Thank You For Your Reports

look zero words about black lotuses. You on judgment months farming lotuses, and where are u spending gold from them ? ah yes u just selling them for real money.Administration pls chek this RMT person with all his characters. and ban him. TY

And I bet my apartment for that all ur lotuses were transfered on high pop servers and u sold them and gold from them for real money.

Boy, where’s my apartment? Hallowe? What are you getting off the subject?
Did you just claim that I was robbing a man, where’s your apology?
Normal troll 10 lvl without proofs

are u kidding me ???!? I BET MyY APART BECOUSE U ARE SELLING BLACK LOTUSES! I KNOW ITS hard for russian to understand english but u have google translate

Ok bots on classic, but what about all those bots on retail ? I mean as far back as 2016 there were bots running days and night from ore to ore, couple of days back I saw like 30 druids just fighting along in surammar spamming macros, all without guild and on the same, and almost identical gear. I just googled out of curiosity “wow bots” and I found dozen of offers for botting services. Botanica, Iron Docks, Nazjatar to just say couple are overrun by DK’s, Dudu’s and DH’s that spam them and inflate the economy. Than we have to pay like 300k+ for cool mounts, so we have to RMT to even get one (wow token is in fact an RMT).

Just checked out Strat situation again… Seems that bot-sweep missed some. There are 10 bots inside and 9 more returning from UC… Funniest thing - i’ve seen them in UC. Now they don’t mount up all at once - didn’t see when mages did, but druid and priest did so simultaneously (run in random places of upper circle in Trade quarter in UC as did before).
Seriously blizzard ? Check for bots again! Servers are locked and we still got robots inflating the economy.
Oh and yes - i’ll continue to screenshot Stratholme situation at random during the day. Just so the true progress/regress of action taken could be seen. Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe

Ashbringer was the same.15 bots were in Strat in the morning. The same roster, the same thing again) 5 of them were 58 lvl. But other nicknames, it’s probably a reserve bots.

What if you pay devs to automate the bot banning or GM to ban them by hand?


Blizzard, stop dodging reality and making blue posts saying players should report bots.
We all know it doesn’t work!
You’re either trying to fool your active subscribers with some lousy “social engineering” or you’re just fooling yourselves.

In china you just banned more than 150k accounts.
Since forever you had the BAN Hammer almost every year, you never needed reports to do the right thing and ban the scum out.
Now you simply lock instances and encourage subscribers to report bots?
You think we’re this naive?

Bots are against the Terms of Service, stop being greedy, because the game is getting worst and worst because of bots and wrongly driven decisions(changes that make no sence, “forcing” daily stuff down on us, the list is long.
Didn’t you learn anything from the past?
Don’t you have a stockmarket history…

Are you favouring bots(moneymoneymoney) over real players?
It will cost you in the long run.
It’s just sad, where you’re taking this game cuz of greed.
Take this seriously because you’re ruining it, and when its ruined you wont be able to necro it like you did with classic.

Currently you have
“Battle for Azerite” and “Nerfed Classic Robotics”.

Doesn’t look good.

Since 2006

netease banned them, blizz dont manage the game in china

Hello i have reported two bots for botting and have had many other people report them as well yet they are not banned yet.

you missed my point.
just think of every year ban hammer since vanilla, why now would be any different or more difficult for them in any way?
it’s not, it’s the same, the only difference is now they only care about money

the reason it is more difficult for them now compared to vanilla is they sacked all the GMs and no just use automod software and a useless 3rd party customer service company to deal with all the in game tickets.

in vanilla you would talk to someone who would be paid to sit in game on their GM account responding to tickets and investigating in person, now you have every ticket goes to an automod and that will attempt to resolve them and then pass on to a human who is just sat at a desk watching ticket systems and answering them to a predefined script, why do you think we get a lot more false positive bans now? because the automod thinks it is doing the right thing and then when someone appeals it goes through a ticket system and most of the time the first attempt to appeal a ban is rejected as it goes to someone that hasn’t got a clue about the game.

TL:DR, blizz had a good working system and broke it to save on human resource costs meaning more turn over

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Blizzard doesnt rly care, the reports go nowhere most bans are fake. flamelash has the same problem 5-6 bots running arround epl picking every herb and ore, they have some crappy pathing where they demount 5x per lap by steping on some buildings or trees, over 500reports and nothing was ever done. they all log at the same time each takes 1/5 of the map and does the same thing for 16+ hours a day. blizz does not care they wont do anything ever cause the bots pay a sub like every1 else

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This shouldn’t be the players job. Implement some simple anti-cheat measures and investigate them personally, shouldn’t be that hard for a company like Blizzard.

Guys, I just don’t understand what’s wrong with these noobs. I can’t afford to have these noobs pushing me around. Between the lotuses, I’m just farm because I’m very boring and running around in circles. ITS A LOL, Where else will these noobs go, what will they make up. Flore will you stop being jealous of me and learn to play? You better tell me how you lost to me 20-0.

It’s just so funny, what these farmer’s going to do is horrible.
They can’t do anything to pvp me, I can lay out 100+ screenshots of how these noobs lose to me 1x2.

You’d better tell me why you’re farmin arcanite crystals 18 hours in day?? A clown with “Villa in the PRAGUE”

You made a video of me farm mobs for five minutes and yelling that it was a bot? Boy, get well. Attack me better in pvp. On my Horde character, or are you tired of running around from Spirit?))))))))))))))))))))))

(To make you understand this clown I’ve been ignoring for a long time, I play in small windows and I haven’t even seen what he writes)))))) if I had seen him run for his character from the hordes and he would have cried again in person.)

(I remembered that guy who said I hired 40 people for $30 a month, KEKW,)
Get well, Get well Get well Get well my little noob))))))

P,S News
They couldn’t do anything in Pvp 1x1, they came in two. They lost one against two - they started to write on the forum. Lost without proof here. https:// imgur. com/7skMomf (Delete Probels)
But I won’t cry, why are you so pathetic?

botting is still an issue in Noggenfogger-eu
this Mage named Zqi was using a bot and he still play.

the video clearly shows that he is using a bot. Yet he is not banded.

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Moron, there is absolutely no single sign of a bot. A person just uses an autoclicker to push the ability on the panel.


p.s. And don’t forget to cry because I called you what you are

first time hearing of this in wow history ? is it leagel ? please “moron” teach me how to use it.
he is just a bot and hopefully soon baanded

Go tell the whole internet that the autoclicker and the bot are the same thing, haha