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[A] RBG PvP Guild <Deadly Blade> Ravencrest [Looking for Players – PvP] (4)
(H) Benched (Stormscale) [Guild Recruitment] (5)
[A] LFG - Returning player [Guild Recruitment] (2)
Warlock looking for a friendly Mythic+ guild(Azjol-Nerub) [Guild Recruitment] (7)
[A] The Burning Hammer - Argent Dawn - looking for more members [Guild Recruitment] (1)
Recruiting for classic: Alliance PvE [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
[A] Past It - Argent Dawn. A New Guild, Come Enjoy A Cup of Tea & A Nice Sit Down [Looking for Players – PvE] (6)
412 Ilvl Prot Pala lf Guild (Twisting N./H) [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[A] RBG Team LFM -For The Alliance! [Looking for Players – PvP] (1)
Holy paladin with both os looking for a Mythic guild [Looking for Players – PvE] (2)
[H] Lást Rites [3/9M] Kazzak- Late night raiding guild [Guild Recruitment] (2)
[A] Ret Pally looking for new home [Guild Recruitment] (5)
New Player LF Guild [Guild Recruitment] (3)
[A] Past It - Argent Dawn - A New Guild For Mums, Dads and Grandparents [Guild Recruitment] (4)
[H] The Exiles 6/9M (2 day) [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[H] <The Eighth Sin> 7/8H newly formed guild looking for members (Ranged DPS we love you) [Guild Recruitment] (5)
Paws : New Horde Social Guild looking for members: Eonar/Blades Edge/Vek'nilash [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[A] <Prime> Defias Brotherhood - Blue Team [8/9M] LF DPS & Heal [Guild Recruitment] (13)
null route - Chilled-Hardcore PVE Guild / Rolling Horde on a PVP Server [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
[A] Silvermoon - <Something Simplistic> - Recruiting ALL CLASSES 7/9HC [Looking for Players – PvE] (8)
Looking for players to play with - Deathwing [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
[A] Affinity-Runetotem - 2 nights/week [5/9M][2/2HC] ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Guild Recruitment] (104)
[A] Affinity-Runetotem - 2 nights/week [5/9M][2/2HC] ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Looking for Players – PvE] (105)
Dansk guild på magtheridon ( Horde ) [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
Lucid<7/9M> Mature, relaxed raiding for people who still enjoy the game! [Looking for Players – PvE] (4)
[H] Unoriginal Latin Name - Kazzak 7/9M [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[H] <Nom Nom Nom> - Deathwing 6/9 M [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[H][Argent Dawn]<Salvation> 8/9M, 2/2H | 2d/week raiding guild [Guild Recruitment] (14)
[A] Fallen Dreamers Argent Dawn looking for DPS! [Guild Recruitment] (8)
[A] Fallen Dreamers Argent Dawn recruiting DPS! [Looking for Players – PvE] (8)