Warglaives of Azzinoth still restricted to DH

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Many legendary weapons are now transmogrifiable.

Developers note: The Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped from Illidan in Black Temple are the one exception, as a custom method for Demon Hunters in particular to obtain this transmog appearance already exists through Black Temple Timewalking, and we do not want to diminish the value of that unique reward.

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WTF?! I get them for my monk years ago!


Demon Hunters were a mistake…


What a load of garbage. People had these warglaives YEARS before DHs were even conceived, and yet they can’t mog them because it’d “diminish the value?”

Give DHs the HD version of the glaive if they need to be such big special snowflakes. You already gave them the HD Illidari Tabard unique to them. But make the original warglaives transmoggable for everyone!


I call for BS. designed for DHs and have value ? value was, when i got them at L70 on my warrior.

BS! What a load of …

Maybe we should keep shadowmorne DK only too, just because it is a ‘mourne’ and Thunderfurty should be rogue only weapon and do not allow warriors transmog into the caster legendary because ‘duh’ it was caster thing !

BLizzard, really - out of all restrictions this is one of the dumbest. You do realise I can still do timewalking, or afk in boralus as dk and wield those glaives that every 2nd DH has transmogged. Special my … bleep-bleep end.

Cut it with the ‘unique snowflake’ treatment. There’s nothing ‘special’ on doing Black temple at l100 or whatever those Dhs start from.


I want special legendary Claw of Xuen, Armor of OX, Helmet of Red Crane and Staff of Serpent.


Hardly worse than Death Knights, they should be put down in their graves again.

Demon Hunters didn’t even exist (as playable characters) when this raid was around. I think this is a poor decision.


Shadowmourne only for DK’s, Thunderfury only for Warriors.


Also I did have the full set on dk in wotlk already (I soloed in wotlk, and had to use special tactics to get past one of the bosses) and I have done the timewalking (so yes, I have the set from old days, and I have the DH edit) and I still call it a poor choise.

There’s NOTHING special on those glaives to go so ‘snowflake’ alike. There are mage tower glaives that are ‘special’.

I do ponder who of the developers thought DHs needs special treatment here and why others are FFA.


IIIlidan have always used warglaives, rogues only for a moment if they was good enough to clear black temple

As far as I’m concerned all these classes should be able to wield them.

Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight, Monk, Demon Hunter


Definitely. There’s nothing more special on DHs compared to others.

And the explanation also only says - because it had the TW achieve tied to it. Geeesh, what about those who played TBC ? who did it when Dhs weren’t even a thing.

Almost as good twist of things this news as whole BfA plot.


Monks and DK is out of the question since had nothing to do with glaives. Warriors are the same as rogues.

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They are all able to wield them. That is why, long before DH came along.


I wouldn’t even say that the glaives are good-looking. I unlocked them the last time and they weren’t worth it, tbh. Even the standard pvp warglaives look SO much better and unique compared to the mage tower set because they actually suit the first Nelf DH set you get through the opening campaign.

And warriors should be wielding caster staff and a ‘mourne’… and according their explanation they dont ban others because of ‘DHs’, but because Timewalking achievent being special.

Why should monks wield TF ? And besides glaive type weapons have been elven thing very long time.

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I am able to wield a banana in fights but that doesn’t mean I should wear them

It was made for dk/paladin/warrior.
Glaives made for rogue and warrior your point is moot.

Night elves and blood elves both have had glaive type of weapons ever since dawn of things, say again?