Please delete :) this post

Please delete this post :slight_smile:

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We still need some DPS, preferably ranged but exceptional melee is always welcome.

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Recruitment updated!

Updated recruitment

Need a few more for our Mythic raid team!

At the moment looking for Ranged DPS. No specific classes, but S-priest or Mage would be a plus.

Also added: Looking for a good tank, this will be a MT spot!

Ranged DPS still needed.

Also added: Looking for an Enhancement Shaman

We are still looking for more exceptional raiders to join our roster. see Schola’s updated notice.

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Where are all the mages at ? :slight_smile: Still looking for a Mage, Enhancement Shaman and a healer (Monk, Evoker).

Recruitment is updated! :slight_smile:

Recruiting for 10.1!

Our normal/heroic team is ready! Need a few more to start Mythic after that.

Started heroic, moving forward to Mythic (hopefully) soon. Need a few more dedicated players.

Looking for an extra healer! Still looking for one or two more DPS.

Done with heroic, still looking for a few more players for the mythic team.

Looking for a few more :slight_smile:

All DPS classes open besides hunter and S-priest.