Pet peeves: The return (Part 1)

Mods: Bad people
Me: Oh no, anyways

To my knowledge last one was hidden


my thread remains the only 20K one

Ha ha !

Anyway this is why you don’t politics, eventually a mod catches up and does a mod thing


Politics bad

I thought discussing noncery on the WoW subreddit was the death of the last Pet Peeves

True that might have been part of it

I don’t think the forum moderators have ever done much more than remove a few posts when pet peeves has gotten more angrily political than its usual current events chatter

If people can get away with talking about how black people are less successful because they’re not biologically inclined toward management positions, I have to assume they were responding to the ERP topic – which is another can of worms all on its own


Peeve of the day: IOI constantly reassuring PC players that Hitman 3 will have all the content from Hitman 1 & 2 transferred to Hitman 3 regardless of platform, only to change that 5 days before release to having to reacquire Hitman 1 & 2 (with a discount/up for grabs deal for 14 days) and that only your mastery levels and unlocks will carry over via your IOI Account.

I’ll just wait for the Steam release.

sadly they didn’t even tell us this time :pensive:

Can’t believe it :pensive:

I’m going to keep on getting political, so if the likes of me, Starshade, and Mogi all vanish from the face of the forums one day, you’ll know why (we’ve been Gulag’d)

alright can’t wait :clown_face:

here’s a peeve for the spirit of the thread:

DH still only has 2 specs c’mon blizz where’s the shield spec or the 2h spec or the ranged spec throw us a bone here c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon

Huh where did the old pet peeve thread go?

It’s still there, just delisted

Hi and bye

Here is to starting another one.

I comment at least once on Pet Peeves… What is this forum normally about? Random pet peeves?

Peeves/general chat mostly.

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delete boomkin

add bow DH spec (onslaught)

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Peeve: Putting some effort into a nice emote, only to have it utterly ignored and/or brushed aside with no acknowledgement.

Nothing frustrates me more, because then I start to wonder why the hell am I bothering in the first place.


Count me in!!!

I’ve been leveling three mages in Bastion just to see how the class fares in general. All three have Normal N’yalotha gear.

My verdict…

Arcane : Utterly lame. Not only the DPS was dissapointing, it’s also squishy beyond comprehension and things don’t die as fast as you’d like.

Fire : It does alright for as long as you get the Pyroblast procs coming. However if you ain’t lucky mobs will feel like health sponges. It’s a you kill them first before they even get a chance to touch you.

Frost : It’s my favourite but even so… This spec could use so much more baseline spells that are specific to it. I faced the same situation as Fire, if you don’t proc, you’ll suffer the whole they’ll melt your HP bar when they get to you.

Playing mage is just generally a grind until you hit a good ilvl at 60, honestly. I think Arcane is currently the highest performing of the three in end-game content, and it’s what I sim the highest for, but I think I’d prefer to jump back to Frost or Fire, because they’re more enjoyable (and the mana resource management of Arcane is a bit lame).

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