Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

Since the launch of WoW Classic, we’ve taken action daily against accounts that were botting, hacking, and selling in-game services for real money. This continual effort has resulted in the average daily number of accounts actioned consistently increasing in the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan. In May of this year, we witnessed a surge in the number of botters, and our intensification of efforts to eliminate them brought our average of actioned accounts upwards into the thousands per day.

Since our last post about this issue on June 17, we’ve continued to remove exploiters at a high pace, typically 2,000-3,000 per day, with over 4,000 accounts actioned on some days. This daily effort has resulted in actions taken against over 40,000 accounts since June 17 in the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan.

We’re dedicated to driving the the exploiters away wherever we can, as we continue to make our response to this one of our highest priorities. This is a long-term effort that becomes continuously more difficult, as exploits and those who use them are driven by real money profit motives. We take action constantly, 24/7, to enforce the Blizzard End-User License Agreement. Any account that violates or assists others in violating license limitations on hacking, cheating, and other unauthorized use of the game is subject to suspension and removal.

As always, we greatly appreciate your reports. Player reports have been and will remain highly valuable to us, as we must evolve our detection and response methods to stay ahead of the organizations who would otherwise degrade the game for legitimate players.

Thank you very much.


incoming posts about iNsTaNcE LiMiT


Thanks for the corporate talk. Nothing concrete.

“Break the TOS we ban you, players will have to report by themselves”.


Too late too little already quit the game.


why on earth are u proud of this? ur banning people left right and centre who havent done anything wrong AS WELL without the infastructure to check the ones who are being wrongfully banned


What an accomplishment. You must be so proud. Just did who strat.
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Instance cap removed when?


And what about the legimate players you banned.?


They might not be botting, and I don’t think the systems look into dungeons.

I do wish however they would put when they checked to see a person botting on their email. So many people are saying “I was doing BGs and got banned” assuming it was doing something in the BGs got them banned when it probably wasn’t. Edit: In particular those with long bans.

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Pressing [X] for doubt but nice try Blizz, i feel much better

I don’t know - players moan about bots…Blizz try and do something about bots…players moan about Blizz.

If you think you can do a better job, apply for a job at blizzard.


[quote=“Areia-earthshaker, post:7, topic:162518, full:true”]
Instance cap removed when?
[/quote]Instance cap removed when?

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Nice, keep it up blizzard. :grinning:


Ok bot degrading the game , but Dev do it too , and they do it well ! Without giving any update about what matter !
So far what preventing me to enjoy the game is the fact that my MAIN is stuck on a dead server far away from my other character that are on Ashbringer . And that is nothing to do about Bot but about the management .

I see you like our report , And we would like some update too. (it should go in both way !) So give us update about Server lock !

Unlock servers & open transfer for people with existing characters on that server.
Preferrably reduce the amount of layers

But atleast give us an update!

Isn’t posting about bans against the rules?

First ppl complaining about blizzard not banning bots, now they’re saying that blizzard shouldn’t be proud of this and botting is not a problem and they’re doing that wrong…

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Remove the 30 a day instance limit

You are degrading legitimate players experience with this bullcorn change! Remove it!


Thank you for doing this and reporting this, it is really important for the community to know that you are working on the integrity of the game.


GJ Blizzard

I can’t understand why so much people complain when few weeks ago a lot of them were probably asking communication/actions against the bots.

Now that Blizzard give us some news, they complain more… ridiculous


“actions taken against over 40,000 accounts since June 17 in the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan.”
/who strat