What’s Changing (and Not!) in Season 2


5 months + 2 years of legion to realise :wink:


Random bg still drops 330, rated pvp capped at 385. That means we have to farm a lot of pve to be competetive in rated pvp. Awful game design, this only confirm that ion the current lead game designer does not fit his position.

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I only started playing in BfA but i had been following the info about the game throughout xpacs. As far as i remember it was way harder to get gear pieces. Even if items were specific, you had no guarantee you would ever see that item drop in your raids so how exactly does master looter help you then? Also token items weren’t top ilvl as far as i rember. So it is kinda confusing that people are asking for more gear and more ways to obtain it while at the same time other people are posting on thw forums that casuls are getting way too much gear for no effort.

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They had normal ilvl (in those times it was just N and HC) which was decent start if you were unlucky in the early progress weeks. They often had a trinket - which was always a nightmare slot to drop. Later, when Valor turned to upgrades, they were effort-based upgrades you could plan ahead instead of WF/TF RNG. They brought ilvl up controllably, without massive inflation.

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I agree Leon.
But I think it’s by design they do this.
My BiS weapon lets say drops from Mythic Mythrax. For most players, this will be unobtainable. Not only do I need a regular and decent team, I need the rng to be in my favour. Therefore, I look at alternatives. PVP weapon, high end M+. So off I go to do other content to try resolve the issue.
Same goes for pvp’ers and M+ farmers. Some gears in cross content are their BiS or close to it.
I personally believe that forcing people to engage in content they would rather not do, reduces the overall enjoyment of the experience. And while they spout the rhetoric of " we want you to have fun" that’s not at the expense of reducing your time logged in.
They have a lot of work trying to re-balance the content players wish to engage in and what they wish to avoid before 8.2.
Warmode I think was a fail, because for a lot of players it felt either forced or unfair at a particular time.
I can’t speak for pvp’ers Leon as I only casually enter into that now and again. Having checked the loot system incoming for my class and spec on the ptr and the recent notes, it seems very underwhelming again. It feels like quantity over quality.
I’m actually looking forward to 8.2, because if they make a lot of the “coming soon” promises reality, it may just become a fun and engaging experience again, rather than a rng grindfest.
If they don’t, well, we will see. Fingers crossed Leon.

TLDR: I hope they resolve the pvp rewards and add a vendor soon for those that do log in for that content and not other.


For those who missed Watcher’s most recent update:

In Season 2, emissary caches and similar rewards like Assault wrapper quests will award loot based on your spec (or loot spec, if chosen) instead of your class.

Standard world quests will continue to provide rewards based on class rather than spec, for two reasons:

  1. You can see the exact reward up-front, and choose whether or not to do the content if the reward doesn’t interest you. This also can offer a way to shore up weak off-spec slots without worrying that you might miss out on a major upgrade.
  2. If world quest rewards were spec-based, it might seem like the right behavior to cycle through your specs when evaluating potential rewards for every world quest, especially early in a tier, which seems like pretty annoying gameplay.

But neither of those reasons applies to something like emissaries or Assaults, where you don’t see what the reward will be until the end. And as you say, it can be frustrating if it’s for a spec you have no intention of playing, or it can simply feel like a bug. So we’re changing it.

The 370 wpn Emmisarry today
Weapon cache emissary reward wrong for my spec
Please stop this
Fury weapon reward ?
Cache Loot for Specialisations
Let's talk about random loot for "specializations"
Is it bugged, or just unlucky?
Loot, All or nothing!

Thanks for not caring about Alliance players again.

Horde got first the quest for Stormgarde and obtained heroic-Uldir equivalent 370 ilvl item early in Uldir.

Alliance was promised with Darkshore tables will turn and we’ll get first dibs this time.

But warfront opened early, with reduced rewards.

Now it seem the Darkshore will go up for Alliance less than 24-48 hours before season 2 starts, making it stuck with 1,5 month old, obsolete rewards (you can get 385 from emissary / invasion when season 2 starts).

So guess who gets the quest to obtain free 400 item (heroic BFD quality item) first? That’s right! Horde again!

