No, we don't want RDF! We really don't want that 🤯

That’s why they are giving you a tool to make grps with.

The tool that is uneffective and noone will use it…thanks, but no thanks.

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Probably these people cheering loudly.


What do you mean? it’s in use 24/7 and works very well. it’s basicly the same as in retail.

Dont judge the tool based on beta, on retail it will be a desolace, mark my words.

Why? TBC and CLassic was not as it was. Why would Wrath be different?

but you contradict yourself with that statement.

and I don’t judge it on the beta. I judge from how the tools work in Retail and Classic

I do not contradict myself, beta is completly different from the production, players are not how they used to be 15 years ago my friend. And its far from beeing mythic+ like retail lfg tools from what i could see on some videos from beta.

Ppl will most likely create a global channel and spam /lfg there. You are still glued to the UI interface clicking request invite and shet or will be spamming /lfg macro while running around Orgrimmar. It would be way better to just click one button, system assembles grp for u in the background and u can do ur stuff, farming, doing dailies, run around Ogrimmar or other crap.

I don’t understand arguments like that.

I have created and joined countless groups in classic and not once have that in any way prevented me from doing stuff. When I join a group I don’t need to do anything. When I am creating a group I just ctrl+v ever ~1min.

While playing I always keep an eye out on the chat for nice groups for dungeons and quests and I also use the LFG addon that show me groups from chat. If its to much spam you can get addons like spamthrottle and stopboostspam etc.

The fact that this is not automated GREATLY increases the value of being in a guild and being social with a large friends list.


I’m still not judging on the beta. and like the fact that you have to go to entrance instead of the teleport. the teleport might be more convenient , but it takes the world out of World of Warcraft I feel.

and, yes you contradict yourself by saying I shouldn’t judge the the tool even though you do it yourself by saying it will be useless and desolace.

Well aside from the arguments

Look at numbers, on MMO-Champion pool (aint it the biggest WoW community hub atm?) around 70% of ppl voting were for RDF, When u see majority of topics and replies on this and US forums are also in favour of RDF. So if we value democracy we should get RDF :), instead Blizz classic team is cattering clearly to the minority of andies.

And mr Flexboss, I am glad u are fast enough to /w the person that does LFM dps…80% of the time i get a reply “Sorry full”, that is my experience with classic. Most of the runs in dungs i did with the guilds i been in (not too many runs, since guldies are not at my command…sadly :slight_smile: ), rarely i can join the pug since I am not fast enough to whisper since I dont usually focus on chat. So its experience to experience, my experience would be vastly better with RDF…i dont care about teleport, teleport can be gone, i just want system to assemble my group, I can fly to dung myself (altough it will be boring after couple of tiems as it is now, waste of my time).

I also feel pity for myself and other plate DPSers…no chance on getting into groups since either stuff will be HR or only casters will be taken to grps. SO for me the only choice instead of playing and enjoy class i want i will be FORCED to play tank spec to get some gera for my main spec…isnt it STUPID?

Spectacular detective skills.


I could probably find more. It’s not exactly hard.

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If asmongold says that the grass is purple, everyone agrees in the chat.

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You mean, the world that is out for 14y already?

The people that are against rdf rather get boosted or buy boosts instead of seeing the world and do dungeons together from lvl 1 till 70. After wotlk hits, the 50% exp is gone. Many ppl wont lvl quests , been there and done that.

How about creating your own group?

Be social in a guild and have allies helping each other.

Have a larger friends list with nice people.

You totally ignore the one and only argument against RDF, the social dynamic in this mmorpg.

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I dont see anything social in “LFM XXX”, forming own group will waste me good hour to find a tank, nah thanks.

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Like everyone has at the giving moment time to do stuff together.

You dont have suddenly a guild group to have a lvling dungeon group between lvl 15 and 70.

Rdf has.

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Surely you must understand that the social part is when you don’t need to do that?

When you are social in this game and truly take part in the social dynamic you just ask in your guild or whisper that nice person on your friends list and go to the dungeon.

Here watch this:

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As I said I cannot command my guildies to do a dung with me whenever I have time to do it,nor i can force my friends list. This argument is so stupid.

I been playing Classic since 2019, from the start, as I mentioned most of the time i did dungs and raids with the guild, because fidning a pug to do dung was a nightmare (either as LFG or LFM tank). This 3 years CURED ME EFFECTIVELY from NOT WANTING RDF. But Guild and my friends list are NOT AT MY COMMAND so they are bowed to me to log and join group an exact time i want to do a dung. Get fkin real.

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Have you tried to be nice?

Also, it’s not supposed to be easy. Well, more so in Wotlk, but you are supposed to struggle a little. That adds flavor to an mmorpg. The fact that you can’t run dungens on a whim adds value to running dungeons.