Rated Solo Shuffle Update

Greetings combatants! Thank you to everyone who has been active in participating and providing feedback on Rated Solo Shuffle throughout the Dragonflight Beta. Going into Dragonflight and Season 1, we want to consolidate and provide information about this game mode, for clarity and to address some of the questions we’ve seen on the forums and social media.

What is Rated Solo Shuffle?

Rated Solo Shuffle is the rated version of the Solo Shuffle Brawl that was introduced in Eternity’s End. Introducing the game mode playable as a Brawl first allowed us to gather valuable data and information to improve and refine the game mode before attaching a rating to it.

The Solo Shuffle Brawl will be rotated out of the unrated tab and put into the normal brawl rotation. You will be able to queue up for Rated Solo Shuffle in the Rated PvP tab in the Group Finder UI. To queue up, you’ll need to meet a minimum required PvP item level, similar to queueing up for Heroic Dungeons.

Additionally, cross-faction is enabled for Rated Solo Shuffle, so Horde and Alliance can match together and play against each other.

Will rating be based on Class specializations?

Yes! Observing data from the Solo Shuffle brawl, rated arena matches, and reading community feedback, we felt it was important to have a player’s rating be tied to a specialization rather than class for this game mode. Unique to this Rated game mode, players will have a rating tracked for each of their character’s specializations.

Players will select which of their specializations to queue with, and participate in specialization-based ladders and end of season rewards. This will allow players to try new class specializations in arena without the pressure of performing as well as they would on their main specialization (e.g. a Discipline Priest wanting to try Shadow).

Also coming in Season 1, players will be able to see where they rank against others of their specialization in Solo Shuffle on the official World of Warcraft website.

What Rewards can I earn?

Just like in Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas, you’ll earn seasonal rewards and achievements, credit towards Vicious mounts, weekly great vault progress, and Conquest with rewards being based on the highest rating amongst all of a player’s specializations. Players will earn all seasonal titles and achievements that they would normally in Rated Arenas, with the exception of Gladiator and its associated reward. We felt it was important to keep it as a unique reward to Rated Arenas.

We recognize that some class specializations may perform better than others in Solo Shuffle, as well as having different total representation within the game mode. Because of this, we’re introducing a new and unique end-of-season title for the top 0.1% of each specialization in Solo Shuffle. For Dragonflight Season 1, this will be Crimson Soloist. We’ve seen community feedback around the title and are evaluating it.

How is rating calculated for each match?

During the Dragonflight Beta, we received feedback on wanting to better understand how rating is calculated. There’s a lot of math and calculation that goes on in the back end, but effectively the Solo Shuffle match is calculating 6 matches of arena into one.

When a player enters a match, we determine the expected performance of players in the match based on player matchmaking rating (MMR). We take all the rounds into account, considering who was on each side and who won, so it matters which specific rounds the player wins, and not just the total number of rounds won, in calculating impact on MMR.

We are discussing ways to improve the transparency of how ratings-change calculations can occur. Compared to the live game, Beta realms have a relatively low population, and consequently a much wider spread of ratings and matchmaking values in each match. We expect matches on live realms to include players with ratings and matchmaking values that are closer together.

What happens if another player in my game leaves before it ends?

A topic we’ve discussed internally and seen feedback on with the Brawl and on Beta is: what happens if a player leaves the match before all the rounds end? We want to disincentivize players from leaving their match, punish them appropriately, and have minimal impact on players who did not leave. The leaver will receive a Deserter debuff that will increase in penalty for each consecutive offense.

Please continue to share your thoughts with us here in our forums or @WarcraftDevs on Twitter. We will schedule a ‘Play with the Blues’ event in the next few weeks, focusing on Solo Shuffle and general PvP on Beta, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, enjoy the Dragonflight pre-patch, and we’ll see you in the arena!


Now make normal 3v3 R1 be based on spec as well.


There NEEDS to be a rating loss punishment for leavers. Deserter buffs alone are not sufficient, it needs both.

No Gladiator is fine, but I think it is necessary for the bracket to have a mount reward earned from X wins at Y rating. If the only unique solo queue reward is a 0.1% title, the potential of the bracket is going to be massively restricted. Without more unique rewards, solo shuffle could very, very easily turn into a ‘quick cap’ bracket. This would be disappointing especially when also considering how well the solo shuffle format was received by the ‘pros’.

