WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

UPDATED 12 November 1:15 a.m. CET
Free Character Moves from Noggenfogger or Shazzrah are Horde-only.

Next week, we will take multiple steps to prepare for the release of the PvP Honor system and World Bosses at 8:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, 14 November. Here’s an outline of those steps.

Tuesday, 12 November– Updates to Free Character Moves

At 1:00 a.m. CET on Tuesday, we will update the Free Character Move service.

  • Free Character Moves from all realms to Mandokir (Spain) will be closed at this time.
  • Free Character Moves will no longer be available from the Russian realms Rhok’delar or Wyrmthalak.
  • Free Character Moves from Shazzrah will be disabled.
  • The following Free Character Moves will be available:
Amnennar Finkle
Ashbringer Bloodfang
Ashbringer Dragonfang
Ashbringer Earthshaker
Ashbringer Judgement
Dragon’s Call Heartstriker
Dreadmist Bloodfang
Dreadmist Dragonfang
Dreadmist Earthshaker
Dreadmist Judgement
Everlook Celebras
Firemaw Bloodfang
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Earthshaker
Firemaw Judgement
Flamegor Harbinger of Doom
Flamelash Bloodfang
Flamelash Dragonfang
Flamelash Earthshaker
Flamelash Judgement
Gandling Bloodfang
Gandling Dragonfang
Gandling Earthshaker
Gandling Judgement
Gehennas Bloodfang
Gehennas Dragonfang
Gehennas Earthshaker
Gehennas Judgement
Golemagg Bloodfang
Golemagg Dragonfang
Golemagg Earthshaker
Golemagg Judgement
Hydraxian Waterlords Celebras
Lakeshire Celebras
Lucifron Heartstriker
Mograine Bloodfang
Mograine Dragonfang
Mograine Earthshaker
Mograine Judgement
Noggenfogger Bloodfang Horde-only
Noggenfogger Dragonfang Horde-only
Noggenfogger Earthshaker Horde-only
Noggenfogger Judgement Horde-only
Patchwerk Heartstriker
Pyrewood Village Nethergarde Keep
Razorfen Celebras
Razorgore Bloodfang
Razorgore Dragonfang
Razorgore Earthshaker
Razorgore Judgement
Shazzrah Bloodfang Horde-only
Shazzrah Earthshaker Horde-only
Shazzrah Dragonfang Horde-only
Shazzrah Judgement Horde-only
Sulfuron Finkle
Venoxis Heartstriker
Zandalar Tribe Bloodfang
Zandalar Tribe Dragonfang
Zandalar Tribe Earthshaker
Zandalar Tribe Judgement

We strongly suggest that any players planning to use a Free Character Move do so as soon as possible. Free Character Moves may be disabled without warning at any time.

Tuesday, 12 November – All Realms to One Layer

With restarts at 3:00 a.m. CET on Tuesday, all WoW Classic realms will be set to a single-layer. We expect some realms listed above to experience long queues after this step. We especially encourage players on Firemaw , Flamegor , Gehennas , Golemagg , Lucifron , Mograine , Sulfuron , and Venoxis to use the Free Character Move service to avoid excessive queues.

Thursday, 14 November – PVP Honor System and World Bosses

At 8:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, the update will occur for all realms in this region. The PvP Honor system will come online, and it will become possible for Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn.

Thank you very much!


8pm CET for PvP and world bosses? That’s gonna be messy at the spawns.


it’s only a possible spawn window should be a low chance that they spawn first 2 days.
from the old data we have its 2-4 days respawns


Oh, I know, but as soon as people know it’s 8pm (during peak time), there’s gonna be absolute mayhem at the spawn locations regardless.

Perfect timing with the PvP honor system.


will the lag be fixed?


Congratulations on finally taking Stonespine off the transfer list.

Can we just have paid transfers already?


So your solution to a low population is to… kill off the server even more by enabling transfers FROM it?


LOL I can’t even argue with that logic anymore

They can fully ‘alter the agreement’ because there wasn’t a set date. “In the week of November 12th, we will be enabling the world bosses, Azuregos and Kazzak, but most importantly, the PvP Honor system.”
You got too eager and heard what you wanted to hear. They didn’t ‘change’ anything.


Gehennas doesn’t have a queue on a Friday but it’s still a full server with 10k people and layers, like Shazz/Firemaw e.t.c…

hYpE iS oVeR

Refrain from commenting please


Earthshaker already lags on wednesdays in stormwind/brm, the realm has a healthy pop. You closed the transfers to us a while back from all major realms, why is it back open?


No. That’s a retail thing.

I think you need to rethink your approach to gaming.

So much substance in your post, wow.

Yes, wanting servers which aren’t lagging everytime 3 raids meet and having just an ounce of faction balance are totally things which are MY FAULT based on the approach i have to gaming. sigh

And losing the trust in the company putting this crap out is also totally unfair and an overreaction.

Don’t even bother replying, i’d rather have a 5 hour conversation with my cat.

WTF blizzard why cant anyone ever transfer to Hydraxian waterlords? We need the people.

nope, never mate, this is original wow server, not private where only 10% of stuff in backlog was in comparison to all the stuff running on Blizzard servers - thats why you cant hack on Classic while you could on Privates.
Simply BGs are PVP, wpvp is about small groups on official servers. Devs will look into what they can do with spell used the most in raid wpvp to reduce the lag a bit, Omar said on Blizzcon.

But dont expect private server experience of raid pvp, engine doesnt allow it now.

We get it classic wow is an inferior product

Really great news, but I think we are going to need an additional PvE Realm to avoid excessive queues on the existing PvE Realms as the layers are removed.