[H]Rekindled... people, not pixels. Recruiting for Social/M+/Raiding

Rekindled is a small gaming community. Our guild is a mixed group of new and veteran WoW players who have spent our time together building a friendly, open and enjoyable environment.

Guild name: Rekindled
Faction: Horde
Cluster: Scarshield Legion / Ravenholdt / The Venture Co / Sporeggar / Defias Brotherhood / Darkmoon Faire / Earthen Ring
Primary Language: English
Focus: Social, Progress, Flexible, No Pressure, Fun
Activities: Raids, M+, Transmog (the true endgame), Other Games
Raid progress: SoD 5/10N (AOTC achieved in CN)
Raid days: Thursday, Sunday
Raid times: 20:30-23:00 (server time) / 19:30-22:00 (GMT)
Recruiting: Social Members and Raiders

Who we are

  • Our doors are open to like-minded players who enjoy gaming while having a laugh and making friends in the process.

  • We’re an adult guild, many of us have families and other commitments (as much as we’d like to be playing WoW all day) so we’re looking for other adults to join us.

  • Our community has become fast friends. For us the person comes first, the character second, or as we like to say the person comes before the pixel.

  • We enjoy helping each other, organise social events and competitions, and most of all enjoy each other’s company, there’s always someone chatting away in guild or discord.

  • There’s a lot of veteran players in our guild, people who have returned to the game, found us and made themselves a new home.

  • We are VERY accommodating for new players, if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere, please give us a try.

Raid Info
After decent progress so far in Castle Nathria, we are looking to expand on our raiding prospects running up to 9.1 and beyond.

As we increase our focus on progress, we’d love to hear from interested people that would like to be part of this journey, so we can achieve Ahead of the Curve, and if time allows, venture even further (We’re coming for you Mythic!).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran raider, or have never done any organised PvE before, if you think our guild sounds like your next home, we would be happy to have you in our raiding roster. All we ask is that you try to be the best player and raider you can.

Get in touch
Please reach out to one of our officers directly:
(BNet) Mistree#2555 / (Discord) Mistree#2749 [Guild Master]
(BNet) Lonsar#2963 / (Discord) Rich#0670 [Raid Leader]
(BNet) Tackomeil#2858 / (Discord) Tackomeil#3007 [speaks German]

Bonus link :slight_smile:

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Update to the above, a good reset sees us now 6/10HC.
Always on the lookout for new players to come
and join us! Please drop by the discord in the above thread for a chat!

We’ve had a change of raid days (from Weds & Sun to Thurs & Sun).

We also got Council of Blood down putting us at 7/10hc!

Who’s da guild! :mechanical_arm:

Joined Rekindled a few weeks ago, immediatly felt like coming home :-).
Great bunch of people, always willing to help eath other out.

5min after joining guild, was dragged into heroic progress raid. Best introduction ever :sweat_smile:

Joined up a few weeks ago, really are a great bunch of people, everyone are friendly and helpful. I’m having a great time raiding, running m+ and just having fun in general, 5/5 stars :smiley:

Rekindled is still recruiting, especially for social members and those looking forward to 9.1.

PS. We also got SGL down - probably about a month ago and I forgot to update the OP…

Yeah, we’ve got AOTC now, looking to ramp up and get ready for 9.1.
Time for me to dive into arena again …

Check us out!

We got 5/10 in our first night of SoD!

Whoop! :raised_hands:

We are continuing recruitment of socials, raiders, and everything in between :hugs: