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After a hours of reskilling I would like to free transfer my charr to the dead server Ashbringer (still better than playing solo vs 30k horde on Golemagg) But I cannot because of “some” invisible mail in my mailbox. Its 24 hours after last quest, I deleted all mails, also my ignore list is clear… Can you please purge my “invisible” mails.

Thank you…

Iam logged in… I dont have ANY ignored players I dont have any auctions, or quest dones… Some guy was spamming mine mailbox, I reported him for verbal communication and THEN his mail dissapeared, I think only this could be the issue, but Iam not able to solve this. Iam not going to create anything, or anywhere. Blizzard screwed up our server, now I want to use free transfer and again because of Blizzard I cannot use it… But anyway, thank you for your reply.

Pretty stupid tbh. He is a paying customer in EU, so why he has to go to the US forum? Especially when there is the ridiculous 10 lvl requirement to write on a forum.

He doesn’t need to, he can create a ticket to get help and wait in line (Choice 2). About your other remark it’s the same requirement like the EU forum, it’s not new.

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Reporting someone for spam hides all communication from said account for 24h. This also makes any already received mail temporarily invisible - it will re-appear once the time has passed, and can be deleted then.

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i want to clear my mail please so i can transfer and play, i am on Gehennas and it is 600 min queue

@Saltig See my linked post above.

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can you purge my mail as well so I can transfer?
Server: Gehennas
Char: Nicetale


@Sunzed See my linked post above as well.

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Could you purge my mail from my DK please?

EU- Gehennas - Ahnubis

Thanks pretty much !

@Creox Just like the others see above.

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Mailbox Purge Request
Server: Venoxis (EU) Classic
Character: Lynie

@Ailyna Check above for the guide.

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I really don´t get it. You could clear our mail, but you don´t…and you want us, who pay´s for this service, to lvl a character so we can post on US and someone else will do it for you? Is this a joke? Waiting time approximately 1 week? So all my chars are on the new realm, but my main is stuck? WoW Blizz, this is rock bottom…
Clear my mail man, please, ty!
Crymé - Venoxis (Eu) Alliance
But I know the reply will just tell me to look at the guide (which is useless and pretty cheeky for us customers)

Please purge my mailbox from the following Character:

Name: Oneangryorc
Server: Venoxis (EU)

Choice is entirely yours, many EU players have been helped through the fast track guide this way. Rest is covered in the FAQ on the questions you may have.

Edit: :slight_smile:

See my guided link above.

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i can’t transfer my character because i have mailbox but everything is empty, also auction house orders…waiti time for a ticket is 14 days , someone can purge my mails please? i dont know what to do.

Firemaw - Gnaru wow classic

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i refuse to do everything you mentioned , we are in 2022 not in 1990. this is ridicoulous for a subscription game based.