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I am so happy that the community is still going strong - love to all! I no longer run this community please contact Zippadee-Vek'nilash

[A] Mythics - Calm Keystones ( 2 ) (26)

Due to change of forums that happened in late 2018, I lost access to my previous “Bukachu” character, that I transfered to a different server, but it somehow remained on forums without me having ability to post/edit post…

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NOTE TO EVERYONE! MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR INVITE LINK TO NEVER EXPIRE! (Also note, if you try to join a community & find that it no longer exists/functions properly, please let me know so I can update the post & save some…

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Welcome to the Communities Recruitment section. Here you can advertise your Community, or search for like-minded Communities to join. Please take some time to read through the following pages before posting: World of W…

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Players are encouraged to form groups around their interests, both in- and out-of-game. While we recognize that those interests are largely varied across our community, all posts in this forum and Communities themselves …

[A] Feral Power - WM WPvP Community (1)
[A] WM WPvP Community - Alliance Defence Force (1)
[H][EU - Draenor] <Timed Crisis> M+ Pushing and 1 Day Raiding Community (3)
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Venom Spite (A) (1)
Looking for A guild in Kazzak horde EU (1)
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The Last of Us/Fight Kill Salute achievement group (1)
[A] Cult of the Old Gods [RP / Social] (1)
[A] - Mythic Plus (2)
[A] 1.7k Resto Druid looking for a M+ team/community (1)
[A] Crossrealm Mythic BoD (3)
[A] Blood/ Prot warrior LF M+ team/ community (1)
PvP community HORDE (1)
[A][PVP] NOR/SWE Relaxed attitude Classic guild looking for adult members (1)
(Alliance) Scared of Dungeons EU EN ( 2 3 ) (40)
[A][Argent Dawn-EU] Freelancers - a new Argent Dawn raiding community (1)
Deleted old post of mine (1)
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