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Icefall is a newly formed Alliance guild on Silvermoon EU. The team is based on experienced players and some of them have CE experience as well. We are looking to raid in Dragonflight with our main aim to push into Mythic raiding with CE being our goal once we have a team established. Our raid days will be Sun/Wed 8-11ST for HC with one extra day being added for Mythic. We are going to expect raiders to put in the effort with their gear, completing keys each week and making sure all items are enchanted.

We want to progress whilst still maintaining a fun environment and there is always going to be some banter so if it sounds like a good fit for you feel free to drop us a message on discord below :grinning:.


for me at least i need to know the raiding days and times so than i can tell if i could make it to the raids.

Hey, it will definitely be Wednesday & Sunday, the third day will most likely be another week day we are just not sure which one yet. Raid times on all 3 days will be 8-11 server time. :smiley:

Here it is mate :slight_smile:

Are people who only can raid on wednesday’s welcome too?

Hey, thank you for your interest, I am very sorry but we do need people that can attend all raid days. :grinning:

Hey guys, we still have open slots :slight_smile: There is the possibility of a Tank spot, 1 heal spot and a lot of DPS spots :slight_smile: Lets build the team for DF :slight_smile:

Hey guys, spots are filling in quickly, come raid with us :slight_smile:

We only have a few spots left now, we are mainly looking for the below:

Priest - any spec
Restoration Shaman
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin
Preservation Evoker

All other classes may be considered so don’t hesitate to reach out to us on discord.


Hey guys :slight_smile: Spots still open :slight_smile: Is anyone in need of a guild before the new x-pac hit us? :slight_smile:

Hey guys i have added both of you on discord!

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We are now just looking for a couple of ranged dps;

Balance druid
Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest

Please contact one of us for a chat:

Hi guys, spots are still open :slight_smile:

We currently have spots open for a Mage and Warlock. We are also looking for a raid leader which can be any dps spec if this would be of interest.

Please contact one of us for a chat:

Would you by any change to be in market for another healer?


do you still need dps

Sorry I only just saw this, we don’t need a healer at the moment. :frowning: We do need a Warlock dps wise.

Hey guys :slight_smile: Some Dps spot opened :slight_smile: Lets join us as we start HC progressing tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hey guys, now looking for 1 healer and 2 DPS :slight_smile: Warlock prio ,)

Spots filling up :slight_smile:
1 heal and 1 DPS spot still open, don’t be shy :slight_smile: