[H] <Not Dead Yet> friendly casual/raid guild recruiting (2)
[A] <Crimson> 8/8 Casual Heroic Raiding Guild - Looking For More in Dazar'alor (1)
[H]<Helysium> raiding guild (2 raid days) LF DPS (4)
[A][Magtheridon] Resto Shaman LF Raiding guild (1)
[A] Transmog contest! (2)
[H] Pulled Agro looking for new blood! (3)
[H] <Mutiny> Be our next MUTINEER! (3)
Can't make dmg on arms warrior (1)
[H] <Scrumpy> 8/8M- Looking for DPS! (1)
[A] Healer and mage looking for a guild (7)
[A] <The Brotherhood of Might> is looking for casual raiders (1)
[A] LF decent medium or large raiding guild doing HC/M+ content (1)
The Demons Within (1)
[H] Warlock LF Guild (2)
25.98 euros gift card (2)
25.98 euros gift card (2)
<H> Critz & Giggles LF raiders to fill roster for Battle of Dazar'alor (8/8 HC) (5)
The NL Fellowship recruteert! (2)
[H] Premonition is looking for Raiders HC/Mythic (2)
(H) Realm - Magtheridon 8/8 HC Curved (2)
Elitism-Magtheridon 2/8M LFM (2)
[A] <We Die Laughing> Relaxed 25yrs+ Guild Recruiting (3)
[H] Conexus - New Start (2)
[H] <GEMS> social raiding guild (2 days a week) willing to embrace new members (5)
[A] <Kansas City Shuffle>, 2/8M, is looking for a few more! (2)
[A] <The Brotherhood of Might> is looking for casual raiders or coop with other guild (2)
[A] Malicious Are Recruiting 3/8 M (2)
-H- LFG 378ilvl Warlock (2)
[H] <Not Dead Yet> are recruiting! (2)
[A] M+ Boosting Service (2)