Then please give Solo Shuffle another unique reward. Rated Arenas get Gladiator and a chance for R1. Top 0.1% may well be Gladiator territory or close to it in Season 4, but Season 4 is an anomaly. In most of, if not every other recent season, Gladiator is way higher than 0.1%.


Agreed, this really needs rating loss. On several occasions on beta, if someone was losing too many rounds, they would just quit and I doubt a lock out is going to deter them. They’ll just go & do something else whilst they wait out the deserter.


I can understand this to some degree, but I also think that Solo Shuffle needs something similar. For example, perhaps the same flyingmount reward but an unarmored one etc. I think Solo Shuffle needs to have a great/cool reward so people feel the need to push and try to earn this reward. As it stands now I dont think I will try to push Solo Shuffle for just a title / vicious groundmount. I think the big reward for Solo Shuffle needs to be a flying mount with its own unique aesthetics. I think both Solo Shuffle and Rated Arenas should have a cool, unique flying mount that makes the players from both gamemodes would want to try to earn “each others” mounts. It dont seem fair that only one of the modes should have a flyingmount reward and the other only a title since both gamemodes are very similar, only difference is one of them is with next to 0 communication and with shuffled teams.


I understand this to some degree, But I think that Solo Shuffle needs to have a greater reward to encourage people to keep playing and pushing.

You still need to learn the “do’s and don’ts” that exists in Rated Arena. This + getting high rated in Solo Shuffle where there is next to 0 communication seems quite hard and the reward should match this. A flying mount similar to that of a Gladiator flying mount seems only fitting.

I think that a possible Solo Shuffle flying mount should have its own unique aesthetics just as the Rated Arena flying mount should have its own unique aesthetics.
But both should still have some resemblance since they both come from arena PvP, for example. The Solo Shuffle reward should be the same flying mount but with less or no armor on at all. I feel that something like this would encourage the players to keep pushing Solo Shuffle while still keeping / maintaining the uniqueness of the traditional Rated Arena mount.

Not rewarding the top players in Solo Shuffle with a flying mount in a new expansion that is made for grand epic drake mounts doesn’t seem right.

By giving the players 2 different options of the same flying mount but with different unique aesthetics. I think it would encourage the players of both gamemodes to try to pursue “each other’s” mounts if they wanted to. This would also help to bring more players over from Rated Arena to Solo Shuffle and vice versa, which in turn would raise the amount of active players in both gamemodes.

As it stands now I don’t see any other reason to play Solo Shuffle other then for Conquest currency. Just a title and a vicious ground mount is not something I feel is rewarding enough.

I’m really excited for the Dragonflight expansion and really hope that the Solo Shuffle we will get is more rewarding.


I actually reached challenger once :sunglasses:


Increase the conquest points for wins. it is just laughable at this point.
Might as well not even play solo fiesta

You know that it’s always was kinda
long-term goal right?

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So, i thought Rated Solo Shuffle would give you progress for your weekly vault, and enable you to upgrade PVP-vendor gear if you reach the needed rating in the Solo bracket. But currently it doesnt. So where exactly is the incentive to even play it during pre patch?


The weapons from the conquest vendor in oribos are 200 ilevel, it’s bugged please fix it!


Same infact im pretty sure thats how the patch describes it but currently doesnt count towards anything.


Do you know if the fact that Solo Shuffle doesn’t let you upgrade gear/get honor towards vault/count towards mount/etc… is a bug, or intended to work like that in the pre-patch?

There was nothing specifically mentioned, I was under the impression that it would work the same way as 2v2/3v3 except for Gladiator title.



Was this a lie or why are there people with like half or even less than half my hp in there?

This is a lie, there’s no progress at all towards them.


Solo Shuffle. So currently you can gain rating but it counts towards nothing no vault, no mount no areana wins. Is this working as intended would be nice for a heads up.

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That feature is working very bad, people leaves before the 6th round and all your wins are wasted

Why bother to play if i don’t have any register of winning if someone leaves?


need to remove the option that people can log out to sabotage the solo shuffle.
at the moment when some one is toxic because he is losing he just log off his char and end the shuffle.
make it like that if some log off or leave that his char goes afk in the shuffle than it would be perfect.


We gave feedback on this repeatedly Blizzard, why did you choose to ignore it?

It was very obvious that if rating is not lost for quitting, then people will do it to protect their rating.

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i guess they are concerned with DC or people that have emergencies, not that it makes it okay to quit, people should definetely lose SOME rating, but please lets not put them 6/6 loses, unless they were 5/6 loses when they quit i guess…