[A] Mythics - Calm Keystones

Due to change of forums that happened in late 2018, I lost access to my previous “Bukachu” character, that I transfered to a different server, but it somehow remained on forums without me having ability to post/edit posts with it. therefor Ill be re-opening the thread to post updates :slight_smile:

ill quote the previous thread!

" Hello community.

I heed the call!
(please refer to https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624172669?page=1#post-13) )

therefor, from this moment on, the alliance too, shall have a community where people gather up, to do mythic and mythic plus dungeons.

Not gonna lie, I dont have problems finding groups and all of that, but I know a lot of people and a lot of friends who do, therefor, I do think, they deserve a chance to experience game at its higher ends, and this is a perfect chance for all the nublets to gather together and step into mythic dungeons!

Of course, we’ll have a lot of great mentor(s) to help us out become a lil bit better.

Im pretty bad at this but think you got a point!

and since its an alliance community, its name shall be Calmer Keystones, because we’re little calm lions :slight_smile:

Here’s an invite link to the community:


p.s we have cookies"

Also an update - we’re currently at 960 people. Ill do my best to keep open spots and remove low level accounts/super inactive people. :ok_hand::pensive:

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Pinned this one. :blush:


You brute, you removed my alt! I know it was only 90, but it’s been getting there slowly :joy:

So I joined with my main. If it is still my main. Probably. One of them is my main now.

But silliness aside, there probably is a ‘code of fair play’ here whereby it would be nice if people didn’t bring their entire alt-army to the community. If you’re taking up 10 slots and only playing 3, please consider releasing the others. (Until Blizz realise communities should/could be per player not per character.)

:joy: yeah sadly had to remove some people, not sure how to check who’s been offline for a looooong time once I do ill clear some more rooms :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guild list seems to order offline-players with the most recently online at the top. If it works the same for communities, you can start at the bottom and work up :slight_smile:

nope doesnt work in community :frowning: not for me at least.

Group is full. :frowning:

Freed some rooms :slight_smile: try again!

looks like community is full again :frowning:

yes it gets full everyday and I clear it everyday! if its full just give it a try in few hours or next day :slight_smile:
wish blizz wold increase amount of rooms.

Hey. How can i join the community?

  1. Copy the invite code. you can get it here - https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/0yDDDxs25L?region=EU&faction=Alliance
  2. Log in to World of Warcraft with the Alliance character that you want to join the Community with.
  3. Navigate to Guilds and Communities.
  4. Click on “Join Community”.
  5. Paste the above code from your clipboard into the blank field and click “Join”.

Thanks. Im in :slight_smile:

Any chance you can make some more space? Would love to join!

yup try again! :stuck_out_tongue:

That did the trick. Thank you :slight_smile:

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is it possible to open a spot? :smiley:

will do tomorrow (sunday) around mid-day, working all weekend so not home for few days.

sounds good :smiley: