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I am a returning wow player, whos doing rp for the first time. Since Shadow Lands seems so boring to me that I dont want to play it like I am use to playing this game, I decided to try and role play to add a bit of flavor to this game. I already made up my character story, I am using Total RP 3 and i wish to roleplay as a Blood elf holy priest/healer. Is there any Horde or Highborne guild that would have me?

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[PCU] Horde Elf RP - Highblood Myrmidons :dizzy: - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Check these guys then.


If you’d like to RP as a priest HBM as mentioned is certainly the pick I recommend!

If you are interested in being among fellow Light worshippers and fancy roleplaying a Blood Knight you can check us out! [PCU] Blood Knight RP - Blood Edict of Vandellor 🩸 - #30 by Kaylestrix-argent-dawn

If you are looking for a general Horde adventuring/merc guild I recommend checking [PCU] [H-Guild] Red Venturers: The Call to Redventure! 🌄


Thank you all for the recommendations.


I shall plug some worthy guilds to look at below!

Thalassian Skyguard - BELF Dragonhawk Rider military guild.

Blazing Phoenix - BELF Black ops military guild

Crimson Vanguard - Belf Blood Knight/Auxillery unit

Division Twenty Three - Blood Knight military guild

Squad Zero - Covert Ops Belf/Highborne


Of all those mentioned, I only really have experience with the Thalassian Skyguard, Crimson Vanguard and Blazing Phoenix, and in my opinion they’d all be great picks. But as you can see from this thread, belf players are spoiled for choice. Good luck!

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