[A]<Requiem> 8/8 Mythic TEP - Recruiting!

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Mythic Azshara now dead - only 2 days off Hall of Fame, sadface :frowning: however recruiting any skilled players to nail top 100 next tier, lets do this!

Gather round one and all, with some Cheetos and some Mountain Dew, and have a quick listen about our mythic guild!

We’re currently recruiting any strong players for one or two spots on the team, for progress into next tier and nail that top 100 spot!

So, who are we?

<Requiem> are a long running 3 night a week raiding guild, located on Doomhammer/Turalyon EU. We have raided regularly since the days of Firelands in cataclysm and cleared all end expansion content at a Heroic/Mythic level equivalent since.

What is your past progression as a mythic raiding guild?

Since you asked so nicely:

8/8 Mythic in the Eternal Palace (Cutting Edge, 2 days off of Hall of Fame)
9/9 Mythic in Battle for Dazar’Alor (Cutting Edge)
8/8 Mythic in Uldir (Cutting Edge)
11/11 Mythic in Antorus (Cutting Edge)
9/9 Mythic in Tomb of Sargeras
10/10 Mythic in The Nighthold (Cutting Edge)
3/3 Mythic in the Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge)
7/7 Mythic in The Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge)

What are your collective goals?
Our main goal is to achieve Cutting Edge every tier whilst being able to maintaining a real life outside of WoW. This is the collective goal that has driven the raid team since the start of Legion and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

We require our players to understand and implement their characters to their full potential, which includes deep knowledge about your class and role, as well as bringing the best consumables, enchants and gems available. And, above all, knowing when to get serious when needed.
We take the time to log our raids and review what we can be doing better each night, giving the team a strong backing by experienced players during progression fights.

Why join us you ask? What can we offer you above the other 20 guilds recruiting?

As mentioned above, we pride ourselves in keeping a light hearted, whilst mature, atmosphere during raids. We feel we can provide a real sense of community, and that you’ll feel relaxed, happy, but focused in when it comes to progressing on the next boss. In instances we need them, we provide flasks, runes and anything extra we may need to kill a boss, and will always provide a wealth of information regarding upcoming bosses and a forum to discuss ideas.

Above all, we invest in the player themselves, not the character they play.

We have an extremely active Discord server which we use as our ‘community hub’, and you can often find players playing other games or generally hanging out every evening.

When do you raid?

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Mondays from 20:30 'till 23:30 server time. Invites at 20.15. We also run alt raid nights for some downtime, and you’ll find us running Mythic+ every night of the week.

How do you deal with loot?

For any loot that can be traded, we have a loot council system in place using RC Loot Council. Loot will go where it will most benefit the raid, and if you don’t get it the first time it drops it won’t be long until you are fully geared anyway.

What do you expect from potential raiders?

There are a few things we expect, noted below. Head over to our website for a more in depth list!

• Show some interest to pursue and upgrade your character out of raid. Keep your Heart of Azeroth at a decent level (completing a +10 m+, each daily emissary quest and Island Expeditions cap should get you there!)
• Ability to click the ‘sign up’ button in advance (sometimes harder than a raid boss)
• Show up on time and prepared
• Learn each fight – Know the mechanics of the boss
• Be part of a team – This is a team effort after all! You may have to sit a fight, you may not get a piece of loot first time it drops, but this is part of the team effort.
• Prove your worth – Do well. Know the tactics, provide some feedback and you’ll get a starting spot for sure.
• Patience – Mythic raiding can be hard, understand once in a while we may have a night wiping. It won’t deter us. We’ll get around to smacking the end boss in the face, and we’ll have fun doing it when we do.

Interested? Head over to our website at below for more information:

requiemdh.enjin. com/recruitment

You can also whisper Kotah-Doomhammer or Jaboli-Doomhammer in game for more information.

Add kota#21541 for a chat or apply at requiemdh.enjin. com/recruitment . Cheers!

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I hear they are really good at M+ even having people in the MDI


Test. 1 2 3 4 5. Test.


Stormwall almost down!


Jaina almost down Kappa


What’s the requirements? :slight_smile:


Beating Kotah in DPS.


That’s like saying breathing is a requirement :smirk:


Boop :+1::facepunch:


would you guys be intressted in DH or a Rogue?

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Hey! Yes we would, add me on kota#2695 and we can have a chat :slight_smile:


Getting to the wall on Jaina M, still recruiting :slight_smile:

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If Kotah isnt Playing Shadow on Jaina i beat him in Dps. That the only requirement? :wink:

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I’m now tank so you best beat me!

Oh wait I’m prot. Good luck!


Still recruiting, best try on Jaina 20% soon to die!

Prot Warr Looking For Mythic Guild
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Za’Qul to die next raid, then we hit Mythc Azshara! Looking for any competent healers.


Up and awayyyyy


Just learn to blame Kotah and you’ll fit right in.

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Still working our way past the adds in p3 (58% best try), still recruiting!