Last wish - Nightborne customization

While I believe everyone is glad about their customization options, I would like to raise the Nightborne voices once again, the voice that has been ignored by Blizzard ever since the race has been introduced to us. Everyone can agree on the fact that the Nightborne is the hardest allied race to unlock, and yet the limited looking one.

What do I mean by that? Many players who have worked so hard to unlock the Nightborne allied race hoping to get looks like the NPC Nightborne have got disappointed.
However, the look is not the only thing that forces the players to race change, it is the fact that the race has very few customization options over all races of the Azeroth.

Below the link to the graph showing the looks, you can make with the provided customizations.

Meaning there are no differences between players who play a Nightborne.
I am sad seeing, a race which kept people entertained for over 2 patches in Legion, getting treated like this.

Moreover, I agree, I am not here to repeat the same words of saying FIX the race and not providing any suggestions.

I am here to do so, to provide suggestions. As the Shadowland’s main feature is adding more customization options for the player characters I would like these suggestions to be taken into consideration, as many Nightorne players will agree on these.

1. Please give the option of having NPC eyes.

I know it is hard to make one on the playable models, but the recently added human customizations prove it can be done.
Overall model itself is identical to NPC models, but however the eyes are one of the lacking things.
It can be fixed, I know it.

Below, fan made editing:

female one is done by Lunaera Male one is edited by an Amazing artist Silverleaf

2. More hairstyles.

Please re-visit NPC Nightbornes, a couple of hairstyles that have not been used.
An example attached below.

Unfortunately, this famous hairstyle of the Nightborne is missing.

3. Arcane/Fellborne options

One of the key features of the race Nightbonre is their connection to the Arcane magic… However, the only representation of the arcane on player models are the arcane tattoos.
Please reconsider adding arcane infused hands as well as the mana infused hair options.

The fell magic has not been used either. Let’s remember, only Nightborne warlocks are the Fellborne Nightbornes.
It would be a great addition for those who play Warlock class especially.

What is needed?

  • Skin option with the green shades.
  • Fell infused hands.
  • Fell tattoos. (Basically the same tattoos we have, but the green coloration)

It would be great if you could include them,as it is done to Mag’har and Highmountain Tauren, each skin/tattoo shows which tribe they belong to, but in case of the Nightborne there are no tribes, there are societies.
Nightborne. (Evolved through Nightwell)

The Fellborne, the Nightborne who sold their souls. (Just like Green Orcs)

4. Bare feet options.

Please rework or add hide feet/boots options of the Nightborne, the Nightborne does not wear shoes, even the player model NPC you have filled within the Nightborne Nighthold hub do not wear shoes as well, they do wear shoes but with the bare feet just like trolls do.

Note: Zandalari troll skeleton model is a modified version of the NIghelf skeleton, the Nightborne uses the Night Elf skeleton as well, if it was possible to make bare feet for the Zandalari I believe it is possible to do for the Nightborne as well.

5. More skin options.

The Nightborne no longer depend on the Nightwell, nor they live under the arcane shield which blocked them from getting sun and moonlight. Therefore, I believe the Nightborne are ready to get some variety of “natural-looking” skin options.

Perhaps skin tone as Azshara’s.

Credits to an amazing artist Kirill Stepanov.

6.Plate beard options.

If you will look, almost any Nightborne male has a plate chin or so-called “Egyptian beard”. Please separate the chin option from the Heritage armour and add more variety of the chin plates. Please reconsider adding golden versions as well.

playable and the NPC plate chin


I understand, my voice alone will not help me reach the Blizzard, sometimes I feel sad and jealous of the High Elf community and how they fight for their rights, Nightborne of Azeroth Unite and everyone else who is not cold-hearted towards this beautiful race please speak up and support this.

Our voices must be heard.

Glory to Shal’dorei!

Thank you.

This text is written by Lunaera, i am merely a TL3 monkey, but i fully endorse the plea <3


One day… one day we’ll get them…


I’d actually play the hell out of a Nightborne, but their customizations right now are so poorly done. They need more, and when I mean more, I mean practically an overhaul.

I just hope that Blizzard doesn’t judge the current population of Nightborne players, because the only reason most of us don’t play one currently is because they were implemented horrifically.


A few weeks ago I created a detailed thread about what additional customization I want to be added in 9.1 and beyond. So here is a short part about Nightborne. (It’s my personal wish). I fully support this!

:arrow_forward: Currently probably the most hated model in the community.
:arrow_forward: Skin tones. They only have 3… If Draenei can have 15 skin tones and all of them are different shades of Blue, Grey, Purple and Pink, I really don’t see why Nightborne can’t have the same thing. It’s possible and doable.
:arrow_forward: More face options - they only have 6.
:arrow_forward: An option to toggle narrow eyes on & off. Most people want original Suramar NPC narrow eyes, but I’m sure some people like the current ones.
:arrow_forward: Eye colors - can be different shades of Blue, Pink, White and Purple.
:arrow_forward: More hair styles.
:arrow_forward: More hair colors. I’d literally copy all the draenei hair colors because they could fit the Nightborne so well. Except the brown ones.
:arrow_forward: More earrings. Add necklaces and piercings. Including an option to change the jewelry color because many Suramar NPCs have golden and bronze jewelry, not just the silver. I can think of that unused heritage armor recolors that wouldn’t fit the silver color. See photo below


:arrow_forward: Male Nightborne don’t have beard styles so please add them (mustache, sideburns…).
:arrow_forward: Eyebrow styles.
:arrow_forward: Ear length
:arrow_forward: I’d say separate face & body tattoos and add more. - Here is the link if you’re interested in reading the whole thread.



