Two New WoW Classic Realms Now Open In This Region

2019-08-30T16:00:00Z, we opened two new WoW Classic Realms in this region:

Realm Type Language
Bloodfang PvP English
Judgement PvP English

We strongly encourage players who wish to avoid extended queues on crowded PvP realms to plan to move to one of these two new realms. We expect these new realms to have a population base that is easily sufficient to long support a healthy PvP realm community.

Thank you!



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im all for new servers and all but what about those people on crowded realms they need an incentive to relocate to the lower pop realms otherwise there will be new realms all at a low pop count


Sorry to be that guy, but still nothing for PvE servers… We only need the one.

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Your incentive is beeing able to play the game w/o 6h ques


None for spaniards … really blizzard. Say all WHY


So you are basically telling us there will be no fix for the long queue times. I am willing to change server but only if i can take my character i already spent 20 hours on with me. If thats possible im all ears


PVE server please!


i get that but of there friends are on the other server and wont relocate that they arnt going to move are they especialy if they have a few levels all ready


Thx but its too late for me. I ll not move there bcs i when i ding 10. lvl there, next day will be new realm propably FULL !


Nice Blizzard. I was curios if you were gonna do something about the situation.

Hey, this is not doing enough about the situation, every1 has friends atm who has spent Alot of time lvling and wont go make a new char. u need to make free server changes asap, me and my friends are now split between 4 diffrent servers because some guys are stuck on some server because of guilds and others swapping to be able to play. Free server transfers for all and across all servers, only solution atm. This seams like a scam to get ppl to pay for transfers.


We really dont. Mirage Raceway is barely getting up to a queue and Pyrewood is only a few k at peak. PvE servers are v healthy.


Yea, then give everyone a free realm transfer as well. Are you guys for real? It’s like you think this is some kind of joke. People have spent countless hours progressing on their character and you expect people who don’t want to sit in a queue for TEN++ hours EVERY day to just casually re-roll entirely.


We’re paying customers and you treat us like fools. I don’t expect otherwise from you guys, but this is unbelievable. The product we’re paying money MONTHLY for is literally unusable, in this case unplayable.


Open free character transfers so that guilds can move together. I don’t have a problem since I login early each morning but at least give people the choice.


Give us free transfer already please, we’re lvl 30+ and our friends was able to play 2 hours since the lunch… but we don’t want to lose all of our advance …


Those two statements kinda contradict each other, but anyway…

It’s not unusable if you create characters across multiple realms and hop between them, that’s what I’ve been doing when my preferred realm has been hitting 3-5k queues. Then in a week or two the queues will probably be more sensible, or Blizzard will open realm transfer, and you can sort everything out as you want it.


And still some of you complain… smh.

It’s funny how you lot apparently can’t play because of queues but somehow you’re too invested in your character to move, hmm lol.


No they don’t.

People including myself don’t want to spend extra time leveling different characters on different realms, that’s utterly moronic and a major waste of time.

This is Blizzard’s fault, probably Activision at that, pointing fingers and pulling ropes telling them they don’t want to spend money opening extra servers day one.

People who were smart enough to sit on character select for hours prior to the launch got in immediately and probably played for 12-24+ hours, like myself, and got a huge head-start on leveling and progress, but I have been sitting in queue for a total of 31 hours and counting ever since I logged off the first day.

There’s absolutely no way people are going to re-roll. Defending them by saying “it’s not unplayable if you just re-roll on another server lol” blows my mind.