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[A] <AnV> Frostmane - LF DPS (Lock Prio & 1 healer) - Late Night Raiding - 3/8HC EP ( 2 3 ) [Guild Recruitment] (43)
EU Warlock 420 ILevel [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[H] Pipe Dream Needs You! - Your new home awaits [Guild Recruitment] (2)
[A] [EU] Silvermoon - <Taunt> Looking for friendly experienced raiders [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[EU][M] Holy priest iLvL431 curved [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[Classic, Alliance, PvP] Saga is looking for more players! [Guild Recruitment] (5)
[EU][H][Twisting Nether] - chill weekend guild is recruiting everyone [Guild Recruitment] (3)
[H] Zugstandard - Heroic Weekend Raiding (Twisting Nether) [Guild Recruitment] (2)
RDruid looking for m+ team [eng/ger] [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
Guild finder addons not working, how to even find a guild? [Guild Recruitment] (1)
422 Frost DK looking for late night raiding guild [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
Returning player LF Guild [Looking for Players – PvE] (3)
Group of friends looking for a new home [Looking for Players – PvE] (3)
[H] -Arc Star Out- Draenor, Building a new Raiding Guild for 8.2 [Looking for Players – PvE] (18)
(H) -Arc Star Out- New Draenor raiding guild for 8.2 [Guild Recruitment] (18)
Looking for a M+ Community [Alliance] [Communities Recruitment] (1)
422 BM Hunter LF M+ guild [Alliance] [Silvermoon] [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[EU][H][DRAENOR] - Vengeance DH LF Guild [Guild Recruitment] (1)
[wow-classic] [raiding/world pvp] <KANIUM> semi-hardcore weekend raiding ( 2 ) [Guild Recruitment] (23)
417 Protection Paladin looking to get back into raiding! [Looking for Players – PvE] (5)
[A] Ravencrest <REGIUS> looking for experienced raiders! [Guild Recruitment] (6)
[A] [Ravencrest] The Wolfpack 9/9M 7/8HC LF range [Looking for Players – PvE] (1)
This post has been marked for deleting [Guild Recruitment] (7)
[EU][A][Earthen Ring] Returning player looking for casual, mature guild [Guild Recruitment] (3)
[H] Casual|ty LFM for laidback gaming/raiding (28+; 4hr/week) ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) [Looking for Players – PvE] (157)
[H] Casual|ty LFM for laidback gaming/raiding (28+; 4hr/week) ( 2 3 ) [Guild Recruitment] (52)
[H][EU][Draenor] The Shadow Legion 9/9HC 1/9M Early Evening Raiding Guild [Guild Recruitment] (4)
[H] <Dark Storm> Draenor looking for more people to rebuild raidteam [Guild Recruitment] (1)
Friendly Hunter LF raiding guild :) [Guild Recruitment] (4)
**Recruiting for 8.2** [Guild Recruitment] (2)