply show up and see what happens! ^^

  • The best way to find out what is going to happen in detail is to show up and chat in character to people who might be in Astranaar. We do not intend to keep a strict calendar, but more one akin to the loose plan as written in the top of the thread. Partially so to foster talking more than just reading a calendar and logging on, but also so to be readily available to change plans, should the community there create their own events or happenings of importance.

  • It might be worth noting that not every night will have something planned. This so to make things a bit more airy so to allow for nights with chill casual RP, new friendships, or perhaps unexpected events. Who knows what might happen a calm night in September?

At the end of the night, this is meant as an initiative to get some more casual and lighter organised RP going in the Kalimdor community, and we truly wish to stress that other initiatives and parallel happenings of course are welcome. The more the merrier, after all! Questions and ideas are of course still very welcome, and we look forwards to seeing Astranaaar a bit more alive again ^^

Until September!


Im actualy realy looking forward to this. I will try my best to be there, I just hope it will go well with my entrance exams. Other then that, cant wait to see you there ;p


I will be skulking around naturally, hope to meet some friendly people and co-create fun RP.


We have arrived in Ashenvale and got plenty of company for tonights training event. A lot of sparring between both old and new matchups made the evening plenty interesting, and incredibly cosy. Thanks to all those who came by! More events will be held all the way through September ^^


I am sure Sentinel September will be fun for all attendee’s, it is unfortunate that our multi guild campaign takes place during most of this month but I am sure the cadre will attempt to catch the tail end of this.

The weekend turned into an eventful one, and we have had the pleasure of meeting a fair few new people during September so far. The month continues, and this week holds ceremonies, training and a one-shot event, much like the schedule in the main post. It has been really fun so far, and regardless if people are coming to Astranaar for Sentinel September or for other events or reasons, it is really really nice to see the place a little more populated again ^^


Sentinel September in Astranaar is still going strong and we’ve had lots of wonderful RP with everyone around Astranaar. As part of Sentinel September we will be hosting the celebration of Illuridei on the 21st of September! You can find more information about it here: [A-Event] Illuridei - The Watchers' Flame 🔥.

Tonight the Nightblades and a capable group of volunteers ventured out into Ashenvale in search of a rumoured fallen star that had landed in the forest, following a trail of disturbed earth elementals left in its wake and meeting a fierce battle against a band of Shadowmoon orcs who thought to claim the fallen star for their own! The fighting ended with a lone, wounded orc escaping to tell the tale as the elves claimed the sacred starlit mineral within the crater in the name of Elune. Who knows what the Kaldorei might fashion from this curious gift of the night sky? Once they have recovered from their wounds, at least…

Thanks to everyone who has joined in so far! I’m looking forward to more for the rest of the month!


We are more than halfway through the month, and with plenty of events and trainings played, this saturday will be a bit of an event break night! Thus - no event this saturday! Take the time to chill out IC, meet friends and casual RP. Schedule picks up as planned come tuesday again ^^


Sentinel September continues, and tonight we will be celebrating Illuridei! Details can be found in the thread linked below. We hope it will be a pleasant evening together in a celebration of the equinox! :crescent_moon:


The woods had gone silent. Not that it was unusual for the season, but it was something about the mood around Raynewood tower. Where the observant used to be able to hear the soft skittering of critters against the forest floor, the creaking and snapping of twigs beneath the hooves of a sprinting stag, and the idle song of birds, nothing remaind but the occasional soft song of leaves caught in the autumn wind. The northen parts of Ashenvale lies silent. Silent enough to send a chill down the spine of anyone happening to pass by…

Tonight, Sentinel September has another event going, and after a week of brilliant training exercises and cosy ceremonies, the situation for the night might look more dire than nights past. Something stirs in Ashenvale - and the sentinels in Astranaar are hopefully not late to answer.

For those signed up to [Night Elf RP/A-RP] Loyal to the End - RP-PvE Campaign - tonight could potentially yield some clues to the upcoming story for the campaign to come! Do be aware that as the other events through Sentinel September tonight still will have a player cap so to make the event managable. Should there be plenty present, there will hopefully be enough talk around town to give others in Astranaar an idea of what might be going down ^^


The month has gone by really quickly, and we have already reached the end of Sentinel September. Tonight we will be hosting one last event in order to celebrate the past month of RP! The event tonight will take the form of a sparring tournament, and as always spots will be limited. We welcome everyone to come along and cheer for the contestants, however! Once a winner has been crowned there will be a small feast to round off the celebrations.

Signups for the tournament will be handled IC in game.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!