Punished [Dentarg/Tarrem Mill][A/H] is looking more for s4!

Punished is a small guild based on Dentarg (connected to Tarren Mill) which is looking more members for TWW and beyond. We will remain a community in TWW along side being open as a cross realm guild who accepts all members.

Our main aim is AotC and if the roster allows some mythic progression down the line, but being casual at nature the mythic bit might be harder to achieve, but maybe this season, who knows.

Awakened Vault
normal - 8/8
heroic - 8/8
myhthic - 2/8

Awakened Aberrus
normal - 9/9
heroic - 9/9
mythic - 2/9

Awakened Amirdrassil
normal - 9/9
heroic - 9/9
mythic - 1/9

Achieved Curved in all previous tiers this season!

We cannot offer much to you if you decide to join us, but maybe something what we offer is something which catches your interest.

  • We do not track attendance - raid when you are available, however for tanks and healers as often as possible is a high preference
  • We do not have any complex loot systems, your basic need > greed is more then enough with some common sense in between
  • We do not require you to join our guild to be eligible to join our raids, we have a community which allows you to sign up for our events, allowing you to remain with your friends on the realm you are or in a fully social guild with fun events

Our raiding times are Wednesday and Thursday from 21 to 00 server time.
Taking a break from raiding until new season, to recharge patteries, play remix or just goof around!

We’re casual, chill, fun and occasionally bit progression oriented on harder content. We do not sadly offer much fun activities though, since our main focus is m+ and raiding.

At the moment we are looking for
tanks: spot for OS tank
healers: High need for a druid or priest, rest healing classes also considered
ranged: druid (high need), mage (high need), warlock (high need), priest, evoker
melee: DH, WW, paladin
Every DPS is considered regardless the listing, just have tad bit many hunters :D.

If you didn’t find your class listed poke us regardless, this above is just a wish list and we usually manage with the specs/classes we have somehow.
If you can play OS (even if it is a decent alt) even better, since we are flexible with raid when you can an at times we could lack a specific role or have way too much. Most of the present raiders can play some other spec if truly needed.

If you feel that Punished could be a new place to settle in then add me on discord (am highly elusive in game :wink: ): mari.s
And when new content arrives (aka remastered affixed old raids :D) then we more then welcome you to join us on a raid or two to see what we are about before making up your mind are we the right place for you or not (no strings attached).

Hey! Can I give it a try today? I have both druid and priest but their ilvl isn’t high because I’m kinda bored of wow but I need a group to play TWW! :slight_smile:

Send me a btag inv or discord and we’ll talk! silver#14831 or thiagolovato (discord)

We will raid heroic again on Wednesday so it is the best time as ever to join us and see are we a match for you or not without any strings attached.

We are still looking for more healers and DPS. If you can play any OS or an alt if needed, than that would be a great bonus - but not a requirement.

You can either join the guild (we are welcoming crossrealm members as well when that function opens) or just be part of the community to get heads up when we do things.