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The Holy Order of Lordain


Recruitment Status: OPEN

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In the earliest days of mankind's long rise to power, there was an Empire. From the grey cliffs of Strom, King Thoradin had set forth to unite his kin, and to the chiefs of each tribe across the lands bequeathed to them by Tyr he gave two options: serve willingly or be destroyed. Thus the Arathi Empire grew, reaching the cursed and sacred lands of Tirisfal in the north. There, the emperor-king encountered a tribe that revered Tyr and the self-sacrifice which had bought humanity it's freedom and safety.
Noble and knightly as he was, Lordain, chief of that tribe, came to serve the King as his general, alongside the progenitor of the future line of Arathi kings, Ignaeus Trollbane. Together they campaigned against the Amani tribes to the east and lifted the trolls' siege on the elven kingdom of Quel'thalas, and it was when the forces of Jintha turned upon the armies of Arathor that General Lordain gave himself to martyrdom. To buy his king's newly-trained magi the time they needed to obliterate Jintha's horde, Lordain and five-hundred of his knights sacrificed themselves to hold the forest trolls at bay.
In doing so, the Arathi Empire was able to wreak such terrible magics upon the trolls that they never recovered, and so men and elves alike knew peace for centuries to come. In his honour, the lands of Tirisfal, and the great kingdom that would rise there in the years to come, was named Lordaeron, and the sacrifice of Lordain and his five-hundred few became a heroic tale that many could only dream to emulate.
Nearly three millenia after Lordain's noble sacrifice, the demonic armies of the Burning Legion descended upon Azeroth. In the face of oblivion, four men of the League of Arathor gathered in the Sanctum of Stromgarde and swore to live - and die - by the legacy of Lordain, and by the legacy of Tyr before him. Thus the Holy Order of Lordain was formed.
Across all the nations of Azeroth has the Holy Order waged war against the enemies of mankind and the enemies of the Light. At times they have been little more the curious adventurers, delving into the eldritch depths of half-buried desert cities and the icy cliffs at the roof of the world. At others, their gleaming and blessed banner has stood at the vanguard of the Alliance's armies, ashen in the shadow of Teldrassil and paving the way into the heart of Tirisfal itself.
The Holy Order of Lordain stands as a beacon of faith and order in the wartorn world. Tenuously abiding to the armistice, they stand at the fringe of the Alliance's vast territories, anathema to all that would dare to disturb the unity of mankind within, and anathema to all that would dare to raise their banners against it without...

Faith and War

The Holy Order of Lordain is a pro-Alliance, anti-Horde guild that has existed since the beginning of Legion, participating and leading in many of the server's largest campaigns since then. The guild is based around the idea of holy crusaders and questing knights, putting emphasis on chivalry and lawfulness combined with absolute faith in the Holy Light and self-sacrifice for the greater good. It draws inspiration from many sources, historical or otherwise, but places the canon and current lore of the Warcraft setting first and foremost. Although there are two distinct strata within the guild, there is an emphasis on equality among all knights (in Arthurian style).

The Order has always stood out against many other holy sects in it's interpretation of the Holy Light's teachings, rejecting neutrality as a failure to protect the innocent. Whilst the Order abides to the current armistice, they do not hesitate to respond to Horde provocation, quietly awaiting the war to end all wars and ensuring that the Alliance lives to see it.

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The Holy Order of Lordain dates back to late 2016, around the time of Legion's release. Since then, the guild has embarked upon many campaigns both against the Horde and against the common threats to Azeroth; to this date, the Order has seen sixteen major battles against other guilds alone, with many more skirmishes in between.

Over time, the guild's members have documented the adventures of the guild in great detail and contributed to the ever-expanding collection of stories, poems and holy scriptures that have been integral to it over the years. More is due to come, but for now you can find some examples linked to our Argent Archives profile, with even more available to members after they join!
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The guild enjoys a variety of events, both RPPVP-based and DM-based, the latter of which takes up the majority of the guild's time. The majority of our events are done utilising the DiceMaster addon, using a roll system based off of DnD 5e. For people that have not used a DnD-style roll system before, the officer team is happy to guide people through it. 100% of members in the guild like and enjoy the system, so based on this stellar internal review we think it's worth a shot.

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Character progression is an integral part of the Holy Order of Lordain, which the guild's events, campaigns and structure promotes. All members of the Order progress towards joining the 'sworn brotherhood', the righteous and fearless crusaders that have earned the respect and the trust of their fellow men.

Experienced and inexperienced alike, all aspiring members of the order are put through their paces. During their time in the Order, its members embark upon gruelling pilgrimages, single-handedly bring down dangerous and blasphemous foes, and demonstrate their unwavering committment to the Holy Light above all else. Members can expect 1-on-1 events as part of this progress on their path to becoming a Crusader of the Holy Order.

For some, service to the Holy Order is a path to knighthood. Many of the Order's members have received their titles for their service to the Light and have given themselves to its service by oath.

