[H-RP] Wayward Vagrants

(Zycorax) #1

Who we are
The Wayward Vagrants are a group of assorted misfits; mercenaries, petty criminals, assassins and adrenaline junkies among others. We don’t really care much about your background. We’ve banded together with two goals in mind: to earn gold and to have fun. Being a versatile group, we’re able to take on a wide variety of jobs, ranging from guard duties and head-on assaults, to assassinations and item acquisition. If there’s no worthwhile jobs to be had, we simply go on an adventure somewhere and sees what kind of treasures and laughs we might find on our own.

War stance
As a group we don’t have much interest in politics and would prefer to avoid direct encounters with Alliance armed forces. However, what each individual member does on their own time is up to them, as long as it doesn’t affect the group.

What we can offer
We can offer to work alongside highly trained and experienced personnel, exciting and exotic places to work and a decent wage. We also have our very own headquarter, which includes accommodation, a kitchen and a fully stocked bar, sparring facilities and a harbour.

The Wayward Vagrants are separated into two different branches: Agitators and Ravens.
The Agitators are lead by Zycorax and are composed of frontline fighters of all kinds. Whether it’s a brutish warrior or a mage throwing fireballs, they can both be an Agitator.
The Ravens are lead by Aiyvah Dawnray and are the more shady and quiet part of the organisation. You’ll usually see rogues, assassins and support-magic users among their ranks.

OOC info
Wayward Vagrants aims to be a guild for characters who might not quite fit in with other groups for various reasons. It doesn’t matter what race, class or background you have; you’re welcome with us.

Our goal is to provide a variety of different kinds of RP; a healthy mix of mercenary work, adventures, social gatherings and some sneaky and shady business. We will definitely touch on some of the darker themes in society from time to time, so not all events might be suitable for those faint of heart. We’re usually running two events each week (usually Friday/Sunday or Monday), as well as some social RP every now and then, sometimes resulting in some spontaneous adventures.

We use /roll for most of our events and recently started using the DiceMaster addon to spice things up a bit. Both DiceMaster and TRP/MRP are highly encouraged if you decide to join us.

If you have questions or are interested in joining, contact Aiyvah-Moonglade, Zycorax-Moonglade/Argent Dawn.

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Returning (?) player looking for community to experience content
(Aiyvah) #2

Bump! We’re just a bunch of lovable degenerates wishing to make Azeroth that pinch bit sweeter! Join to become…

one of us, one of us, gooble-gobble, one of us! ~

(Zycorax) #3

We’ve had our first couple of events and gotten a few new members. Come join the fun!


We’re back in business again after a holiday break! More shenanigans are about to take place.

(Zycorax) #5

We’re still looking for individuals who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.


This is still a thing! It’s a nice and welcoming group of people, always looking for more friends to join in the fun.
Why not go to the guild site to read some of our stories? Just poke any of us in-game for the adress (/who Wayward Vagrants), because apparently I can’t add links here.
There’s a spooky campaign going into Drustvar coming up soon, too!


https :// waywardvagrants.shivtr . com/

But without all the spaces. That’s our site, come check it out!

(Aiyvah) #8

Forum bump!

Numbers are on the rise and several RP prospects are on the move. The Vagrants have evaded both Alliance and Horde suspicions as they fight for profit away from the war, and tension between the ranks seems to of dissipated following such, as we bulk up ready for our Drustvar campaign!

We are also excited to begin collaboration efforts with some of the other guilds on the server :smiley:

Our story thread on the website is bustling, full of stories old and new. Check us out, IC, OOC, we don’t mind which!

(Zycorax) #9

Did our first little scouting trip in Drustvar on Monday: imgur. com/a/555m9xk
Fun times ahead! At least for us OOC. IC we might suffer. Which is fun.


Last night we finally found our way out of the forest in Drustvar, thanks to a very vocal and helpful raven! We even got to kill a witch, even if she was more interested in making a stew out of us and serving it up in our own skulls… Charming people, witches.
I can’t wait to see what this spooky land has in store for us next!


You bet we are, and there’s more to come!


Since my return to World of Warcraft, the Wayward Vagrants have welcomed me with open arms, even if my character is a complete psychopath. Nonetheless, an interesting blend of characters that I only hope to explore more of.


You should meet my blood elf death knight. I tried to go full evil, actual willing Lich King supporter (formerly) and Sylvanas supporter (presently) and I think might have gone a little overboard on the edginess and made her an actual serial killer.

My low level might mean I might take some time to get in on all the events, but such is the life with severe altitis.

(Zycorax) #14

We’re still looking for a few people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: <-- Demon hunter emote

Thank you for letting me… get my hands dirty… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I look forward to getting to know you all better, and perhaps when the political climate allows, gather for something other than battles :blush:

(Zycorax) #16

We’re back from Drustvar, more or less unscathed. Looking for some more people to help out with current and future contracts.
Currently contracted to assist the Convocation of Elrendar and the Horde with matters of homeland security.


Come crack some skulls with us for a little coin eh?

(Aiyvah) #18

Yep, we have since returned unharmed and even adopted our very own pet witch, Margie, who we’re sure we will have lots of fun with >:)

Not as much fun as void-elf hunting with the Convocation, however. Check them out, too! [H-RP] The Convocation of Elrendar is Recruiting


Thank you for the interesting and educational lesson last night. I think it will improve my odds whenever I need to fight non-demons.

I went and got those tabards after the lesson, so I can represent when appropriate.

LF a RP guild

Beginning in July we’re exploring new and exciting dimensions to our RP combat, to allow for more personal flare!
But it’s not all about fighting, of course. The bar at the base is never going to run dry as long as Aiyvah is the boss.
But it’s not all about the drinking, either… I also heard we have a large shipment of green apples waiting to be eaten! Or turned into pie, perhaps?
But we’re more used to cooking up mysterious drugs in our lab than baking pies, though apple pie probably tastes better…