Free Character Moves Close at 1:00 a.m. on 6 December

On 6 December at 1:00 a.m. CET, we will close the Free Character Move service for all realms in this region. We suggest that any player who has not yet taken a planned Free Character Move please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!


Why the 6th! NOOOO ! … :frowning:

Out server flamelash is fkd up atm. with 2/3 horde…
yet it is MY server… with my friends…
But still it’s unplayable as alliannce atm and I have hope BG’s will fix a lot.

But BG’s come out at the 10th! I want to decide AFTER that if I want to leave. Not before!
If it’s still a mess after the 10th and I cant transfer I’ll 100% quit this game.
Stop screwing up Blizz and come with an actual sollution to this mess


On top of that! Transferring 1 character isn’t fair at all! Really mad about the way things are handled atm. This psot makes even more ppl quit our server atm. and what’s worse… if BGS don’t fix anything we’re gonna be stuck here! Thanks a lot for ruining my game!


i spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where to start the WoW Classic Free Character Move service, where can i find it? please help.

Bottom left of the character select screen, under the Shop option. Note that you can move multiple characters too, you’re not just limited to moving one!

What does “in this region” mean?

All EU realms? All EN EU realms?

@Dugong: This, as far as I know.

Well, yes … presumably. But it would be really nice to have a more specific information than just “this region”. :slight_smile:
I am asking because there is no such notification in DE forums.

Abandon ship bro, come join the rest of the flamelash refugees at earthshaker, you won’t regret it.

The region is EU. Language is german/english/french etc.

When blizzard says Region they mean EU.

How do you guys expect entire guilds to organize and plan a move in less than 24h? This is just stupid.


You had almost 3 months. What took you so long? If anything they should have given no warning at all. Flamelash server is about to die as we speak as everyone is panicking to move off the server.


Well, we are on Firemaw-eu, and no guilds wants to move, it’s a process where you can end up losing members. Therefore we wanted to wait and see if things got better. With better I mean less queues, less chat lag, less ganking craziness. Especially the last part we hoped would get better after the 10th.

Same, here on Flamelash we are also trying to decide things, but 24 hours is a ridiculously short time to arrange things, so looks like we are staying put for now.

I assume this announcement is an indication that Blizzard has faith in BGs resolving the WPvP imbalance issue, otherwise closing transfers seems like a bad marketing choice. The marketing giant that they are, I will take this news with optimism, and happily wait for the 10th! I advise others who are worrying to do the same.

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Sounds like the problem is the deadline, and not how long notice you got then. If you didn’t manage to convince people over the past 3 months, what difference would a couple of days make?

Well gg. Flamelash is already dead. Good job Blizzard.

or Bloodfang

Ending transfer periods is not logical. I guess they are planning to open some new realms with bg release.

@Jop: Considering the fact that several realms are bleeding hard, it is more likely they want to stop the bleeds and the probability of any new realms is close to zero or less…