For more information on the guild's history and it's theme, visit our website, esarus.net. A link is at the top of this post.

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Our current recruitment criteria is as follows:

Prioritised Considered
Races Human, Dwarf (Bronzebeard) High Elf
Classes Paladin, Warrior, Priest Hunter
Levels 50+ -

Whilst previous iterations of the guild have been fairly stringent in terms of who is recruited, the current iteration aims to be much more open. As ever, we are happy to accept roleplayers both new and old in the interest of providing a reliable, well-storied place for holy, north-based roleplay.

The Order accepts all manner of characters into its fold. Some of the characters we have recruited previously range from old Silver Hand knights and veterans from Honor Hold, to deserters and penitent members of the Scarlet Crusade seeking atonement for their sins. Characters in the Order are expected to be strong-willed and brave, more than anything else, even if they are not the ideal Knight of the Order when the first join. This is certainly the place for your character to learn what it means to be a faithful knight!

The Order does not have a strict uniform but has a colour scheme and 'vibe'. The primary colour of the Order is gold, followed by black or white. We recommend more down-to-earth armour sets, rather than the flashier sets that can be found in-game. For examples, check out some of our members' armoury pages.

Recruitment officers: Ortellus, Nathanael. Contact any member of the guild to get their attention if they're not around.

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A very solid guild and fine folk to RP with, portraying Holy Light and Knight RP quite well. Can wholeheartedly recommend!


What do you mean I still can’t join as a DK…

Good to see you back on track !


10/10 would let them steal more armour again


Dudes really gonna be wearing the armour of their foes FNV centurion style


Looking forward to RPing with the bois again. :pray:


Give me cause, PROFLIGATE.


These treaty-breakers will surely face justice.


Looking forward to seeing Manlet Falheim put on blast at Westbrook Garrison today.

Tune in, especially if interested in seeing what the future holds for the Order!


The Court Martial of the Holy Order

"Show us the coin the Sin'dorei paid you!"

"You're a disgrace! This is a mockery!"

"You've blackened your soul this day."

But the die was cast, and the protestations of the accused and the audience alike fell upon deaf ears. The provost marshal, Calistan Enright, delivered his verdict through the flurry of insults and curses, and though he stood with only the three provosts that he had personally appointed to oversee the court martial he felt empowered - strong than ever. As though a legion stood behind him.

* * *

The Marshal Falheim shall be reassigned to a post where the actions of his knights will not threaten the King's hard-won peace...

He shall not leave his post unless permitted by High Command...

He shall not enter the city of Stormwind bearing arms unless permitted by High Command...

The privilege of choice shall be afforded to his knights, who may choose to serve the Alliance alongside him, subject to the same restrictions...

* * *

True, the knights that had been summoned to Westbrook Garrison that evening had served the Alliance's interests, protected its lands, defended its people and defied its enemies. The actions for which they had been tried for were justifiable, if one wanted to justify them.

He had no such interest in justifying them, though, and he slept well knowing that his part to play was was carried out. He slept well, even if the supporters of that order saw the farcical nature in it all. He slept well, most of all, knowing that he had empowered his benefactors by it, that he would be rewarded for his efforts when the stubborn, fervent knights had met their untimely end.

Their new home in the ashen wastes of Outland would make sure of that...

After three hours in an obviously rigged court hearing, the verdict was passed upon the leadership of the Holy Order of Lordain: in the interests of ‘preserving the armistice’, the Order has been sent far, far away from the Horde. The wastelands of Shadowmoon Valley, fel-blasted and foreboding, and a convenient peril, awaits them there…

But they are not the only ones to be consigned to this deathly hell-hole - what better companions for the just and faithful than sinners, cowards and faithless crooks? Awaiting them in Outland, a penal regiment sent to waste away for petty and victimless crimes, each a victim to the cruel and vindictive carelessness of judges and justicars across the Alliance’s lands.

Perhaps you’ll be one of the unfortunate convicts to be sent to Outland that might just find redemption in the Holy Light? If so, get in touch!

The order's campaign in Outland begins TODAY (Tuesday, 29th June), but recruitment will still be possible!

A massive thank you! to everyone that showed up last night, and hopefully it provided some intrigue to you in terms of what’s going on behind the scenes! Some opportunities may arise over the next few weeks for allies of the Order to learn a little more about what really took place, or to learn more about the actors behind the court martial.

And last but certainly not least, an inconceivably enormous amount of thanks to the members of [REDACTED] that played the part of the provosts and to the Stormwind City Sentries for providing that extra authenticity to it all!


The law of exile is in full effect against Napoléon “Ortellus S. Falheim Bush” Bonaparte now. How will he ever come back from this defeat? Find out next time by joining the Holy Order of Lordain’s crusade across Outland!

s/o to everyone who came by to see it happen, to Stormwind City Sentry for locking the place down and to those who played the provosts for the trial (watch your back, alright…)


whoa that hasn’t been proven

But the trial was quite fun to witness, will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the long run!


