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Delete the post please.


Hey i just applied to the community hope to see u there

So far I think I have accepted all the community and guild joining requests. Hit me with something if I have missed someone. If you happen to have joined the community feel free to check the in-game calendar for our raids and feel free to sign up when ever you are available.
Poke me also for the link to our discord server (my disc. tag is: Mari#6813), since then you can get pings when people are looking for more people to run m+ with.

We are still looking for more ranged DPS and some healers to bolster our raiding team further. Also people who just want to mainly do m+ or just have a place to call home are still more than welcome to join us.

Are you looking for warlocks or is it mainly the above classes?

Yes, we are looking for a warlock as well. I forgot to add that to the list when I reposted. If you are interested add me on discord Mari#6813) and we can discuss further.

9/11 HC.

Your faction is not relevant, we are community after all working towards the same goal of AotC.

We are still looking for some ranged DPS and possible few melee for our raid group:

  • shadow priest
  • balance druid
  • mage
  • enhancement shaman
  • DK
    Could also possible consider a warlock or a hunter or a DH.
    ** Tank OS for raids is a big bonus.

Add me on discord Mari#6813 if you are interested in trying us out.

Are you looking for a tank? Willing to join for just m+ or also for raiding, just need to find a community who play a little later than the norm. Have added Mari on discord, would love to chat :slight_smile:


We possible might seek an offspec tank for raiding, if one of our tanks cannot attend. Mainspec tank positions are taken for now more or less.
I did accept your friend request on discord - don’t hesitate to drop me a dm when am not online, I will reply as soon as am able to.