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B. ilgewater
O. rganization of
O. perations,
M. ilitary,
T. echnology,
E. xplosions and
C. raftsmanship

An alarm bell tolled as a green light flashed to indicate that the great production line must start again, that the goods must begin to flow once more. No more backwater contracts or indications of a group just getting by, this time, the line would go at the speed and branch however the new Mogul saw fit. Standing atop a balcony overlooking the workers getting to work, the Mogul give off a sneering smile. She’d earned this.

“It’s about time I stopped standing in the shadows, about time wedid things by our own terms…” she muttered to herself before stepping out of the charcoal scented factory and into the fresh air to address her Battalion, field workers and researchers.

“B.O.O.M.T.E.C. Incorporated, is gonna’ expand, profit and -thrive-. From here in Bilgewater Harbour, we’ll build from Ashenvale Lumber, minerals from the depths of the Barrens and oil from the Coast of Stranglethorn, and we’ll get rich doing it. We’ll develop top of the line technology, sell mercenary and Battalion services and stake our claim for the Cartel, the Horde, and profit!”

And as cheers rose into the thick smog now belching from the factory chimneys, they had one thing to say, “Trust in your Mogul and trust in your Board, B.O.O.M.T.E.C., ‘cause time is money, and we’re gonna’ get ahead of the rest!”

Hey all,

As we approach our five year anniversary, our guild first told the story of a Goblin military unit trying to navigate the horrors of the Fourth War and its aftermath, before becoming more about commerce as things settled down and our military expertise wasn’t needed as much anymore. However, throughout both iterations of the guild it was always clear that the Goblins of the Battalion and then Cartel were serving mysterious figures on high who put ludricous obstacles before us and we’d have to jump however high they wanted us to. After Captain Trautfizzle was taken out by a grunt who was supposed to be on the same side and Boomcrank disappeared, the company fell into the hands of its elusive board and looked set to spend the rest of their days fulfilling the will of its members.

However, Boomcrank at least is back, and has bought enough stocks in Company 452b to become its reigning Mogul. Now rebranded as B.O.O.M.T.E.C. Incorporated, the future of these Cartel soldiers, scientists and employees is uncertain, but everyone’s cautiously optimistic and know that whatever happens, there’s always profit to be made!

What is B.O.O.M.T.E.C.?

B.O.O.M.T.E.C. stands for the Bilgewater Organization of Operations, Military, Technology, Explosions and Craftsmanship, a Goblin company that is focused on the mass production, research and development of munitions and war machines for the purpose of sale as well as offering the services of a group of Bilgewater Battalion trained soldiers and mercenaries equipped with these blasting edge munitions. This means that not only do we focus on building up and protecting our resource operations in Stranglethorn, Azshara, the Barrens and Ashenvale in order to make these war machines, but we also often deploy our Battalion on missions and campaigns or see our research team doing experiments. The company is also often set to work on projects or missions assigned by members of the board that works with the Mogul, and our various allies across the Horde and beyond. This means that we do all sorts of events from something laid back and casual or something absolutely wild and crazy, meeting all sorts of interesting characters from across all factions as we go.

On the lowdown, B.O.O.M.T.E.C. is also a company that hires outside help that can get to places that members of the Horde cannot from our subsidary company, staffed by characters that are our own alts.


Personnel: (Accepted Races: All) Personnel are those who have been recently hired into the company either as research interns, profiteers or merchants. On the B.O.O.M.T.E.C. payroll merchants gain many opportunities to attend markets and make lucrative business deals, while research interns get the chance to progress further in their careers to become fully fledged members of B.O.O.M.T.E.C.'s Research and Development team.

Hired Muscle: (Accepted Races: All) Mercenaries come from all walks of life and creeds, but their weapons are now pledged to the B.O.O.M.T.E.C. payroll. As a mercenary of B.O.O.M.T.E.C., you can enjoy pay on a job by job basis and work with other mercenaries across the faction lines. All mercenaries are also invited to the Battalion’s basic training sessions and gain opportunities to get ahold of Bilgewater munitions within reason.

R&D: (Accepted Races: Goblins, Orcs, Forsaken, Vulpera and dedicated researchers) To be a part of the B.O.O.M.T.E.C. Research and Development team is to be at the forefront of keeping the munitions, potions and war machines we produce alongside those at the forefront of Horde technology. As a member of R&D you’ll be offered research grants and work with other researchers on projects that may well go awry, as well as problem solving and manning war machines out in the field. This rank is often locked off to those who aren’t of the core races, but a very dedicated researcher who shows their worth may well be considered.