If Blizzard cared the slightest about Alliance, they’d align the warfront switching over together with the season start, to compensate for the fact Horde got the advantage with Stormgarde and Uldir aligning together.

But I doubt they do.

400 ilvl item is a big deal in the fist 2 weeks of the raid when people have little gear lying around. It’s worthless 1,5 month down the line when everyone farmed hc BFD and m+10s.

But that’s how the life Alliance side always ends. Feeding on scraps.


7150 for a specific 415 piece seems way over the top.

Amount of pieces you’d have to scrap for that:

385: 205 pieces of Azerite gear
400: 63 pieces of Azerite gear
415: 20 pieces of Azerite gear

Considering the rate at which most players can possibly acquire these pieces I think it’s rather safe to say that the vast majority of Residuum will be obtained from your weekly chest, meaning it’ll take roughly 20-30 weeks to get the 3 specific pieces you are after.

Call me a cynic, but that sounds awfully close to the release of the next raid tier.


Is there a Season 2 Mythic+ realmfirst achievement?


Considering most seem to put 8.2 roughly 5 months away, 20-30 weeks would put us there and beyond.

Roughly 12 chests at M+10 to get 1 specific piece, 36 weeks for all 3 pieces (diminishing returns beyond 10+, so who knows how much higher chests will give)… for 1 spec. If you’re not raiding at mythic level, I don’t see us shaving much more than 6 weeks off that from scrapping various sub ilevel 400 azerite gear we have (for a great part RNG-based) access to.

I’d say the cost of the non-specific items is ok, but the cost of specific azerite gear tokens should be roughly double that, certainly no more than 5k residuum, so people that concentrate purely on M+ and don’t raid can get 3 specific pieces well before 8.2


Thank you! <3

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I wonder why we can not buy specific 400 ilvl azerite pieces :thinking: I definitely prefer good items with lower heart level needed than RNG item with traits that will take forever to open anyway.

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I here ya! I semi-quit already. I’m not renewing my sub in March! This is clearly targeted at the esportsy elite players!

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Why the hell would you want that?


nice changes! cant wait for s2 :D, its not looking bad at all! :smiley:


Why not let us atleast have 15residuum for daily heroic?

And like 5-20 For each M+? (Scaling from +1 to +10)

That would make it easier to Obtain, but not for free.

For those who need special traits in their Gear, But don´t have like The ability to play everyday :roll_eyes:


Pretty sure in a Q&A we were told that there was no point in saving our residuum because of the way the ilevel and accumulation of residuum multiplies at higher levels.
However, what wasn’t made clear is that if you bought a random 385 before the patch you would have 4 traits and if you bought the same random 385 after the patch you would have 5 traits, for the same amount of currency.
I am now in a situation where a 370 mythic dungeon drop is better than my 390 piece i bought with residuum.
Surely if a piece is bought with the same amount of currency, it should have the same number of traits?

(Mahmeya) #79

It was said that the fifth ring will come after the transition. This was obvious to happen.


I completely disagree that this was obvious to happen, I paid the same currency as others and got different gear, this should be retro-fixed.
All sources from blizzard say the residuum vendors sell 5 trait gear.
nowhere does it warn that the gear from residuum after the patch far outweighs the same gear bought prior to the patch.
In fact in the Q&A I mentioned in my previous post, we were told there were no down sides to using the residuum early.

A question asked at 43:00 gave them the perfect opportunity to make this known.

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Idk dudes. I was so hyped for that vendor to come sincenit was so frustrating siting low ilvl items with better traits and praying for rng. But holy god damn sh.it 30 weeks to get 3 items? Like seriously over the halfnof the year to get your 3 most obnoxious slots filled? U know that we wanna also use those items not just for flex and good feeling. 10± weeks for one item is just little to no upgrade from previous rng fiesta. After 30 weeks there will be for sure new patch… system is kinda wierd.

What if they change it after like 23- weeks? What about hotfixes? I buy one item for specific trait and bam…hotfix that ner that trat and im gonna have to use another…so lets go another 10 weeks ?.. dissapointed. sadly