[h] mythics - calm keystones

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At what time I can find you online usually?

Usually most evenings EU time. Im working on getting other officers names on the list too so we have as much coverage as possible. =)

I am usually online from 7pm CEST until late night, usually afk around 8pm to go prepare dinner. If I will find you online I will gladly message you later.

I am interested in joining the community my tag is Nev#2101

=P woop woop

The idea sounds fantastic. Just what I was missing in the game. Will def join.
Should I message someone of the officers listed above? /w in game or? Returned after a long break so please forgive my slowness.
Thank you guys for organizing this.

Hey Tlaxtlan.

If you /w one of the officers above they’ll be able to sort an invite for you. I’ll be on a about 20:30 server time today so if you’re unable to do so before then you can just whisper me tonight =)

Hey Orkantfany!
Thanks for replying, I have just logged in and /w all three mentioned officers, currently offline, will try again later.

Anyone online at night until morning in this community? Pugging m+ and similar things have become so exhausting. Would be more fun with a group that isn’t so stressed.

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I’ve been a member pretty much from the start, and run our Discord server.

As of today you can message me (Dakhun-Thunderhorn) aswell for an ingame community invite.

Discord invites however are only giving out when you’re in the ingame community, so please don’t ask for it before joining the community. We don’t want outsiders in our Discord to keep it a tight-knit community.

I’m online usually from 15:00-late in the evening, unless IRL stuff comes up.


any room for a lonely rogue looking to get better at M+?

See above for invites =)

Been trying to whisper them but nobody is ever online when I am. Does your community have any night-morning active players?

Playing on EU-Blackhand I cannot send ingame mail to any of the guys you mentioned. What other way is there to join your community?

/w to one of the officers is the only way at the moment. We stopped the whole ‘leave your bnet’ as it got messy. May be prudent to try this evening when more are on (i’ll be on at about 9pm server time)

I tried adding the Character names to my friend list in order to see if one of the guys is online. But either I typed something wrong (copy - paste) or from EU-Blackhand I cannot contact them/you. :-/

Wouldnt it be easier to use an invite code? :thinking:

A long story short - no.

Bnets got messy.
A ‘non expiring’ code got messy as they do expire with game updates etc and seemed sporadic with validity

this is the way we prefer to do it.

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