Battalion Private: (Accepted Races: Goblins, Orcs, Forsaken, Vulpera) The first rank of our detachment of official Battalion soldiers working for B.O.O.M.T.E.C., so long as they follow orders, receive secure pay and the best of Bilgewater technology to fight the enemies of B.O.O.M.T.E.C. and the Horde with. They also receive advanced Battalion training to become a fighting fit unit that definitely aren’t sent out alongside the mercenaries at times, no siree.

Battalion Sergeant and Lieutenant: Sergeant and Lieutenant are the lower and upper officer ranks of the Battalion. It takes multiple leaders and a chain of command to run a tight ship, especially when that ship has mercenaries on it!

Captain: The Battalion Captain and R&D Captain are responsible for the day to day running of the company’s R&D and Battalion. It’s their job to make sure that researchers are working on their projects, profits are being made and the Battalion and mercenaries successful on fifty percent of their missions, OR ELSE!!!

The Board and Mogul: The Board are a group of rich and powerful Goblins who have invested in B.O.O.M.T.E.C. to the point of being trusted shareholders who act as advisors to the Mogul who acts as the chair and has overall control of the company so long as the Board does not unanimously vote them out. All of the big deals are made by the Mogul and the Board, and their safety and orders are the top priority of the entire company. You could call them… Quest givers who fire you if you decline quest…

Event Schedule:

Our event schedule is quite random as we like to mix in social days with event days and ensure that people with any sort of schedule get to attend events. However, we do commit to having at least three events a week and at maximum five unless we’re on campaign which we’ll warn you of in advance. However, our is to make sure there is a welcoming environment for all members to run their own events prioritised over official guild events and casual RP in the places we go to as well.


Getting down to the more administrative side of the guild, the rules of our guild are simple:

  • Do not OOC in spatial channels eg. say, yell or emote- this applies even to clarifying things happening in RP, it’s best to just use whispers or guild and raid chat!
  • We have zero tolerance towards ERP within the guild. If we catch you ERPing it will result in immediate removal from the guild as we don’t want erotic acts where children can find them. We also don’t condone erotic descriptions in RP profiles nor lust bars in TRPs.
  • Please respect other Roleplayers and don’t run around on mounts/disrupt RP.
    We don’t like drama in the guild and will act upon it when it arises, so please try to keep up a friendly atmosphere within the guild and our discord.
  • We also request that people be respectful towards peoples opinions. Therefore please only use TRP’s pronoun indicators as intended and understand that we have zero tolerance towards homophobic, transphobic or racist views.

Attendance Rules:

We run by a month based attendance system. If you don’t show up for fifteen days, we demote to citizen rank. If you don’t show up for thirty days, we will unfortunately have to remove you from the guild.

These rules mean showing up for RP, not logging in and out. Furthermore, if you log in for one day it will only stop your attendance timer temporarily. You’ll have to log on relatively regularly for at least a week before we remove the attendance timer. This way we can keep our numbers as a true reflection of the guilds actual size.

Recruitment and Accepted Races:

As stated on the rank list, some ranks in the guild are only for the core races of the original guild, Goblins, Orcs, Forsaken and Vulpera with extra emphasis on wanting mainly Goblins being a Bilgewater company and all, but our personnel and mercenary ranks are open to all races who have good reason and are of the right power level/lore friendliness. Please note that we are strict on attendance at first and unless forewarned will remove people who join never to log on again after a week or two. Our current recruitment officers are Bettiboom, Hexietta, Furralt and Letzy.


Great guild!
Join in, you need this guild! Its a great Goblin guild with great people and surely has humor in it!


All the best for this project, good luck!


A compact package of explosive goblin RP.

Bilgewater is the only true goblin cartel, the rest can beat it.




Mind your own business if you know what’s good for yous :japanese_goblin::money_with_wings:


These guys are very cool, yeah. Recommended for some Goblins, to be kill- ahem, worked with. :slight_smile:


This guild made me into the beast I am today.


Recent reports show stirrings amongst Forsaken engineers, scientists and apothecaries, especially those who aren’t too fond of being around Orgrimmar all of the time with the Undercity being gone and all, prefer the company of the far more lively Goblins of Bilgewater Harbour or at least have their own vision that the 52nd Wildcards Division of the Bilgewater Battalion is especially interested in making openings within their ranks for them.

That’s right folks, at the moment we’ve found that whilst we’re doing well on the Goblins and Orcs front of our ranks we only have our most loyal and long serving member of the guild Gravenfield as our resident Forsaken right now. It would be great to see some more people who want to play Forsaken who are maybe more interested in engineering and science as well as pursuing their own goals joining the Battalion in the near future!


