[EU][H][Twisting Nether] <Origin> - Mythic Guild Recruiting for Shadowlands

Origin is looking for new members!

We are a newly formed but fast growing guild with the primary aim of building a Mythic raid team for Shadowlands. We are currently in the process of forming a raid team (currently at 25 members) to push through Mythic Castle Nathria in SL.

Our current roster consists of mostly returning players, all of which have cleared Heroic Ny’alotha in pugs and have varying degrees of Mythic raiding experience from previous tiers. In Shadowlands, we will be pushing for Cutting Edge in every tier. Our Raid Leader has led Cutting Edge progression in previous guilds and has a great attitude toward helping others and pushing all raiders to improve!

Origin is a “semi-hardcore” guild, which means our fundamental goal is to have fun. We aim to create a community for all guildmates to enjoy and so we are also looking for socials with a passion for World of Warcraft! We have many competent Mythic+ dungeoneers, mount collectors, transmoggers and more! However you enjoy playing WoW, Origin is here to enjoy it with you. We also have an active and social guild discord available to all members with channels for all types of content and discussions.

Requirements for Raid Roster:

Realm: Twisting Nether (EU)
Faction: Horde
Age: 18+


  • 2 nights a week (Monday and Wednesday - 8:30 PM to 11 PM Realm Time)
  • Attendance will be considered case by case, but a 90% attendance rate is generally required
  • Discord, a microphone and a good grasp of English is required for raid
  • Previous Mythic raiding experience preferred
  • Good attitude toward team-work and game-play improvement

You can expect a smooth and positive raiding experience from a GM and officers with good knowledge of the game and the ambition to push the team to their best potential.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, feel free to contact any of us on Discord:
GM: Wilem#2472,
Officers: Sloburn#3132, davs#2774, AC#8722

Post looking good!

Still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking, range dps is lacking ATM :slight_smile:

Filling up nicely but still have space for dps and heals

Still looking :slight_smile:

Still actively recruiting - looking for primarily healers and dps.

Still Looking! Looking For solid Disc Priest, Holy Pally, DPS Warrior. All exceptional players will be considered!

Still recruiting for all roles.

added you on Discord

added u on bnet mate

Still recruiting for DPS roles (specifically a Death Knight!)

Yo man anyone around for a chat now?