While I dislike their new models right now, I believe the eyes need a complete rework, not just to squish it down like in the photo.

I believe it would make them just look sleepy, it needs a complete rework.

Hopefully, but it will literally mean that Blizzard will put themselves under a bus, for reworking the race that has been added since it will mean they did badly to say.

You have my full support here. :heart:


If Blizzard implemented them correctly from the beginning, with their NPC counterpart eyes etc, and augment customization/various hairstyles they would probably be the void elves of the Alliance in terms of popularity.


Thank you @Podruge

Thank you everyone who will support this thread.


If your portrait wasn’t slightly off center you would literally look like a Night Elf in your portrait. (You still look good by the way), but Nightbornes got shanked so hard, and I don’t even see why they did, when they have so much potential hairstyles and customizations.


Ofcourse I support this, I also noticed the Highmountain tauren dangling right there just above the Nightborne.

I do believe Blizzard will invest time and resources in adressing the matter though, I think in the nearby future even.


I find it amusing that despite the additions that Void Elves got, they still aren’t as high as some other Allied Races.

It’s probably because peopel have specifically asked for normal flesh tones that Void Elves got something when other races introduced in BfA haven’t. It was such a easy thing to add.

It seems highly likely all of the others will get attention in post-launch. To change things like eye shape is much more work than simple lifting existing skin tones that exist on the same model. However, remember Void Elves haven’t got anything else that would seem obvious such as ear size options and new hairstyles/colours.


Supporting this 100%. Nightborne the worst looking and made allied race there is needs heavy love and remaking. (also the heritage armor needs switching. its ugly and i dont wanna look like male egyptian pharaoh when im actually a female)


Please do not start HElf topic here.


I don’t think it’s been ignored, they after all fixed some issues after they have been released like: belt buckle clipping or male earrings not being available. They didn’t get much new customization(1 new earring option) not becasue they have been ignored but becasue they require more work. Adding new thigns to Nightborne isn’t as simple as taking skin color from other race and slapping it on(I tried with night elf skins, UV for faces doesn’t match). I hope they will get more in the future.

Actually it was hard back then because of how eyeglows were made. It was billboarded round 2d sprite pretending to be ball of light sitting in front of the eyes. You can’t make squinty eyes when there is an orb in front of them. But now it is no longer an issue, now glow is baked right into the eye so eyes themselves actually glow. This technicly allows them to make eyes in any shape. Now they can make new faces with squinty eyes.

If they will be adding more customizations for Nightborne new hairstyles are likely to happen.

This actually bothers me a lot becasue Hair textures for Nighborne actually have an texture for arcane swirl that could be put on top of the hair. They just never used it.

Actually it has nothing to do with the skeleton. Currently races that have shoes visible on feet have 2 feet models with special feet ID, one for bare with seperated toes and one for shoe. Races that have their feet visible have only one model for feet and it uses body ID and geosets with body ID are always visible. Now it is a problem of how to make it a toggleble option. But maybe they could add it across the board as a transmog option together with tunic/robe toggles.

This is also pretty much a given if they ever give more, skin colors will be there also.

This was one option I realy hoped for when they announced them as playable race and I was dissapointed to see it’s not there and you have to wear that robe to have it.

This could be solved by just adding jewelry color option.


Just adding my support for this thread. I’m not keen on elves generally but I really liked the nightborne in legion and the Suramar campaign quickly sold me on unlocking them as the first AR and to say I was disappointed with their implementation would be an understatement, such a horrific shame for the AR that arguably had the most hype, the best pre implementation development and the most concrete of backgrounds and they just totally botched their in game debut.

I still have my NB but I look forward to the day they become competitive plays with my gnomes when they get their well deserved rework. Blizzard cannot be ignorant of the situation and tbh I am hoping the lack of work on them so far is because they’re planning to completely redo their model, so tweaking their current one is a waste of time. I live in hope.

They should get a new model heavily leaning on the NPC, but with new animations and the works. The only thing that can remain is their voice acting. The rest should be redone with a new model, including their HA.


I think one of the more problematic side of the nightborne is that they’re basically torn between multiple representations.

And as such we get this mess of an uncomplete race and it’s pretty sad.

Ideally, we would have gotten the mana-addict form, the recovered form, an awful of customizations and most importantly, a feeling of uniqueness to the race itself.

I daresay nightborne are the race that sparked the Allied race idea, since they were received so well and Surmar was just… breath taking.

Imo, the race requires a complete overhaul, The NPC models are so good, but they’re not player ready.

The current playable models feels like an alien version of the nightelves.

And the huge lack of customization just adds insult to injury.


My support for Nightborne and all Allied Races, they’re all on the lower part.

But Nightborne specially need more attention, only customization would not fix them.


I’m not surprised to see Void Elves near the bottom because i know they’re lacking, but this is just to show the naysayers the Void Elves are not all that privileged in regards to customization as people say they are.

Damn… * sweating intensifies *


At risk of being “that guy” let’s not turn this into another platform for velf belf spatting as nightborne receive about less than a tenth of the attention already, and their threads regularly get piled on by nelf players enough as it is.

The takeaway from the picture is nightborne can make about 20k unique looks. Even if velf are lower, they can make just over a million looks with their options. Even LFD the blandbois can make 800k looks. This is completely unjustified disparity so let’s keep the focus on nightborne.

I didn’t mean this to come across as overly critical I just guess I’m overly cautious of every topic that mentions an elf becoming an eventual battleground between velf, belf and helf players and tbh it really doesn’t help when raising awareness for issues for any of them when that happens as legitimately phrased requests and issues become drowned out between posts of sniping.