:open_mouth: How might a has-been old Priest look to be involved? Looks great!


Drop me a message in-game and we could talk through some options /find out what works!




In the Shadow of Kharduum...

A brilliant, sickly flame rocketed skywards, high over the hilltops that surrounded the old Legion foothold at the mouth of Shadoowmoon Valley. The cacophony of fel iron hammers against the battered remains of demonic engines rose to new, terrible heights, and each strike of the demons' hammers sent a mournful wail across the lifeless wastes below.

When Thane Khazgrim, commanding officer of the penal unit garrisoning Wildhammer Stronghold, learned that the latest supply wagon of food and medical supplies had not arrived on time, he dispatched the knights of the Order and the convicts under their wing to investigate.

Never did he imagine that the cause for that delay would be an army of demonic veterans, not least those that he had believed to be confined to distant, well-defended footholds in Nagrand and Zangarmarsh. Where were the Illidari to warn of their advance? Where were their allies and scouts throughout Terrokar Forest?

These were questions to be asked another time, another day. For now, the shadow of Kharduum had fallen upon the valley...

The first part of the Order’s campaign in Outland kicked off fully last night with our first fight against a demonic foe! Previously believed to be a distant and insignificant threat, Wildhammer Stronghold now founds itself under threat, with no land route back to Terrokar Forest.

Our recruitment remains open for now, though recent interest in the guild is bringing us close to our ‘soft cap’ on members.


Shadowmoon Valley was advertised to me as being like the Spanish coast, with warm weather and nice dwarven alcohol.

Instead it’s mainly just Ortellus beating me senseless with his four Infernal mobs in a DM event

Great time to sign up still!


The Enemy at the Gates

The demons came in greater numbers than any in the valley could meet upon the open field. They had marched upon the Deathforge and reclaimed the infernal pits, and not a day later the bombardment upon the walls of Wildhammer Stronghold began.

For three days and nights, infernals hammered the defenders that sallied out beyond the walls, and on the fourth the demonic legionnaires prepared to storm the keep. Its walls were undermanned, the garrison undersupplied, and so the Mo'arg felguard climbed the walls, only to be met by the knights of the Order and the penitent convicts under their wing.

The walls held, at first. The Hand of Kharduum brought an abyssal to the field to turn the walls to molten rock, and yet by defending the cannoneers on the eastern wall the Order was able to buy themselves a few hours more. The resilience of the garrison had not gone unnoticed, though, and at last the commander of the demons' army arrived on the field.

A scaly beast of a thousand razor-sharp teeth, of dark wings and impenetrable fel plating tore open the gates, and with glaive in hand the annihilan commander sought to slaughter his way into Wildhammer Stronghold. With a single fel blast from his glaive, the pit lord Gorridon cast down Thane Khazgrim and turned his attention to the Order and their cohort of penal soldiers.

But they did not yield, and the momentum of the Hand of Kharduum was quenched. As the garrison's newly-repaired steam tanks opened fire, Lord Gorridon made a hasty retreat, and the siege of the stronghold was lifted.

Retribution awaits...

After a gruelling battle against the veteran survivors of the Legion, united beneath the dreadful pit commander, Lord Gorridon, the Order and the convicts serving under it in Shadowmoon Valley have turned the tide against the Hand of Kharduum. The fight is far from over, and there's still plenty of time for more petty criminals to find salvation in the Light under the guidance of the Order's knights!

It had been twelve days, twelve long and hard fought days. Renald sat reading his libram, it was the only calm he could find in his hellscape called Shadowmoon.
It had been something new for him, training deserters and prisoners. While some of them had been easier to get along with than others, then there had been the squid worshipper and simple minded ones.

They were eager to learn, some eager to repent their past sins and be embraced by the Light’s loving and guiding touch. But some had stirred more trouble amongst them, over petty things.

With a deep sigh, Renald closed his libram and simply sat there looking at the front of his libram. He had thought they would be simply stationed somewhere close to Stormwind, maybe even close to Ironforge. Yet here they were, the back end of nowehere, trying to make something of these people, they had really found a place for them, far away from the Elves.

He could not deny that they had made progress with the prisoners, deserters and that one Scarlet. He found comfort that Uriel was there with him, it had been a comfort and a great aid to have his battle brother by his side. The two of them could make great progress with converting them.

His chain of thought was broken quickly by the shouting of Sir Ortellus, the man was calling for him. Whatever the man wanted or needed, it sounded urgent, then again such had been the case of the last twelve days, twelve awful days.

Campaign so far has been great and fun, can’t wait to see what the next twelve days bring. Hopefully more items, I need more loot.


After reportedly laying siege to Morsteth’s hairline for the last few years (citation needed), the decision has been taken to join the PCU. Many of the most memorable Lordain Moments™ over the years couldn’t have happened without the likes of the Rotgarde, Grim Gest and Hand of Conquest (to name a few!) being our perennial foes, and there’s some really based things coming up in the near future as well!