Purgatorium Crossfaction Guild Recruiting

Purgatorium is an, casual raiding guild, based on the Bloodscalp/Emeriss/Agamaggan/Twilight’s Hammer group of connected realms. The Guild is newly started up again, and our focus atm is doing some raiding and social guild runs and preparing for next season.

We are a social guild, who enjoy chit chat and the banter level is high.
We aim to try and hit Ahead of the Curve for each raid tier, and then we will try to down some Mythic Bosses at a casual pace, when were enough ppl for that and were done with Hc. For mythic+ we’ push everything from low to high keys depending of the setup and what’s needed

We can offer you

+A welcoming community of mature and grown up players who will be willing to help you with whatever you like to do.
+Real life always comes first.
+We would like to raid and push higher content, but the most important thing is that we have fun and enjoy playing the game together as a guild!
+No toxicity, and a really chill enviroment even though we push for progress.
+People who will become your online friends :slight_smile:

What we ask of you

+18+ to join us.
+Respect your guild mates; we have people of various ages, backgrounds, nationalities, etc. we have members from all over Europe, we ask that you have at least a good understanding of English.
+We all make mistakes. Constructive criticism is fine, just remember were all Humans after all, and we all have different learning curve, time to play the game and so on.
+Positive attitude!

Raid days are;

+Thursday 20:00 - 22:00 ST Normal/Heroic
+Sundays 20:00 - 22:00 ST Heroic

Current Progress
9/9 N
8/9 HC

Contact info
+Discord Andeey#9023
+Bnet Andrey2k#21850
+ingame Petdetective-Bloodscalp
+or just post on forum and we take it from there.

Brg. Petdetective hope,to see you around