Great buncha folks. Can highly recommend.


En route from Stormsong Valley to Stormheim, the ‘Firewater’, one of the ships in the Bilgewater Cartels trade fleet, is carrying a crew of Goblins and- Gnomes?!

It seems that the Rustbolt Resistance and to an extent Gazlowes Grease Monkeys are trying to play some kind of cruel joke or are testing the 52nd Wildcards and the Arclight Association this week; teaming them up in pursuit of stopping one of King Mechagons advisors who has fled to Stormheim in hopes of commanding the secrets of the Titan Technology found there.

Mechanized safety boxes and Gnomish paranoia clashes with Goblin overindulgence and ingenuity as the two races can quite frequently be found bickering after only just managing to keep themselves from levelling a tortollan camp the moment they met. However, cracks can be seen in their cast iron distaste towards each other as similarities are found between the long suffering Captain and Superintendent, the units resident idiot savants and even the talkative pun machines!

Whatever happens, this expedition to Stormheim is DEFINITELY going to be interesting!


I’ve got my eyes on you… filth…

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Science ehh. Am call necromancer and dark arts study science then. Prehabs add engineer parts ehehe.

The waves of the dangerous oceans are broken by a Bilgewater transport steamer chugging through with a giant hole in its side, most of the deck and cargo holds are completely loaded with scrap metal and various Gnomish devices which have been looted from a camp swiftly abandoned by their fairweather friends in Stormheim. Reports come that the Battalion were successful in their mission, both Bilgewater and Horde commanders relieved that the Goblins managed to keep themselves from blowing up the Gnomes long enough to complete their mission and gain the favour of Mechagon, proud to be the first Battalion unit to be granted with access to loot- errh, explore the island which holds such mechanical wonders. They also bring with them some kind of titan data orb which brims with power and information, what secrets has it got to tell the unit? Either way, the Battalions military training paid off; the Gnomes, whilst bringing much to the expedition in the ways of technology and means of overcoming their Mechagonian brethren, proving no match for the Battalions superior firepower in various spats which broke out during their cooperation, and eventually, surrendering the orb to them.

Something tells the Battalion that they haven’t seen the last of the Arclight Association who have left them with mixed feelings after the Stormheim interlude, but either way, they’re returning home with another success under their belts!

We’ve had a great deployment alongside the Arclight Association during our time in Stormheim and are indeed on our way back. We’ll be chilling in Orgrimmar in the coming days, but we have a lot coming up, including a bit of a project to stimulate RP in Bilgewater Harbour as its local bruisers and some more skirmishes against Gnomes and Night Elves alike, all happening next month!

As always, recruitment is OPEN. We’re always looking for more Goblins, Orcs and Forsaken to join our ranks, and even some Alliance races on Gallywixes payroll to provide us with some much needed information…

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These lads are very swell and cool. The GM knows what they’re doing and are not opposed to getting suggestions and all that good stuff.

Though they’re not a MEGA guild, they’re a mega good guild.


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Join. Get hugs from Klonk. Klonk likes hugs. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:



On the basis of positive results from sending engineers and alchemists to assist the units of the Bilgewater Battalion on a trial basis which saw blight advancement, deployment and siege weaponry effectiveness and production rise exponentially; the Royal Apothecary Society has ruled that a larger number of Forsaken alchemists and engineers are to enlist with the Bilgewater Battalion in order to collaborate with their minds further. Any Forsaken who chooses to divide their loyalties between the Dark Lady and our allies within the Bilgewater Cartel have our undivided support so long as they remain effective in their craft.

Any and all Forsaken wishing to assist the Bilgewater Cartel must be willing to work under the command of their kind and approve of their methods and practises. The Captain of the Bilgewater Battalion unit heading this scheme, Doctor Jastor J. Trautfizzle, implores that one of the greatest benefits of working with his Goblins is that you shall gain access to their laboratories and engineering works as well as gain research funding based on yielded results.

Glory to the Forsaken, and the Horde!

That’s right folks, as the Bilgewater Battalion head off to Ashenvale to face the Night Elves and the Gnomish Aircorps we would love to see more Forsaken RPers join us for a different flavour of Forsaken RP which will allow your character to interact closely with more ‘lively’ characters and see the Bilgewater Cartels antics through the eyes of a Forsaken.

If you’re interested and you’re a Goblin, Orc or ESPECIALLY Forsaken, don’t hesistate to message me or one of our officers about recruitment!


Rain poured and lashed down upon the roof of Silverwind Refuge, betraying the calm serenity which had pervaded the hunting lodge the night before. The glistening waters had lost their glow, and a group of Goblins and an Ogre slept in hammocks in hopes of getting some sleep after a night of skirmishing and sabotage.

