[H, Saurfang] <The Twilight Tier> is recruiting players!

[H][Saurfang] The Twilight Tier is looking for new members to join our family.

We founded this guild back in 2009 and have had a pleasant community as we ventured through the expansions. However, between the period of Mists through till the later months of BfA, most of our members moved on with their lives and away from the game, and the guild gradually became inactive. Once Shadowlands was on the horizon, several of us decided to get the guild up and running again.

We’ve always enjoyed a friendly, positive and drama-free community where everyone felt at home, and we’re continuing forward with this mentality.
Regardless if you’re a new player finding their way, or a veteran that’s just looking for a place to chat while you grind, The Twilight Tier welcomes you with open arms. We only ask that you bring a healthy and positive mental attitude.

Due to most of us having prior commitments, such as work, school or other social obligations, our active times are generally in the evenings and on weekends. Because we all know that life takes precedence, we understand if people cannot be online every day or every other day. For this, we have set up a guild Discord so our members can keep in touch outside of World of Warcraft.

Our members are a social bunch, and they’re not unknown to spending their time using our Discord’s voice channels regardless if they’re in a dungeon, questing or just chatting. Many of us are veterans of World of Warcraft spanning as far back as Vanilla, with dungeon and raiding experience across every expansion. Those of us with experience tend to help out the newer players by giving advice, guiding them through dungeons and generally making them feel welcome.

Our guild also sets up scheduled events now and then. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • 5-man guild dungeon runs (normal/heroic/mythic+) - Streamed via Discord on request.
  • Torghast runs
  • Transmog runs
  • Achievement hunting
  • Gather/Crafting quests
  • Alt level race (1-60, random class, random expansion with prizes for everyone!)

Our guild will never consider itself to be a ‘raiding guild’ let alone a ‘hardcore’ guild, but we plan on taking on the content, learning and experiencing it together. Beyond the prospect of raiding, we actively participate in weekly mythic and keystone runs as a guild where everyone is welcome to join.

If you’re unsure if this is the guild for you, that’s fine, we understand that it’s a form of commitment. You can always join up, see what we’re about, sate your curiosity and then decide if you’d like to stay.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a DM and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

  • Discord (Veletala#8483)
  • Battle.net (Veletala#2216)

As always, best of luck in finding a guild you can call home!

~Veletala, Guild Master of The Twilight Tier