WoW Classic Version 1.13.7 PTR is Now Available

It was delayed because of the batching. It was delayed specifically to the next batch because the damage was computed based on the results of the batch where it was first cast.

It was considered a bug, but Blizzard liked it and kept it.

Reducing the batch window lowers this delay from up to 400ms down to up to 10ms.

SW:D then needs a delay added into it to restore its functionality. They did this on retail.

But it’s not the only spell like this. There are hundreds of spells where you could mess with the batch window, and people used it.

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From 400 to 10? Why so extreme? Why so late??

I just don’t understand this company anymore…


2005 Blizzard is spinning in their grave.

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Can we have it at 100ms, similar to back then? Or at least 50ms? 10ms is far from enough to experience the occasional fun of both players dying at the same time.


I just wanted to join the team of people complaining without having any clue what the change will actually mean in reality!

This thread is the best evidence that (1) no matter what Blizzard does, some players will disagree, and (2) PvP players are to blame for almost everything wrong with this game


I very much support dropping it to 10ms.

I’d prefer if it was completely removed, but, I’ll take 10ms over the 400ms nonsense any day.


Yes, because people incorrectly think it’s due to batching. CL and ES hits at the same time, it can be 0ms, u can queue ES while casting CL. This changed only with patch 2.3 in TBC with a specific change to elemental mastery to stop this from happening. So we probably will have 2 arena seasons with it in TBC, but ele is meh for arenas in tbc anyways.

That statement applies to retail, too.


Yeah exactly and they should do it in classic TBC too. Many fun gameplay mechanics are discovered on accident because of bugs, but that doesn’t mean the game has to be unresponsive 15 years later.

There are no guarantees at all that even if they keep batching the way it is in classic that the version of the SWD will work the same way it worked back in the day.

It’s way better to change those skills that actually benefitted from the issues years ago than making everything else feel worse.

I mean you can add delay to gouge too so you can gouge the blinks lmao but I bet no rogue would like to see that one added if everything else gets to feel good.

The fact is that people only remember the good things that happened with issues like batching. “Yeah I owned that mage by gouging his blink” but in the next game they are mad af when the mage lands poly because the gouge got batched or w/e.

Batching is just bad for the game overall. Just change the skills that actually benefitted from it and game will be so much better.


While i think 400ms is way to high. I think 10ms is kinda low. Say a person playing in norway on the same realm as a player from italy. The server is located in sweden. You kinda need some batching to make the game “fair” and there will always be batching no matter what. Inputs are confirmed client side not inside your pc right?. Maybe 25ms is more reasonable? Guess we will have to see. Btw where are the ptr realms located? Will the data from there be valid? Or littered with europeans playing on a us ptr client? And vice versa.

A 400ms batching window would make pillars in arena unusable. This is a welcome change nonetheless.


As someone who will never step foot in a bg or arena on my holy priest I couldn’t care less that pvp is gutted a bit. PvE will become so much smoother without batching and I welcome this change.


Thanks Blizz!

shaman elemental mastery abuse still works
much love blizz <3

Sounds like an awesome change to be honest :smiley:

I’ve seen some comparison videos from the PTR and the difference is staggering. The fact we were robbed of this easily available, crisp, fluent experience from the start of Classic is downright criminal. PvP’ers who demanded batching for the sake of some nieche bullcrap with mutual charges, sheeps and rogue stuns ought to be deeply ashamed of themselves. Hurray 10ms batch window :partying_face:


Yes, there is. They have the original scripts, and it’s a simple damage application scripts. They absolutely have a straight conversion tool.

Interesting argument, but it fails to take into account that there were things back then that weren’t commonly known. What if I discovered a trick I used extensively that nobody else even realises was there? I saw a warrior that could smash mages while everybody else died to them. I don’t know how he did it exactly, but he could do things other warriors could not.

What if you accidentally remove that very thing? Is that good for tBC? Is it even tBC at all?

PvPers were, first of all, “robbed” of this

Ideal solution would’ve been making batching windows different in different zones - 10ms in cities, dungeons and raids, more (maybe 100-200 instead of 400) everywhere else.

I have no idea what’s going on in that video, could you please explain it?

Your suggestion would still leave an entire world full of mobs that rubber-band around you and hit you with 3 hits on contact like they have reckoning on.

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