Lillian Gloamford, however, was awake. Emerging from a cloud of blight she looked up at the killdozer which acted as the mobile command centre for the Skunkworks; a facility which was the brainchild of the Goblins and Forsaken, the diluted, easy to mix form of blight which was created there proving efficient in forcing natures attendants and critters to forgo the defence of their woodland homes before the Goblin shredders moved in. Now however, the facility was in a state of chaos. The blight vats had been shattered and the pressure valves had been jammed, causing blight to form in an uneasy, emerald fog around the Skunkworks as she observed the killdozer which seemed to have also been left heavily damaged by the Gnomish Aircorps who had sabotaged the facility earlier in the day.

The rain falling down caused some of the blight to pool and harmlessly soak into the fertile soils, Lillian registered it as one less problem to concern herself with as she trudged through the ichor tainted puddles wearing her plague mask and hood to protect herself from the gas and the lashing rains.

Climbing the towering structure and watching her footing as she did so, she had to be careful to avoid slipping on spilt oil, and upon reaching the control room she was met with an array of consoles which she found difficult to pull the fake lid off of to reach the back up systems. Goblin technology, to her, was ingenious but complicated. The alchemist had always looked forward to extending her studies into engineering however, and she saw the Battalion as her chance.

As she set to work on restoring the command centres self repair systems and checking which rock-it! turrets remained functional, but as she did so she was left to her thoughts. The Bilgewater Battalion were a strange group to work in the service of, although some beings such as the Ogre abhorred the concept of working with the ‘deadies’ and ‘corpses’ others seemed to see past their resignations and remain amicable towards her kind. Working here was an entirely different experience to working with her fellows in the Forsaken military. What was a simple choice for the average Forsaken unit caused debate and bickering amongst the Battalion, between overexcited Goblins, the more eccentric Forsaken such as risen drust witches and of course the Ogre who had tried to kill everyone in the unit by now; things were chaotic.

However Lillian found them, interesting… It made her feel alive to work with these Goblins, they were lively and there was always something different to the dull occurring. She had almost had double the ideas she would have within a month within a few days of working with these Goblins, but in a sense, she felt lonely. She hoped more of her Forsaken colleagues would come to join the Battalion, and aid her in showing that not all Forsaken are prepared to sacrifice their allies for the sake of victory.

Her face sterned. Enough of that. She had a job to do, and at that she continued work on repairing the Skunkworks throughout the cold and rainy night.


The Battalion are back in Orgrimmar/Bilgewater Harbour after a semi-successful skirmish against the Gnomish Aircorps and their allies! Whilst the Gnomes have been pushed out of Ashenvale having failed to build the radio tower they were sent here to construct, the Battalion have succeeded in building theirs albeit at the price of Silverwind Refuge being damaged and the nearby Skunkworks being completely wrecked by sabotage.

Now we’re putting the spotlight back onto personal story events and training sessions with the research grant competition to find a new chief scientist underway and aid to supply to Silverwind Refuge as we try to make it fully operational again.

As ever, recruitment is OPEN; and we’ve got quite an interesting story coming up which will make Forsaken characters question some things that will either reaffirm their loyalty to the Dark Lady or continue to drive them down a different path during their time with the Battalion…


Lillian had gone ahead of the rest of the Battalion. She had given Grazzik strict on precise orders as to how to convey the rest of the Wildcards from Orgrimmar to the camp which she had set up in the Howling Fjords. She had set up a makeshift lab, with efforts managed to pitch some tents and even managed to set out the landing zones. Though after she had decided that the Battalion were not going to arrive and prepared to write a strongly worded report to the Apothecarium, her radio crackled into the sound of the Interns cackling and screaming, “You’ll all pay for pushing Grazzik around!”, seeing saw her units flying machines appear over the horizon before nosediving into the nearby forest causing almighty explosions to go off and shake the cliffs which the camp was perched upon.

Watching further, assuming that the Battalion would eventually reach her position, she soon saw gouts of smoke pouring up from the forest, fel flames consuming everything as spiders skittered and spirits screeched. The work of Captain Trautfizzle and the rest of the Battalions forces no doubt. Smoke clouded out the aurora borealis which hung over the Fjords, before suddenly she heard gunshots and screams of various Battalion members, from Grazzik, to Jastor himself…

She waited and waited, and no one arrived… Packing up the camp as laboriously as it was to unpack it, Lillian took her skeletal steeds reigns, and went in search of the 52nd Wildcards, to discern their fate and maybe, just maybe, see this mission to save Professor Gravenfield through…

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